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 Last Chance At love

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PostSubject: Last Chance At love   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:20 am

Ok. This will be my James and lily fan fic.

The Hogwarts Express came to a stop. Student started to pile out onto Platform 9 3/4. Among those students were four girls. They are Cathy Daniels, Samantha "Sam" Harper, Katie Stewart and Lily Evans. All girls are sixteen, pretty, fairly smart, and two of them have an attraction to one group of boys. Cathy has long black sleek hair, Sam has blond curly hair, and Katie has long brown hair with blond highlights. All three of the girls has big brown "puppy dog" eyes. Lily though was different. She has long flaming red hair and emerald green eyes. This group of girls attracted one specific group of boys: The Marauders.

The Marauders rule the school basically. Most of them are exceptionally handsome, and smart. The Marauders are composed of four boys: Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and James Potter. Peter is quite plump in the stomach and has blond hair. Remus has sandy brown hair and always has these scratches on his face. No one knows why. Sirius has black hair and James has jet - black untidy hair and wears glasses. Sirius and James are the most popular out of the Marauders, so that makes them the most popular in school and the number one pranksters as well.

Cathy, Sam, Katie and Lily started talking excitedly about their summer plans. They boys started to head over to the girls to help them with their trunks.

"Hey baby let me get that." Sirius told Cathy
"Thanks sweetie" she replied and then gave Sirius quick kiss. Remus was helping Katie and Sam while James was trying to help Lily.

"Let me help you, your trunk is always heavy." He said
"How would you know?" Lily replied. James tried to lift it up when she stopped him.
"I donít need you destroying my stuff. Probably think you can get a souvenir donít you Potter?" she exclaimed
"No I wasnít, I was just trying to help you Evans. But if you won't accept help then fine." He replied

"They'll figure it out soon," Sirius said to Cathy. They had been watching the argument.

"Yeah I know, whenever I mention him, her eyes twinkle then turn into fury. I mean her muggle life is hard. Her last 4 boyfriends dumped her two weeks after a kiss. It's horrible. Her mom doesnít like the fact of her dating, so it has to be secret." Cathy said. She sighed and spoke again; "James isn't showing his good side. Teach him on how not to be an idiot, please" she looked at Sirius with her puppy dog eyes.

He had to give in, "Ok, but Im not gonna see him over the summer" he said. "Why?" Cathy said.
"You'll know as soon as you get home I think. I have got to go, bye baby." Sirius gave Cathy a kiss and left to say goodbye to his friends.

The girls said goodbye and Lily headed toward the barrier. She noticed James was following her.

"Why are you following me?" she said.
"Im not, Im meeting my parents" he replied with a slim grim.

They walked out onto the barrier and then Lily saw her mother. Mrs. Evans had hair just like Lily but she had blue eyes. She was slim and pretty. She pretty much looked like an older version of Lily.

"Lily! Oh, how lovely to see you! Oh and this be James. Your coming straight home, your parents already left for Romania. They promised to write." Her mother said. She gave Lily a bear hug and a hug to James.

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Lily asked. She was so confused.
"Didn't James tell you, he's staying the summer." Her mother explained.
"What about Petunia!?" Lily knew her sister would never approve.
"Petunia will bite her tongue, now come on" her mom said.

The entire ride home was Lily talking about her year and occasionally her mom and James got a word in.

"Oh I forgot, Lauren called, she needs help with something. Oh and Brian did too. He says he misses you, he cant wait to see you." Her mom finished

"Aww, that was sweet of him. I'll call him later," Lily said.

Once she reached the house, she saw Petunia coming out of the house.

"Nice to see you too sis, This is James Potter" Lily said pointing at James
"So, I guess you come also from that freak of nature school, too. Why is he here? Lily your such a freak!" Petunia then stormed off to her room.

"Thatís my sister, Petunia. Im sorry you have to deal with her all summer. Shes a bit annoying really." Lily explained to James.

"Im starting to understand why you like Hogwarts more." James said laughing.
"Yeah, Hogwarts is a lot better. Nothing feels right here. No one at all." She said. Her voice started drifting off. She led him into a room.

"Here you go, this will be your room." She said
"Thanks a lot Lily" James said. He felt so bad for her. Her muggle life was horrible. She started to head to her room across the hall. He quickly said, "Lily!"

"Yes?"Lily said with a puzzling look on her face.
"I just wanted you to know, I donít think youíre a freak of nature." He gave her a sympathetic smile. She knew that smile that's the smile he gives to the girls he has major crushes on.

"Thanks James. It means a lot." She blushed, grinned or a combination because he started to move toward her. She was too quick and quickly ran into her room and started unpacking.

Lily then ran downstairs, grabbed the phone and went back into her room. She closed the door and sat on her vibrant red covers on her wood bed. Her room was covered in a mix of magic and muggle objects. Posters from both worlds, pencils and quills and pictures of both of her friends.

She dialed Lauren's number and awaited her to pick up. James was outside trying to see if he could hear anything. He wanted her so bad, but he couldnít be an idiot.

"Hey Lily, guess what?" Lauren said.

"What?" she replied

"Im having my Sweet 16 this summer. I want you to help me plan it with me. We could even invite Brian so we can show you how hot you are. Then he'll regret breaking up with you." Lauren squealed.

"Thatís great, Im so excited. I don't cared about Brian anymore though. Of course, Ill help your plans!" Lily said with excitement.

"Great we need to go dress shopping. Can you meet me at the mall at 11 tomorrow?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah, I just have one small problem though." Lily replied.

"What?" Lauren asked.

"This boy from school is staying over my house for the summer and -" Lily was cut off by Lauren saying, "Oh no problem, He'll come too. I'll see you and him tomorrow. BYE!" Lauren hung up.

Great, Just Great! James is in love with me and I have to take him muggle mall shopping. He is gonna want to see me in all the dresses. Just Great! NOT!

She left her room and knocked on James' door. She entered and saw him writing a letter.

"Hey James" Lily said.
"Hey Lily" he replied.
"Look, Since your staying here for 3 months. I think it would be good if we tried to be friends. You know for right now. Oh and I must warn you. My mom doesn't like me in the dating world so don't mention any stuff like that. Please." She didnít recognize it but she was blushing again as she grinned. She went up to give James a friendly hug. He gave one back.
"No problem Lily" he smiled and they both blushed. He was still hugging her and then noticed this and let go.
"Sorry Lily" he said
"Its ok." She said.
"Oh an you need to be up and dressed by 9 o' clock tomorrow. My friend Lauren is having a huge birthday party and she wants to get dresses tomorrow. So you're going to come with us. That way we ca get you an outfit also. You're invited also." She finished. She blushed one more time while she smiled. This caused him to blush. She left the room and saw James re-writing his letter to Sirius.

Lily Evans blushing around me. This is going to be a great summer! Her sister is awful though. I should ask Sirius if he knows anything else about her muggle life. This just might work out after all!

I really need to stop blushing! I'm starting to think Im falling for him! Oh-no. What will all my ex boyfriends say. I donít want James to get hurt. Oh, he is so sweet and brave though. He could take them! Stop it lily!!
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PostSubject: Re: Last Chance At love   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:20 am

Chapter 2:
Muggle Shopping

The next morning, James and Lily were downstairs eating breakfast Petunia had gone to her boyfriend's house for the day. She claimed she didnít want "freak germs" to spread.

"So what's so big about this party? James asked Lily.
Lily swallowed some of her cereal and said, "Itís a Sweet 16, the biggest birthday party for a muggle teenagers life".
"Did you have one?" James asked as he finished his cereal.
"No, but I might have a huge party for when I graduate." Lily said.

Lauren decided that morning for James and Lily to come to her house first so they could start designing the ballroom. So fifteen minutes later, Lily's mom drove them to Lauren's. As they pulled up to Lauren's house, Lily's mom gave Lily some money.

"Spend wisely, and do not get any dress to revealing." Her mom told her. James and Lily walked up to the house as her mom drove away.

"You know, I have seen a lot of your mom. But I never saw your dad." James said.
"Theres a reason. My father left my mom, Petunia, and I four years ago." Lily whispered. She was frowning and her eyes were full of such sadness.
"Im sorry Lily" James said. He just made the girl of his dreams remember one of the worst moments of her life.

They continued walking and came to a stop at a beautiful wooden door. Lily knocked on the door and moments later a girl with long sleek dirty blonde hair came out of the door.

"Lily!" Lauren screamed.
"Lauren!" Lily replied. The two girls gave each other a hug and then Lily turned to James.

"Lauren, this is James Potter, my well - uh - friend from school." Lily said. Once again Lily started blushing a little without even noticing.
"James, this is Lauren, she has been my friend since we were five."

The two shook hands and the three walked into the house to reveal a beautiful mansion. They headed into the dining room. Lauren headed over to her radio system (that was quite large for a radio), "What would you like to listen to James?" she asked him.
"Oh, well how about 99.7. That station usually play the most recent music." James replied.

Lauren started fiddling with her radio while Lily whispered in James' ears, "How did you know?"
James replied smiling, "I studied. Did you honestly think I would want to embrace you and myself in front of your friend?
"Thank you. That was nice of you to study for me. It's so unlike you." Lily said.
"I told you. Im not a bad guy." James replied.

***Entering Lily's Thoughts***
Aww, that is so sweet. He stayed up last night to study muggle music. He probably studied about present day muggle fashion as well. And he did it all for me. Maybe he isn't so bad after all. Cathy, Sam and Katie are right. I should give him a chance. Stop it Lily! You don't like him! Maybe I do? He is very handsomeÖStop it!
***Exiting Lily's Thoughts***

"Lily? Lily!" Lauren cried. "Come on, I want to go over decorations".
"Sorry, I was thinking." Lily responded.

The next thirty minutes Lauren, Lily and James planned out the ballroom for Lauren's party. The three of them took the 11 o' clock bus to the mall. James was actually acting like a normal person. It was freaky but nice.

"I have to admit James, you had some great ideas." Lauren told him as they walked into the mall.
"Yeah, I never knew you knew so much." Lily added.
"Thanks girls." James replied with a blush.

They walked into a men's store and picked James a light blue short sleeve shirt and a pair of blue jeans. They got him some dance shoes and the girls were very impressed with their outcome.

"I have got to admit you look good." Lily said. She was now blushing so much her cheeks matched her hair.
"Thanks Lily" James replied.

They walked down to a dress store called "Formal Occasions" to look for the girl dresses. Lily and Lauren went inside while James went to look at some props Lauren wanted. Finally, Lily could talk to Lauren.

"So what do you think of James?" Lily asked.
"He's nice." Lauren replied. "Are you sure that you two are only friends?"
"Yes, I'm sure. Why?' Lily responded.
"Because, whenever you to ever tell each other something you blush."
"Do I really?"
"You do"
"No. You're lying."
"Actually Im not. For once in my life I'm telling the truth."
"Oh dear, you know when I kept telling you about the guy who keeps asking me out at schoolÖ"
"Its James isn't it. James is the boy who you call an arrogant big headed fool?"
"Yes. But he's changed. He never acts like this. This is a different guy."
"And you like him back?"
"I don't know. He's in love with me. If he knew. I don't even want to think about it."

The two girls laughed as they both picked out their dresses. Lauren picked out a black sleeveless dress that goes down to her knees. Lily on the other hand picked out a light green dress with thin strap. Her dress also went down to her knees.

"I still can't believe James is the guy you told me about." Lauren told her as they were examining how the dresses looked on them.
"I can prove it." Lily said. "Watch. James can you come over here?"
James just walked into the store with the props and came over to the girls.

"Hey" James said.
"We need a guys opinion on these dresses." Lauren said. "Does this look ok on me?"
"You look great, Itís a great dress for you." James said
"What about Lily?' Lauren asked.
"Yeah, I mean I think this dress makes my thighs look big or makes me look fat. Or it just might be to revealing. My mom wouldn't like that." Lily said.
"That dress looks beautiful on you. It doesn't make you look fat or your thighs big. Its not even to revealing. You look wonderful Lily, honestly" James replied.

Lily and Lauren gave each other a grin and went to change so they could purchase the dresses. Lily and Lauren bought themselves a pair of black heels. Then the three of them went to the food court for ice-cream shakes (which James thought were fantastic for never having a shake before) and headed for the bus stop with their packages.

Lily's mom picked up James and Lily after dinner.
"I'll see you at the party!" Lily exclaimed.
"Maybe before." Lauren told Lily and gave her a note.

The ride home was a lot better than the ride home from Kings Cross Station. Lily and James talked about how much fun they had at the mall.

Once they were home, Lily went to her room and opened the note Lauren gave her. It read:

Dear Lily,
I am very happy that you are coming to my party. I will pick you and James up at 6 in my limo. I would like you and James to be part of my grand entrance. Oh and Brian wanted me to tell you that he feels bad for breaking up with you and is excited to see you on Saturday. He still liked you. I don't know if you do but he might want to dance with you so don't freak if he does. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you. I'll see you on Saturday at 6.

"Oh no. I'm in for it now. This is going to be an interesting party" Lily told herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Last Chance At love   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:20 am

Chapter 3:
What Are Friends For?

The next week passed quickly for James and Lily. Whether they went to the movies, did muggle activities or just talked, the both of them started to really enjoy each other's company. Together they finished their vacation work. The days flew and the night before the party was upon them.

After dinner Lily was showing James pictures of all the muggle teenagers invited to the party tomorrow. Finally she reached the name Brian Delleny: he has blond short hair and almond eyes. He was very handsome in Lily's opinion but told James that she no longer has feelings for "that jerk".

At nine o'clock the both of them headed to their rooms for some good night sleep. But James had no intention on sleeping yet.

"Hey Prongs, I haven't talked to you in two weeks." Sirius said. James and Sirius always communicated with their two-way mirrors.
"Sorry Padfoot, I have been hanging out a lot with Lily" James said.
"Awww Prongsie has been hangin with his lady" Sirius said taunting James. "So did you get a kiss yet?"
"No Padfoot. I told you I was going slow this time." James replied
"I didn't think you were serious." Padfoot exclaimed
"Look I got to go. Lily and I have a party tomorrow." James announced.
"Oh ok. Good Luck. If anything happened let me know" Sirius winked and then disappeared out of the mirror.

Lily awoke at 9 the next morning to only find James looking at the book of pictures again.
"I want to make sure I remember everyone's name." James said with a grin.
"You better remember everyone's name because If you don't you're gonna be in big trouble mister." Lily said grinning and shaking her finger at his face. She knew she was flirting with James but she didn't want to stop. She liked it.
They both laughed and ate breakfast discussing the party.

The day flew by. After breakfast the two of them played muggle sports in the back yard. They walked to a local pizzeria for lunch where Lily saw a couple more of her friends.

"Lily Evans. Is that you?" her friend Rebecca asked her.
"Its me. The one and only. Hi Becka, Kayla, Rachel, Angela. Its great to see you." Lily said giving each of them a hug.
Rebecca has long brown hair with blond highlights. Kayla though has long blond curly hair. Rachel has long brown wavy hair and Angela has just long brown hair. All four girls have bown eyes. They reminded Lily alot of her friends from Hogarts.
"And who is this charming fellow, Lily? We didn't hear you were dating again." Kayla asked her.
"I'm not. This is James Potter. He's my friend from school. His parents are away this summer so he is staying at my house." Lily explained.
"Oh. So this is what Lauren was talking about." Angela said with a mischievous grin.
"And what exactly did Lauren say?" James asked politely.
"Oh, nothing much. She just let a couple of things slip out here and there." Angela replied.
"Lets all eat together, shall we." Rachel said.

Lily and James' walk back to the house was full of conversation.
"Your muggle friends are nice." James said. "Aren't you ever going to tell them the truth?"
"Im not sure. I don't know how they would take it." Lily said.
"They are your friends. They should be really happy and proud." James replied.
"I'm just worried. Come on. We better hurry back. Lauren is picking us up at six!" Lily exclaimed.

Once they returned home James went back to looking over the pictures and Lily started getting dressed. It took her an hour to curl her hair, an hour to do her make up and thirty minutes to get her dress on, shoes and jewelry.
James ran upstairs last minute to change his clothes to meet Lily in the living room.

At 5:50, Lily walked downstairs in her sleek green dress. She looked beautiful. James had to admit she looked hot. James smiled at her and said, "Lily you look -" he noticed Lily giving him a glare meaning 'mom is right behind you' "- beautiful" James finished. Lily tried not to blush but couldn't help it.
"Thanks James. You look nice yourself." Lily replied.

"You two have a nice time and I'll see you later." Lily's mom said. She gave Lily a kiss on the cheek and James a hug. Lily and James walked out the door to the limo ready for what lay ahead.

The ride was full of excitement where James met some guys to hang with and some of Lily's other friends. Lily was having a great time catching up with everyone.

When they arrived at the party James and Lily entered with everyone else waiting for Lauren. The ballroom was magnificent. The walls were a light lilac and the tables were pure white. There were name cards set up so people knew where to sit. Luckily, James was sitting next to Lily.

Lauren entered with a parade. She had models carrying her in on a chair like a queen. After loud, fast, pumping music started playing and everyone was on the dance floor. Lily went to go dance with Rebecca, Kayla Angela, and Rachel while James stayed back to talk to his new muggle friends.

"So, how do you know Lily?" asked Michael a boy with blonde hair.
"School" James replied.
"You like her?"
"Yeah, but she doesn't like me back."
"Give her time. Her life is all over."
"I know."

Michael and James talked for awhile about numbers of things. They had a lot in common until James recognized someone. The boy had short blonde hair and almond eyes. It was Brian Delleny. He was heading toward Lily and James stomach went into knots.

"So thatís Brian Delleny. Huh?" James asked Michael
"Yea. Broke up with Lily last summer." Michael replied.

James and Michael went to get drinks but James couldn't help but watch Brian get closer and closer to Lily.

Lily was having a great time with her friends and saw that James was communicating with muggles. This might be good for him. NO! Its Brian. Lily thought.

"Hi Lily." Brian said.
"Oh look. Its jerk." She replied.
"Don't be like that baby." He said
"I'm not your baby." She snapped.
"I'm sorry sweets." He replied. "I was confused with what I wanted."
"Stop your pet names. I don't like you anymore." Lily snapped.
"Maybe this will change your mind." Brian said. He then pulled her into a kiss that lasted five broken hearted seconds for James who just saw the whole thing.

She broke apart and slapped his face hard. "I told you. I am not into you anymore. Leave me alone Brian." She said.
"I know you want me." Brian began. But he was cut off by James stepping in. He saw enough.
"Lily said to leave her alone." James said.
"And who are you?" Brian asked.
"Im James a friend of hers. Now she asked for you to leave her alone. So why don't you go hang out with your friends." James said. But Brian did not move.
"I don't think you're in the position to tell me what to do." Brian responded.
"If you don't Ill -" James never finished his sentence because Brian cut him off.
"Threatening me are you?" Brian said.
"Only if you want me to" James replied.

He then reached inside his pocket to pull out something - his wand - but before he could Lily screamed at him, "Donít you dare James! Put it AWAY!"
"Lily." James began
"James!" she said back.
"Lily" he said again
"James." She snapped.
"Lily!" James said once more.
"Potter!" Lily cried out. James was stunned. She called him by his last name again. He didn't want that. James then let go of his wand and took his hand out of his pocket.

"Good boy. You listened to her. I though, will make sure you never threaten me." Brian said and then took James' glasses and crushed.

"Why you! Brian how could you." Lily started.
"Lily, you know I can fix them." James started.
"I know you could fix them but him breaking though is just as bad." Lily said.

All of a sudden Kayla appeared with a look of shock on her face.
"You can't fix them. They're snapped in two!" she said.
"I can. Lily you have to tell them. They have earned it. They are your friends." James said.
"Your right. But only Lauren, Kayla, Rebecca, Rachel and Angela. If to many know you know how dangerous that would be." Lily stated. She knew this day would come.

The two of them got the girls and took them to a closet.
"This should be big enough." James said.
It was big enough. It seemed like a room more than a closet.

"Alright. Before we tell you anything you have to promise on your life that you will not tell anyone including your parents. You must take this to the grave." Lily told them.
All girls nodded looking worried on what could be so important.

"First I owe you an apologize. I lied to you for the last six years. When I was 11. I did not receive a scholarship but an invitation. I - I'm- We go - James you tell them I can't bear it." She said.
"Okay. If you say so. Lily is a witch. She has a wand and she can do magic.. So can I. Here watch but don't blink- and Lily don't worry I'm of age." James said.

He took out his wand and his broken glasses and pointed his wand at his glasses and said, "Reparo" and his glasses were once again perfect condition.
The girls looked up at James who was putting his repaired glasses on.
"Lily would have shown you but she's not 17 so it's against the law." James added.

"Lily is this true?" Lauren said.
"Yes. I'm sorry for lying but it took me forever to convince Dumbledore - my schools headmaster - to let me. Look. Here's my wand." Lily pulled out her wand to show the girls.

"Why are you carrying your around?" James asked shocked.
"Same reason you are." Lily said. "Emergencies."

"You guys can't tell anyone at all. Very few muggles - thatís what your referred to - know about the magical world." Lily finished. It felt great to get that off her chest.
"We promise Lily." Rebecca said and all girls nodded. Lily gave them a huge hug. Then the girls gave James a hug as well.

"Come on its almost time for cake!" Lauren exclaimed.
The girls started heading back to the ballroom when Lily pulled James back.
"I'll be right there guys. Go on." She said.

"What's up?" James asked.
"I wanted to say thank you. That meant a lot to me for you to not use magic on Brian. I know you wanted to. I did as well. But we can't get in trouble. Also, thanks for helping me tell them about our world." Lily said.
"No problem Lily - "he was cut off by her saying "I'm not done yet silly."
"You made these two weeks amazing. Summer is dull usually. But you made it enjoyable. And there is no way I could thank you more than giving you this." Then Lily bent her head and gave James a kiss on his cheek. He could feel his cheeks going red from excitement and embarrassment.
"You've changed James and I like it. Stay that way and one day you will get a proper kiss. Thank you." Lily blushed as she finished.

"Hey Lily, I'm planning on staying his way. And everything was no problem. I mean what are friends for?" James said.

The two of them walked back to the party grinning and got in just in time to get cake. Lauren's limo drove James and Lily home and Lauren assured her that their secret was safe. The two of them headed to their room's exhausted but pleased with the way their day went.

***Entering Lily's Thoughts***
It's official. I'm crushing on the handsome, popular, one and only James Potter! Everything he did was so sweet. This James is the one worth willing to be given a chance. He is not a bad guy after all!
***Exiting Lily's Thoughts***

***Entering James' Thoughts***
Lily Evans kissed me! Ok it was on the cheek but me! Finally! After six years I'm finally growing up. She likes me! And She said I am making her summer enjoyable! But what will happen once we are back at Hogwarts? I want things to stay the way they are.
***Exiting James' Thoughts***
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PostSubject: Re: Last Chance At love   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:21 am

Chapter 4
Old & New Friends

The summer months flew for James and Lily and with each day their friendship was blossoming. They spent many days hanging out with friends from Lauren's party. James had become good friends with Michael and both decided they would correspond to each other during the school year. There was only l week of summer left and Lily wanted to show her muggle friends her witch friends.

Saturday morning Lily was awaiting the arrival of Sam, Katie, and Cathy. She invited them over for an end of summer party. To make James feel comfortable she also invited Sirius and Lupin. But she also invited Kayla, Rachel, Angela and Rebecca. She was ready to have her friends interact.

"Morning Lily." James said as he came into the kitchen.
"Morning." Lily grinned.
"Any plans for today?" he asked.
"Not many." She replied. "Some people are coming over."
"Who?" he asked with curiosity.
"It's a surprise." Lily blushed and went to the living room where she had set up snacks.

Fifteen minutes later Kayla, Rebecca, Angela, Rachel, Lauren, Michael, Lily and James were talking happily about their hopes for school next year and when all of them could see each other again.

Then all of a sudden everyone heard a CRACK and Lily and James rushed to the back door only to be greeted by Sirius, Remus, Cathy, Katie and Sam.
James jaw dropped at the sight of his friends and then felt his cheek get warm by Lily's lips against it.
"You have been nothing but sweet. You should catch up with your friends." She told him.
She turned to her friends, Sirius and Remus whose jaws all had dropped from the fact of Lily Evans kissing James on the cheek.

"Well come on in. I have my other guests waiting." Lily said. She led them into the living room where music was blasting and the others were talking to each other.

"Guys. These are my other friends from school. Make them feel welcome please!" Lily said. She then led Katie, Sam and Cathy to the other girls.
"Girls, this is Sam, Katie and Cathy. They are also witches. Cathy, Katie, Sam this is Kayla, Rebecca, Angela, Rachel and Lauren. They know everything. So don't freak." Lily said. She pointed to everyone and everyone said hi.

"Lily, since when have you kissed James?" Cathy asked with a grin.
"Wait you guys kiss. Is that why you pulled James back after tell ing us at my party." Lauren added
"Lily. Are you crushing on him?" Rachel asked.

All girls were looking at her waiting for an answer. They wanted it and they wanted it now.

"Fine. Yes! I am. Okay? But he can't know all right. You know James. He can have any girl at school and he repeatedly chooses me. If he knew, he'd leap on me in a second. I like him polite." Lily answered.
"What ever you say, Lily." Rebecca said.

A similar conversation was going on between the boys.
"And then she said ' Stay that way and one day you will get a proper kiss' and then we went back to the party. This is the second time." James said to Sirius.
"Well this is perfect. If we keep this up Prongs here can have a 'proper kiss' by Christmas or before." Sirius began. Sirius went into an entire plan until Lily brought in a game board.

It was a game of 'Monopoly' a common muggle game where people bought properties and paid rent.
"We can play on teams." Lily said.
The next hour all of them were enjoying the game of monopoly talking about their friend's, odd teachers and more.
By the end of the party all had agreed to meet up again next year.

"We'll see you guys on Sunday." James told his friends.
"I promise, I'll write to you guys this year. I miss you already." Lily told her muggle friends. She gave them a hug and Lauren whispered in Lily's ear, "Good Luck with James." Lily just grinned.
The girls then went to James and gave him a hug. He was part of the group now and they were going to miss him.

Sunday came fast and it was hectic that morning.
"I'm almost done Mom. I just need to grab my Head Girl badge! James don't forget your badge!" Lily screamed. She dragged her trunk downstairs to see James safely putting away his 'Head Boy' and 'Quidditch Captain' badges.
"Ready to go?" he asked her.
"More than ready!" she exclaimed.

The drive to Kings Cross was full of excitement of James and Lily talking rapidly about school, the graduation ball, and classes.
"Love you honey." Lily's mom told her.
"James you are welcome back here at any time." She told him. Together Lily and James ran onto the platform to find their friends on the train.

"Hey guys." James said as he met his fellow Marauders.
"So anything happen since we visited" Sirius questioned.
"No" James replied. "Oh I got to go meet Lily in Heads compartment. Bye" James left the room heading for the Head Compartment to find Lily waiting.

"Alright. Congratulations prefects. You are to breakup any fights and report any mischief to James and I. Please just patrol the corridors every once in a while" Lily said. Then James added in, "Oh and remember to set a good example".

The prefects left leaving Lily and James.

Lily started to leave when James said "Lily, We hung out a lot this summer. And I think it did out friendship some good. I know I'm annoying but I changed and I hope out friendship can stay like this. Being around your other life showed me how wonderful of a person you are. You haven't had it easy but I would like to make it easier. "Lily, will you please give me a chance and go out with me?"
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Chapter 5

"Yes" Lily said. She was blushing, and looked extremely happy. "I'd love to James!"
"Wha - Really? - YES!" James exclaimed He wanted to scoop her up and kiss her right then and there. He controlled himself and just beamed at her. They turned to leave when he felt something touching his hand. Lily was trying to hold his hand! He let her and they left the compartment holding hands looking for their friends.

Lily and James found their buddies in a compartment talking well except for Sirius and Cathy. They were glued together in the corner being ignored. They walked in and sat down still having their hands interlocked. Remus looked over to James and Lily and noticed their hands.

"So, how were the prefects guys?" he asked.
"Good. We laid down the ground rules. Then we just have to see Professor Dippett after the feast." Lily said beaming. She squeezed James' hand and he replied with a tighter squeeze. Sirius broke apart from Cathy and also noticed their hands.

"Sure. Nothing happened in between then, right?" Sirius asked. He was giving James a good stare. He wanted to know and now.
"Not much. We talked to the prefects, looked at our notes, Lily agreed to go out with me. Nothing much" James said smiling at Lily. She had a beautiful smile on. It looked like an angel was playing a beautiful tune with a harp in her ears and she was grinning in applause.

"She what?" Sirius screamed.
"She agreed to go on a date with me. Thatís nothing big. We hung out all summer. It will be just like that." James replied.
"Hmmm. James you've been trying to get her on a date for 5 years now! I wouldn't be surprised if there is a group of leprechauns having a party in your head." Sirius laughed.

Everyone started laughing and continued with their normal conversations.
Another hour went by and then Hogwarts castle came into view.

"We better go get changed. Bye girls." Sirius said.
"Bye Lily." James said and this time he kissed her on the cheek.

"Lily Evans. You are the luckiest girl on the planet! You have James Potter on a string." Sam told Lily.
"Lily Potter. I could see it now!" Katie said.
"Oh shut up." Lily said blushing.
"Shes blushing! She really likes him!" Cathy said.
The girls squealed and hurried to put on their robes.

The train came to a stop and the girls hurried off to find the boys. The boys were looking for a carriage when Lily spotted untidy black hair.
"Guess who. Don't be wrong or you won't get a kiss." Lily had put her hands over his glasses and flirted with him.
"This must be Lily." James said.
He took her hands off his glasses and turned around to get his rewarding kiss.

Lily gave James a kiss on the cheek and then too his hand and went to find a carriage. They met up with everyone and enjoyed their ride to the castle. The eight of them walked into the Great Hall where many people were looking at Lily and James' interlocked hands.

They sat down to see their professors looking eager to eat the delicious feast.

"Hey James. Did you and Lily get together over the summer?" Steven, a fellow Gryffindor friend of James' asked.
"No. She just agreed for us to date." James said proudly.

"Welcome Students. Now let's eat." Professor Dippett said.
The tables then filled with food. James and Sirius immediately grabbed as much as they can. Lily and her friends ate less then the boys but were stuffed by the time the food disappeared.

"Now. Welcome to a new year. We have much to teach you. Please remember the dark forest is out of bounds. I hope some older students will remember this for once. Congratulations to this year's Head Boy and Girl, Lily Evans and James Potter. Now Mr. Cruz has asked me to remind you that the list of banded objects is posted outside his door. Now your beds are waiting. Off you go." Professor Dippett finished.

James and Lily said good bye to their friends and headed for the headmaster's office.
"Come In." Professor Dippett said.
"Now. Congratulations. You will plan Hogsmeade trips, parties and you will organize the Graduation Ball. I will lead you to the Head Dorm and that will be all."

He led them to a wooden door with a portrait of a young man in his 30's on it.
"The password is 'Sugar Quills', good night." And then Professor Dippett was gone.

"Well, Let's go." Lily said.

That night the both of them slept soundly. Next morning they had their first Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

"Morning class. My name is Professor McDonald. I will be your Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher. This is your NEWTS year. It will be the hardest year for you. Today, we will be reviewing your first year basics. It is these simple charms and movements that are the building blocks for the harder spells. Pair up. Off you go." Professor McDonald said.
Lily paired with Cathy, Sam with Katie, James with Sirius, Remus with Peter.

After class they had Charms where they reviewed some simple spells, then Transfiguration, and then lunch.

"Hey Lily." James said as he sat down next to her.
"Hey, what's up?"
"So. I was thinking our first date should be next Hogsmeade trip."
"But there are none. We haven't planned any."
"Then lets plan one. How about two weeks from now. Saturday?"
"Itís a date?"
"Itís a date."
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Chapter 6
First Date

The next two weeks were miraculous. Despite the fact that their homework situation was at its largest. Yet, the both of them finished their homework on time. They had planned a Hogsmeade trip for the next weekend. It would be their first date.

Ahhh, its Saturday! ITS SATURDAY! I have my date with James in an hour. I have got to get dressed Lily thought.
She scrambled out of bed and carefully selected a light pink tank top and a white long sleeve shirt to go on top. She unbuttoned the first four buttons on her shirt to reveal the tank top. She put on a pair of light blue jeans and a denim jacket. Lastly she put on her sneakers.

Next, she put on a light pink lip-gloss and light green eye shadow to bring out her eyes. She placed a beautiful diamond necklace on her neck. The necklace was her mother' present for making Head Girl. After 15 minutes she observed herself and thought she looked 'okay' for her date. She then quickly grabbed her small purse and headed down to her common room.

It was empty, so she headed to breakfast to see James eating with his friends. She sat down next to him and began to eat her breakfast

"Morning" she said.
"Morning Lily, you look great! Oops, I said that out loud didn't I?" he asked.
The other marauders burst out laughing. Lily though was smiling and said, "Thanks James. You like nice yourself."

After breakfast, James and Lily headed down to the front gates and were then signed out by Mr.Cruz. They walked into the village of Hogsmeade hand in hand.

"You look absolutely beautiful today Lily." James told her.
"Thanks James. You cleaned yourself up nicely as well." She replied.
"Want to go into Honeydukes?" James asked her.
"Sure thing." Lily said.

They walked into the sweet shop and suddenly smelt the candies, treats and chocolates.
"So, what is your favorite sweet?" Lily asked.
"Honestly?" he replied.
"Honestly." She said
"Well, I like the pumpkin pasties, but there is nothing in the world sweeter than you." He grinned.
"James Potter, that is the sweetest, silliest thing I have ever heard." Lily replied looking at him.

After making their purchases they left for Madam Pudifoot's Tea Shop.
It was odd for the two of them to enter a couple environment. The two of them ordered a coffee and sat down at a table in the back corner.

"Why are we here again?" James asked.
"Because itís a cute shop and I know that Sirius won't find us here." Lily replied.
"If its what you want." He said.
"Its what I want. But its not the only thing I want." She said with a grin on her face.
"What do you want?" James asked. He leaned a little because she was whispering.
"Something I can have at any moment, but I can't because of my fears." She replied. Her voice was drifting off a little.
"You fears are?" he asked.
"Im afraid of being hurt again. I don't want the happy feeling being yanked out of me." Lily said. She was leaning more and could see James big brown eyes.
"Why would anyone hurt you. I wouldn't, you know that." James said. He could sense what was coming next. He was excited but had to play it cool all at once.
"Good." She said. Then she got right up into his face and whispered in his ear low enough for him only to hear.
"Good. Because what I want isÖyou." Lily said.

Then he could hear his heart thumping and he felt like he could fly as at that moment, Lily Evans, the girl of his dreams bent forward and started to kiss him on the lips. He deepened for he wanted this moment to last.

Little did they know that Sirius and Cathy were walking around Hogsmeade trying to find Lily and James.
"They must be here somewhere. Unless they found themselves a broom cupboard." Cathy and Sirius laughed.
"Wait! I see black hair and red hair!" Sirius said.
They walked in the shop to find Lily and James still smooching away in the shop.
"I'm glad your taking in air James" Sirius said.

Lily and James broke apart blushing. Sirius and Cathy started laughing. Sirius and Cathy sat down and joined them. After a while the four of them agreed to leave the shop and head back for school.

Sirius and Cathy walked ahead so James and Lily could talk.
"So, When did you start liking me?" James asked.
"I always did. First year you were cute, I admit it." Lily said. "Second year you started your jokes but they were amusing. Third year you started showing the side that I did not like. Fourth year you didn't change. Fifth year I had enough. Sixth year, I decided all guys need a break. And here we are."
"Oh. That makes sense for the yelling" James laughed.
"What about you, Mr. Potter? Lily asked
"I always liked you, hands down and I still do." James replied with a mischievous grin.

The two of them looked at each other and kissed each other on the lips. They quickly broke apart and took each other hand to climb up to their dormitory.
"So where are the others?" James asked as he joined Sirius.
"Moony went to a book store, no surprise and Wormtail mysteriously disappeared." Sirius replied.

They were in the Head dorm working on their transfiguration homework from Professor Dumbledore.
"So. How did it feel to have Lily Evans', the girl of your ultimate desire, lips against you own?" Sirius questioned him.
"It felt great. Like anything was possible. It was magical." James said. His eyes were twinkling as he remembered his first kiss with Lily Evans.
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Chapter 7:
I Wont Leave You

The next morning, Lily woke up remembering all of yesterday's activities. She kissed James Potter, she remembered that the most. It was pleasant, sweet, and soothing. It was worth six years of waiting.

James was also waking up from pleasant dreams. He remembered Lily's warm lips against his and how after six years she figured out he was a good guy.

He dressed quickly and ran to his common room, to see Lily waiting for him.
"Morning James." She said.
"Morning Lily." James said. Lily and James shared a quick kiss and headed for the Great Hall. They walked hand in hand stopping once or twice for quick kisses. They entered the Great Hall and noticed everyone was whispering.

Then all of a sudden Sirius ran up to them and patted James on the back saying, "It took six years but you two finally kissed. Have good dreams James?"
"Yes. Now, We would like to eat our breakfast." James replied shortly. James and Lily walked over to the table and ate their breakfast.
Lily. What are we going to do today?" James asked.
"I don't know." Lily started "Maybe a walk will help me think."
"Ill come with you." Said James. He pushed away his food and hurried to follow Lily.
"I think they have their day planned out already." Cathy said giggling.
"Im sure too." Sirius replied.
"What are we going to do, now Prongs ran off with his lady?" Sirius questioned.
"We could study." Remus replied
"Lovely." Sirius said quite annoyed.
"Itís a beautiful day" Lily said.
"You're prettier though." James said.
"Oh Mr.Cool trying to act all sweet?" Lily replied flirty.
"What do you mean?" James said
"Well. Show me your bad boy side." Lily said.
"Oh. My bad side." James said.
"Yup" Lily said.

Next thing they knew they were snogging underneath the tree facing the lake. They had no idea how long they had been there but eventually they fell asleep in each other arms. Lily woke up later noticing the bright sun blazing upon them. The sun was hitting James beautifully.
He is soooooo cute. I should have kissed him before. Why did it take me this long to figure out he is not an idiot? He is soo handsome when he sleeps. Lily thought.

"James, wake up" Lily said. She started to kiss him when he started to wake up.
"Hi Lily. That was a nice alarm clock." James laughed. He sat up and started to brush her hair with his fingers.
"Lily. You have made me the happiest man on the planet."" James told her. He was staring into her emerald green eyes. He was a lost for words when she said, "James I love you."
"I love you too Lily." James said. "Let's head back inside. We don't want people to find us here like this." James finished

He took her hand and led her back to their dorm.
"Much better." Lily said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
"Shall we continue?" James asked.
"Lets" Lily said as they made their way back to the couch near the fire.

After a good 15 minutes of snogging they began to finish off their work.
"Hey. Its time for lunch. Lets go." James said.
"All right." Lily said. The two of them walked to lunch and sat with the Marauders. Sirius was busy talking to James so Lily decided writing a note It read:

Dear Kayla, Rebecca, Angela, and Rachel,

Hi guys. I miss you so much. School is great. It's a lot harder but Im managing. OH and James is acting like a gentlemen. He says hi. Well, Im guessing your guys made a bet when I would kiss him and who ever bet on yesterday or close to it won. We kissed and I never felt better in my life. He makes me fell secure and happy. He is ten times better than Brian, David, Chris and Evan. I hope all of you are okay. Tell everyone I say hi!

Lily <3

"What are you doing silly?" James asked.
"Im writing to the girls at home." Lily responded.
"Oh. They are niceÖ. Did you tell them about us?" James asked.
"What us? Lily said flirting.
"Im shocked Lily. This us! Remember?" James said and then leaned in and started to kiss Lily. She replied by deepening it. Sirius tapped James on the shoulder after two minutes saying, "Now, I know what it's like when Im glued to someone. Its horrifying watching them. You're afraid of what might happen next."

"I'd like to know that." Lily said playfully.
"Oh really" James replied.
"Yeah. You know something James?" Lily replied.
"What?" he said.
"We do have an entire dorm to ourselves." Lily said smiling.
"Oh yeah." James said in a 'Im not that stupid' voice.

James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily, Cathy, Sam, and Katie went back to the Head Dorm that night to do well whatever. They agreed the girls got to choose something and the guys got to choose something.

"All right. Who ever can guess the number Im thinking of 1 -10 gets to choose whose activity." Lily announced.
"Agreed." James said with a mischievous look on his face that Lily just loved!
"Got it!" she said moments later.
"6" James said.
"Wrong." Lily said. She knew James would use Legilmency. She thought the wrong number on purpose. It worked! James was shocked.
"Don't cheat." She said simply.
"Girls?" Lily asked.
"3" Katie said. "Correct. Girls go first!" Lily exclaimed.

"Ok. We are playing truth or dare. James since you guessed wrong you can question someone first." Lily said.
"Ok." He started. He couldn't screw this up. "Lily. Sweet Lily, honest, good girl LilyÖTruth or dare?"
"Ill take a dare James." Lily said. She had a hard look on her face. That way you could never figure out her expression.

"Lily, I dare you to sit on my lap for the rest of the two games." James said with his sly grim.
"I have to now huh?" she replied.
"Yeah. Itís a dare." James said
"Thatís my boy!" Sirius said.
"James thatís kinda a big dare" Remus said.

Yet, the girls and Wormtail were chanting, "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!"
So Lily stood up and went to James and sat down in his lap. James was the happiest guy on the planet. He wrapped his arms around her waist and gave Lily a kiss.

The next 30 minutes were full of interesting truths and dares. The most interesting was a truth to Remus from Sam, "Remus are you really only in love with books?"
"No" Remus said blushing and whispering.
"Good One Sam!" Lily said.

The last one though was from Lily to James.
"James would you ever leave me for another girl?" Lily asked
"No. I won't leave you, honestly. I love you Lily." James said
All the girls started Awing and the boys were grinning as much as Lily.

The boys chose a board game which the girls won easily. They got to ask them any question and the boys had to answer right.
"Remus who do you like?" Sam asked.
"You" he whispered. Sam then flung her arms around his neck and started kissing him.

"James. How far do you want our relationship to go?" Lily asked.
"To the beyond and farther." He replied
No one heard Sirius' question for him and Cathy left the room before anyone could see.

"See you guys tomorrow" James said as everyone left.
"Well good night Lily" he replied smiling.
"Night." She said.
He started to leave but then he heard Lily say, "Wait!"
"What?" he asked.
"Thank you for everything. you make me feel secure and safe. The closer I am to you the safer I feel." Lily said. She was blushing so much she ran to her dormitory before he could respond.

James went to his dormitory with a million-dollar smile on.
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Chapter 8:
Please Wake Up

The weeks flew by as the Marauders and the girls grew closer together. Now friday nights were traditions to hang out in the Head Dorm for activities. Yet, once a month the boys seemed to disappear and then re appear the next morning with cuts and bruises all over them. The girls couldn't help but notice.

Sam thought couldn't help but become worried. Ever since she started to date Remus she grew more and more worried when she saw his cuts grow every month.

"What could he be doing?" or "Are they getting larger?" Sam would ask.
"Im sure he's fine" Lily would say. Yet Lily was getting more and more concerned about James. All of the boys looked hurt and more tired. They were even slacking on their pranks.

"Where have you been? You had me worried sick!" Lily said as James limped into the Head Dorm.
"Im sorry Lily. Guy time." James said.
"Please be careful. I don't want to see you get hurt." Lily said. She leaned in and gave him a shy kiss, which he responded and then they broke apart.

The next day Lily and James were walking to Defense Against The Dark Arts. Then all of a sudden a large crash was heard across the room. Snape was walking through the corridors with Lucius Malfoy and Evan Rosier. Then Snape cried out, "Potter, Evans. Come here."

James and Lily quickly ran to the black, slimy haired Snape in fear of what might happen if they didn't.
"A new wizard is gaining power fast and he invites you both to join his army." He said
"Why would this wizard be interested in us?" Lily asked.
"Don't be an idiot you filthy little mud-blood. You two are bright, the brighter the better." Snape snapped.
"We refuse to join your type." James said.
"You'll regret it. Let me give you a piece of his magic!" Snape sneered
"Sectumsempra! Expelliarmus!" Snape cried. So did Rosier and Malfoy.

"Impedimenta!" James cried as he saw Lily crumble to the floor. Blood was everywhere. Her wand flew all the way to the end of the corridor. Lily's cheeks were split open as were here stomach, legs and arms. Before hitting the floor she cried out a muffled "oh". She passed out and saw the world fizzing out of focus.

James was breathing fast and hard. Lily was on the floor. She looked - well - dead. Blood continued to flow. He turned around to see Snape, Malfoy, and Rosier dashing down the corridors. What was he to do? He couldn't leave Lily. What if more came back? But she needed help, NOW!

Thankfully Sirius, Remus, and Peter were walking down the corridor.
Their faces dropped at the sight of James covered in blood and Lily on the floor.
"What the bloody hell happened?" Sirius screamed out.
"Its called Slytherins. Moony do you know a spell to get her to the Hospital Wing? Shes losing blood and fast." James said. His face was full of darkness and sadness. If anything were to happen to Lily, he would never forgive himself. Even if it wasn't his fault.

" Ferula" Remus said. Bandages started to pile onto Lily. It was no use, the blood continued to bleed right through them.
"Great." James breathed. "Wormtail, Padfoot any ideas?"
" Wingardium Leviosa?" Peter suggested.
"That might work. Come on!" James said.
" Wingardium Leviosa!" James bellowed.

Lily was lifted into the air gracefully. She did not stir, move, or make any sound at all. She really looked dead.

Remus, Sirius and Wormtail started to bolt for the Hospital Wing. James ran carefully with his wand in the air so he did not drop Lily. Remus reached the Wing first panting for air.

"Lily Evans - hurt - James- coming -hurry." He panted.
"Oh my. Where are they?" Madam Pomfrey said.
Remus and Sirius led Madam Pomfrey down the corridor to where James was still balancing Lily.
"Let me take care of this!" Madam Pomfrey bellowed.

She then performed some complicated arm movements and then Lily was being led to the Hospital Wing on a stretcher.
"I need to talk to the person to who saw the attack." She said.
"Thatís me." James whispered.


"Petigrew, you idiot! I said get the wand, stay out of the way, and come immediatley back to me. What is so hard about that?!" Snape was bellowing.
"But I- I - I stayed out of the way. I came back." Wormtail whimpered
"I said to keep all of the Marauders out of the way! Potter too! You idiot!" Snape continued to bellow.
"CRUCIO!" Snape cried out. "You're lucky the Dark Lord finds you useful. Because you seem useless to me." Snape sneered. He then disappeared and Wormtail scrambled back to the Dormitory scared to death.

"That's what happened. Honestly." James said. He told the same story to Madam Pomfrey, Professor Dippett, Professor Dumbledore, and Professor Slughorn.

"Thank you. You may stay if you wish." Professor Dumbledore said and then left the Hospital Wing.

James felt like crying. Lily hadn't moved for hours. Madam Pomfrey gave her dozens of blood replenishing potions. She did everything.

"Please Lily. Wake up. Lily don't die." His eyes started to tear. "Please wake up Lily. Love of my life, Lily Evans wake up. Open your eyes. Show me your beautiful eyes. Please wake up." By now James has tears flowing down his face.

He started to hug her and so now the tears were flowing from his cheeks to her face.

It was 1 in the morning. Cathy, Katie and Sam had come to see Lily. The girls cried fearing the worst. Remus, Sirius, and Peter also tried to comfort James. They had no idea what could be going through his head.

The story of Lily's attacked reached the entire school by dinner. Apparently, Snape, Rosier, and Malfoy were given a month of detention. The Gryffindor house was furious.

"Lily. Don't leave me. Please wake up" James cried. He then fell asleep with tears still rolling down his face.

The next morning Madam Pomfrey came to James saying, "Potter, Ms. Evans will have to be moved to St. Mungos. She was hit with that spell three times. She needs better service. Im sorry Potter."
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Chapter 9:
Love Gives You Hope

The next 2 weeks were hell for James, Cathy, Sam, and Katie. Lily was still in St. Mungos. The headmaster was getting daily reports and by the expression on his face those reports were not good.

"She is going to be fine Prongs. Come on. It's full moon. You've never missed one." Sirius was saying.
"What if she never gets better?" James questioned.
"Well murder the Slytherins. You need to get out." Sirius tried to convince him.
"Fine." James replied. He was deeply saddened. It was quiet without her. He missed snogging her. He missed the sensation of her beautiful flower scent. Her hair. Her eyes.

"All right. Lets go." James said. Wormtail transformed and froze the Willow. The three of them ran into the Shack in their animagus forms.
James a stag, Sirius a black dog, and Peter a rat.

"Where is Moony?" the dog breathed.
"There he is!" the stag exclaimed.

They walked over to the werewolf.
"Hey Moony." James said.
"Thanks for coming. Even after what happened.." Remus replied.

The next morning James saw a much worse Professor Dumbledore.
"Don't worry James. Love gives us all hope."Cathy told him.
"I just hope she's okay." James mumbled.

Classes were duller now that N.E.W.T review had started.

"So Potter. I heard your lady is getting worse. Shame she'll have to go." Snape whispered to James.
"I thought a month of detention was enough for you." James sneered.

It had been a month now that Lily was in St. Mungos. Christmas was approaching and snow was glistening. James now did not even have time to think about Lily. He has to decorate the Halls, and post the last Hogsmeade trip. His homework skyrocketed and exams were non-stop.

One evening after dinner though, Professor Dippett came to James and said, "I need to see you after dinner"

James left for the Headmaster's office as soon as he finished. He said the password, 'mushroom cakes', and entered the office.
"Mr. Potter. I need you and Ms. Evans to start planning the final Hogsmeade trip before Christmas. That's all." Professor Dippett said.
"But sir. Lily is still in St. Mungos." James started.
"Are you sure she is still in St. Mungos?" the headmaster said. His eyes twinkled and James understood at once.
"I'll get straight to work." James said and then bolted out the door, down the corridors, and ran into the Head Dorm.

He looked around the room and then saw Lily Evans by the fire working on her missed homework.
"Lily? Lily!" James cried out. He started to run toward her as she realized he was there.
"James. Oh my gosh." She said as she flung her arms around him.
"You scared me. I thought you were dead. Everyone's missed you. Even Sirius!" James exclaimed.
"I missed you too. I was so terrified. I woke up in St. Mungos five days ago." Lily said.
"Should I go get Katie, Sam, and Cathy?" James questioned.
"No. I'll see them tomorrow. But we have a lot of kisses to make up for." She said.
"I like the way you think Lily." James said. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she put her arms around his neck. They started to kiss, soft kisses but they grew into long passionate kisses.

"Lily. We have lessons tomorrow. We should get to bed." James said as he finally pulled away after what seemed like forever.
"You're right. Night." Lily said as she headed for her dorm.

The next morning James waited for Lily and the two of them set off for breakfast together. Everyone was staring at Lily and grinning at her in the corridors either saying, "Hi Lily" or "Glad you're feeling better" or "How are you?"
They finally reached the Great Hall and immediately Cathy, Sam, and Katie noticed Lily's flaming hair.

"LILY!" the girls squealed as they bolted to the doors of the Great Hall to give Lily huge hugs. After finally breaking free of her friend's grasp she made her way to the Gryffindor table.
The Slytherins looked furious that Lily was alive. Snape, Rosier, and Malfoy had been Slytherin heroes.
"Lily. It's great to have you back." Remus said.
"If you ever do that again. I will kill you if you don't die first. It was horror watching Prongs here act like a dead person. There was no fun in him. - " Sirius started saying.
"But it's good to have you back." Peter added in.
"Thanks." Lily said.

"So what happened?" James asked.
"I don't know. I remember Snivellus firing that spell then I heard you fire at curse at him - which Im not mad at - and then I woke up weeks later. But I woke up with tear marks on my face though." Lily said.
"That was James. He was crying after we got you to the Hospital Wing." Sirius said.
"Aww. James you were crying for me?" Lily asked.
"Yes. Please don't get hurt again. I couldn't bear it." James said.
I didn't mean to. But as long as I have you I'll make it out fine." Lily said grinning.

"Off to classes!" Professor Dumbledore announced. Apparently their schedules had been passed out and so with that they hurried off to lessons.

"Ah. It's nice to have Ms. Evans back with us. We all missed you dear." Professor Slughorn exclaimed. Lily was his favorite potions student. Sirius had made a cackleing noise while Professor Slughorn was talking.

"Today. We are creating a shrinking potion." Professor Slughorn began. "Your ingredients are in the cupboard. You will have an hour. Good Luck." And with that the students were scrambling to the cupboard.

"Hey. I think I got it right." Sirius started.
"But. I think it needs a test drive." James continued.
"And I know the perfect target." Sirius grinned. James and Sirius as they began to plan their moves.

At dinner that night the best thing possible happened. Somehow that shrinking potion fell into Snape's, Rosier's, and Malfoy's drink. They three of them turned into babies and the entire Hall burst with laughter. Even Lily started to laugh.

"That was BRILLIANT!" Lily exclaimed. She was back in the dorm with James discussing their evening.
"Well. Now one hurts my girl and gets away with it." James said.
"Your girl?" Lily questioned.
"Well if you prefer 'baby' okay." James said.
Lily grinned and leaned in to kiss him when James noticed some paper in between her books.

"What's this?" James said.
"No. James!" Lily laughed.

He pulled out a sheet of paper reading the following words:

But I see your true colors shining through
I see your true colors and thatís why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors, true colors are beautiful..
Like a rainbow

"Lily. That's beautiful." James said in awe.
"Its not mine." She said.
"It's Kayla's. She wants to be a singer. She got my message and made it for me." Lily said.
"It looks like it's for us." James said.
"All right it is. What gave it away?" she asked.
"The hearts around it with L&J inside them." James laughed.
"Please don't forget the meaning, okay?" Lily asked.
"I promise." James said.
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Chapter 10
A Memorable Christmas

Since Lily returned, it seemed like everything fit into place. The final Hogsmeade trip had been planed for the 13th. Everyone was looking forward to buying Christmas presents.

"What are you going to get Lily?" Sirius questioned.
"Lingerie?" Sirius asked.
"Don't you dare." Remus said. " She would be really mad." Remus continued.
"A cat!" Wormtail exclaimed.
"A cat? Where do you come up with these things?"
James questioned. "On second thought don't answer that." James added.
"I was thinking a necklace. Like a locket. But Im going to do something special to it. To show her how special she is to me." James said

On the 13th James quickly dressed and grabbed the pieces of parchment on his desk. He met Lily in the common room and they hurried off to breakfast.

"Morning everyone." Lily exclaimed as she sat down next to Katie and James.
"Oh. James, I hope you don't mind. Im going to spend today with the girls. We need to do girl shopping." Lily said.
"All right. But it will cost you later." James said
"Can't wait." Lily grinned.

"All right girls. Let's go." Lily exclaimed.
The girls stood up grabbed their purses and gave their boys kisses on the cheeks and ran to be checked out.

"So what are we really doing?" Sam said suspiciously.
"We are shopping for our boys and families." Lily said.
"Wait. We agreed we were staying at Hogwarts for Christmas right?" Katie asked.
"Of course." Cathy exclaimed.

The girls went into dozens of shops making some purchases.
"Hold on!" Lily said as she stopped the others outside a watch shop.
"I want to get James a watch." Lily said.
"Good idea." Sam said.
"I want to get Sirius something else so I'll met you here. Want to come with me Katie?" Cathy asked.
"Sure." Katie responded.

So Lily and Sam went into the clock shop hoping to find their perfect gifts.
"Look at this!" Lily said. It was a gold watch and the hands on the clock were bright red. It was beautiful.

"Ah. You like this one." The lady said.
"This is special. This actually opens and you can put your own message in it" the lady said pointing at the watch.
"I'll take it!" Lily exclaimed.
"All right. Now tell the watch the message and it will inscribe it." She told Lily.

"What are you going to say?" Sam said eager.
"Hmm. This -" and then she took out the watch and said to it, "Time is an infinite matter. It never stops. But when Im with you the clock stops, and I wish those moments would last forever. Happy Christmas James. Love Lily." She then opened the watch to see the message written in it.

"Now, that is cool. See these are the times I love being a witch." Sam said admiring the watch.
"So what did you get Remus?" Lily asked trying to get a peek of her purchase.
"You'll see." Sam said.

Cathy and Katie eventually met up with Lily and Sam.
"Want to go The Three Broomsticks?" Cathy asked.
"Sure." They said.

"What did you get Sirius?" Sam questioned Cathy.
"A Zonko's jumbo pack." Cathy said.
"What about you Katie?" Lily asked.
"A book." Katie muffled.
"Aww. Thatís thoughtful." Lily said.

"Shall we head back?" Katie asked after some butterbeers.
"All right. Let's go back to my dorm." Lily said.


"This is perfect." James breathed. He picked up a locket and had "Lily" written on the cover. He headed to a photographer shop and took out the two pictures of Lily's muggle friends and witch friends.

"What can I do for you?" the sales man asked.
"I need these to fit this locket."James said.
"Oh wait." James said. "I have this spell. It is supposed to have the pictures change when you think about it." James told the man as he took out the paper where he wrote down the spell.
"Oh. Yes. We get that a lot. These are the two pictures then huh?" he asked.
"Yes sir" James added politely.
"Give me a minute." The man told him.

The man took out his wand and muttered some words very quickly and softy. Instantly the two pictures disappeared into the locket.
"What's your message?" the man asked.

"You live two worlds and it's hard to do. So here is a locket just for you. Think of the friends you wish to see. Concentrate hard and then their pictures will appear in this locket before you. Happy Christmas from me to you. I love you Lily, I hope you still do. Love James." And just like the watch, the words appeared inside the locket.

"That will be 10 galleons." The man added.
"Here you go." James said as he took out his money. He examined the necklace and then put it safely away.

He rushed off to find Remus and Sirius.
"Where did Wormtail go?" James asked.
"I don't know. He left us a while ago." Sirius said.
"Shall we head back? Remus questioned.
"Yeah. I need to put Lily's present away." James said. He grasped the locket and could not wait to see her expression Christmas morning.

It was finally Christmas Eve! Mistletoe was hung up every where thanks to James. Classes had ended yesterday and now the fun began! The Marauders and the girls had all agreed to switch presents at 12:01 am on Christmas morning in the Head Dorm.

Everyone was eating dinner, and then James started a toast.
"To our happiness and our loves!" James said beaming at Lily.
"Our loves." Lily said.
The eight of them drank their drinks and finished off their desserts.

"I'll meet you guys in the dorm. I got to go check something." James said. He gave Lily a quick kiss on the cheek and left for the Head Dorm.

"Hey James." Margaret Jones said stopping him. She had blonde sleek hair, blue eyes.
"Oh hi." James said. He tried to move past her but she stopped him.
"Where ya going?" she asked.
"To get my present ready for Lily." James said, as he once again tried to push past her. But she stopped him.
"Oh yes. Lily. Dear Lily. You know what I don't get?" she asked.
"What?" James said annoyed.
"That, a guy can be so stupid. He chases the same girl when it seems like she'll never fall for him. When a nice attractive girl is waiting for the question. And it never comes." She replied.
"Oh. And who's that?" he asked.
"Me silly." She said. "Mistletoe"
"No!" James said. He tried to back away but couldn't. It was powerful magic. You couldn't move 'till you kiss.
"Yup. Come here James!" she cried out and fell into him.
"I can't. Im dating Lily. You know that." He said.
"But the mistletoe doesn't." she said giggling.
She leaned in and started to kiss him. He tried to get her off him but she wouldn't budge. And the next thing happensÖLily came out of the Hall to see him kissing Margaret.

"JAMES POTTER! I HATE YOU! STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Lily cried. Tears were forming in her eyes. She ran away before anyone saw her.
James shoved Margaret off him and ran off screaming "LILY! LILY! Wait!" but it was too late.

"What's up Prongs?" Sirius asked.
"Keep Margaret Jones away from me." He breathed.
"Why?" Sirius laughed.
"Because she probably ruined my relationship with Lily." He breathed.
"How?" Remus asked.
"She flung herself on me and started kissing me. I couldn't get her off and Lily came out." James said.
"Go talk to her." Remus assured him. "Well come later. I'll tell the girls."
"All right." James said and started running to his dorm.

Lily was on the sofa crying as she remembered the words he told her before she gave him a kiss.

**Flashback.. "Im afraid of being hurt again. I don't want the happy feeling being yanked out of me." Lily said. She was leaning in more and could see James' big brown eyes.
"Why would anyone hurt you. I wouldn't you know that." James said.** End Flashback.

"Lily." James said sympathetically. "I didn't...Margaret kissed me. I tried to get her off me. I ended up shoving her into a wall to get her off of me. Her lips tasted horrible."
"I knew this was to good to be true." Lily breathed out in anger.
"What?" James asked.
"You changing. What happened to 'I would never hurt you'? Huh?" Lily demanded.
"I don't want to hurt you. I want to make you happy. I always did."James said.
"How can I make sure?" Lily questioned.
"This way. -" James then started to kiss Lily which she depended but then pulled away.
" If you feel fireworks when we kiss then you are sure you love me. I feel twenty billion fireworks when I just look at you Lily." He finished
"I'm sorry. I over reacted." Lily said. She buried herself in his arms and felt ten times better, he didn't care about another girl.

It was now ten o'clock and everyone had just showed up in the Dorm for the Christmas party.
"Glad everything is back to normal!" Sirius said as he took a swig of Butterbeer.

Cathy turned on Lily's radio and picked a station.
"Let's dance." James said to Lily.
"Okay." Lily responded.

"Hey. Its 12" Sirius announced.
"One more minute till presents!" Cathy exclaimed.
James went over to the table of presents and picked up Lily's present.
"And NOW!" Sirius said. Everyone then switched presents.

"Happy Christmas Lily!" James exclaimed as he gave Lily her present.
"Same." Lily said as she gave James his.

She opened a violet package to find a beautiful gold locket inside. She opened it to see the message and pictures of her friends. She read the message and thought of Cathy, Katie, and Sam. Immediately their picture appeared in the locket. Then she thought of her girl's back home. Then they appeared.

"James this is beautiful this must have been really expensive!" she shrieked.
"Same with yours. I love it." James said
"I love you." Lily said.
"I love you too." James said and then gave her a nice long passionate kiss.

Lily then went over to see if everyone else liked their gifts. The girls started to examine the locket as James talked to Sirius.
"She must like you to buy you such a watch!" Sirius laughed.
"If anything was to happen to her. I'd never be the same." James said as he gazed at her.
"Then let's make sure she stays safe!" Sirius said.
"Hey did Lily get you that?" Remus asked.
"Yeah." James said and then started to walk towards Lily.

"Hey Lil'. Want to take a walk?" James asked her.
"Sure." She said.
As the walked out of the portrait door James gave Remus and Sirius a wink.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Cathy said as she came up behind Sirius.
"I can't tell you." Sirius smirked.
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Chapter 11:
Our Secret Garden

James led her down several corridors. Eventually he stopped her in front of a
stretch of blank wall opposite an enormous tapestry depicting Barnabas the Barmy's foolish
attempt to train trolls for the ballet.

"What are we doing here? If we get caught -" Lily began but was cut off by James.
"We are not going to get caught. Give me a minute." James said. He then walked past
the door three times and a door appeared. Lily gasped and said, "Where are we going?"

"To anywhere." James replied. He led her into a moon light garden. There was a waterfall
nearby,and a bench inches away from the waterfall. Fireflys and pixies filled the night sky
of the miraculous garden.

"This is magnificent." Lily breathed. "It's so pretty."
"Thanks. But it's never like this. Tonight it's special." James said sweetly to Lily.
"This is the place a certain Cathy and Sirius disappeared to one Friday evening."
"I am pretty surprised. Of all things this is what you wanted it to become?" she said.
"What you don't like this new me?" James asked.
"No I do-" Lily began and took his hand and started to lead him to the bench.
"Its just you always believed that you could have anything you wanted. But now you really try.
No shortcuts. I like that. Goodness that moons beautiful." She finished as she looked up at the hovering moon.
"It only brings out your beauty ten times more." James grinned
"James Potter. You are too cute when you give out compliments. You are just like my own puppy dog." She smiled
"Am I supposed to bark now?" James asked with a serious look on his face.
"No silly. But I want a kiss?" Lily said playfully.
"Woof Woof to that." James said. As he wrapped his arms around her waist.
Lily placed her arms around his neck and messed up his hair.
She leaned closer as their lips met and they began to snog. They pulled apart beaming.

"James Potter. You are my savior" Lily said.
"And you, are my guardian angel. Im surprised you didn't fall out of the heavens for me" James laughed.
"Aww, How sweet." She responded.

They sat down on the bench and gazed at the waterfall.
Lily rested her head on James shoulders and drifted off to sleep together.

"Lily. Lily get up." James said as he shook Lily.
They fell asleep together and now the garden was full of sun light.
"Wha - Oh good morning. Ow, the light!" Lily exclaimed.
"Let's go get some breakfast." James said
"Ok, but I need to brush my hair." Lily said.
She then transfigured a rock into a hairbrush and elegantly brushed her hair.
"Girls and their hair." James breathed as he smiled.
"Come on lets go!" Lily said.

She grabbed James' hand and they started to walk toward the Great Hall when all of a
sudden a voice reached their ears, "Well. Hello. I've been looking forward to meeting you."
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Chapter 12
The Last Goodbye

"If you don't mind me asking, who are you?" Lily asked as she recovered from the fright of this man coming right behind them.

"My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. I have heard great things about you two. Would you care to take a stroll?" the man said. He had black hair and these dark eyes. He was quite handsome and very polite.

"Um. Sure. But how have you heard of us?" James questioned.

"My boy. Your pranks are legendary. Miss Evans is the brightest Head Girl Hogwarts has ever had! Please lets take a walk." Riddle responded.

"I come with an invitation. Im a different type of wizard. My goals are different than others. I invite you two to join my work after graduation" Riddle said to them.

"Well. What are your goals?" Lily questioned Riddle.

"I am out to make the wizarding world a better place, by well disposing of people who are unworthy you could say." Riddles laughed.

"And who are these unworthy people?"[Same here] James asked. They three of them were making their way to he pumpkin patch now.

" Oh half bloods, muggle loverÖthose kind of people." Riddle said.

"Oh well, we donít dispose anyone." James snapped at the man.

"So you are refusing to join me?" Riddle said as he withdrew his wand.

"Yes" Lily replied.

"Then let me help you reconsider your options!" Riddle screamed. He pointed his wand at Lily and bellowed, "CRUCIO!"
Lily fell to the floor and started twitching all over. This 'Riddle' was watching her in pain smiling. He eventually stopped and smiled.
"Shame, its only a tester. AVADA KEDAVRA!" he bellowed at Lily.

"NOOOO LILY!!!!" a girl screamed. She threw herself in front of Lily. The next thing Lily knew a girl with long brown hair with blond highlights, and brown eyes was dead. Her eyes were wide open and she was stretched out like an eagle. Only one thing came to Lily's mindÖKatie Stewart was dead. Her best friend was dead.

"KatieÖ" Lily whispered. Lily fell to her knees crouching over Katie's dead body. The murderer seemed to disappear, and left Lily and James with their dead friend.
"Katie. You have to wake up now. Katie, please wake up, KatieÖ"Lily cried. Tears ran down her face. Her eyes were all puffy as she cried over Katie's body. James started to cry too. They were never going to talk to her again.

"Hey. What are you two doing? Hey you two! GET THE HEADMASTER!" Hagrid bellowed as he reached Katie's body.
"Lily, why are youÖ KATIE!" Sam screamed. Students started to walk to the pumpkin patch and bowed their heads in silence.

"Miss Evans, Mr. Potter. I need to see you in my office immediately." Professor Dumbledore said to them. They followed instantly. The next hour the two of them explained the man and Katie's death. They were dismissed at 10 o'clock. Lily cried herself to sleep that night thinking about Katie, and and all of the times they had together.

The next morning the hall was full of silence and the Daily Prophet had the following article:


It seemed like the worst day for the Ministry of Magic when they received word a seventh year was murdered on Hogwarts grounds. Katie Stewart, 17, was murdered by a man witnesses say, named 'Tom Riddle'. Riddle had also used the torture curse on the victim's friend Lily Evans, 17. The girl had sacrificed herself for Lily Evans when the man threw the killing curse. Hogwarts teachers did not comment on the reason for the man being at the school. The only word the Ministry of Magic knows is that the man was looking for 'followers to dispose of half bloods and muggle lovers'. The burial for Katie Stewart is to be decided by the parents of the victim. Anita Stewart is now in St. Mungos for a heart attack after receiving word that her daughter was dead. Professor Dippett, headmaster of Hogwarts, has failed to give a comment on the student's death. Aurors are to be put on watch and protective charms and spell are to be tightened. To read more on the murder of Katie Stewart continue to page 5, 8 and 13.

"Off to classes, Professor Dumbledore announced. The silent Gryffindors quickly filed off to their first lesson. Lily, Sam and Cathy looked horrible from crying all night. They could not get over the fact that their best friend was never coming back. Even the Marauders were silent. All 8 of them had become so close and now there were only 7.

"Today students. We are to make the draught of living death potion" Professor Slughorn announced. Slytherins and Gryffindors always had potions together. "You have an hour, go!" he finished.

Everyone went to get their materials and worried in silence until the bell rang. The next two weeks passed the same. The funeral date was set for January 14th. The girls and Marauders were excused from school that day to go to the funeral.

The morning of the 14th Lily dressed in a black dress, wearing black heels. She put on no make up, but some black pearls. She made her way to the Entrance Hall with James where she, James, Cathy, Sam, Peter, Remus, and Sirius were being transported to the funeral by Floo powder.

Lily stepped into the fire and cried out "Dolores' Funeral Home" and then vanished in green flames. Lily reappeared in a funeral home. The room was full of candles and pictures of Katie. The others joined her in no time and then the seven of them set off for the hardest day of their life.

"We are all gathered here today to mourn in the passing of Katherine
Michelle Stewart. She was brave and sorted into Gryffindor house in her first year. She was a smart, attractive, young girl. She would do anything for her friends and loved all of us. She could find love in all of us. Katie was always there when someone needed a hand. Thatís why I raise my glass to Katie Stewart. She had not died in vain but in strength. She will not be forgotten" the leader of the funeral home said.
"If anyone wishes to speak on behalf Katie's memory please come to the podium" he then said.

Lily shot up and walked to the podium.

"Hi. Im Lily Evans, one of Katie's best friends. The day of her murde, the torture curse was placed on me Unfortunately, My boyfriend James Potter and I witnessed her murder. The first day I met Katie she said, "Your so pretty that I would pay twenty galleons to a goblin for your beauty." And I said back "You are beautiful outside and inside." And I meant it. Katie was the nicest person I ever met. She could turn arrogance into someone being nervous or is having a hard time. She found good in everyone. She was very smart and I could turn to her for help. She helped boost my confidence in school and I always said 'I owe you big' and I feel so bad, because I never could pay her back. Shes gone and I would have done anything to change the fact. I can't face the fact she won't send me notes in class anymore. She won't be there to help me with my homework or studying. I can't face the fact that I will never be able to say to her face 'I owe you big', Katie. On behalf of all your friends we miss you so. Please watch over us." Lily cried. Tears once again began to flow down her face. James rushed up to her and helped her back to her seat hugging her.

"Thank you for being here. Katie would have liked that." Mrs. Stewart was telling to the seven of them.
"Im sorry Mrs. Stewart." Sam muffled out.
"Now you better be going back to school." Mr. Stewart told them.
"In a minute. I need to say good bye." Lily said. James followed her to the coffin. Katie looked peaceful lying there.
"I shouldn't have let you sacrifice yourself. Im sorry. Good bye Katie." Lily cried in a soft tone. One of Lily's tears fell onto Katie and Katie seemed to smile for a moment before returning to her original position. A face full of determination.

"Hogwarts" Lily cried as she watched the Katie's coffin go out of focus. Katie was gone. Lily said her final good bye and now Lily turned back to the real world and within seconds she found herself lying on the floor in Professor Dumbledore's office.

"I'm glad you are back safe and sound. You made it back for dinner. But you might want to change" Professor Dumbledore advised. She waited for everyone and then the seven of them exited the office entering the world of grief and leaving behind their best friend Katie Stewart.
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Chapter 13
Forgetting Katie

The next week passed gloomily as everyone tried to move on with Katie's death. Lily, Sam, and Cathy were forced to set aside Katie's old bed, for Professor Dumbledore told them that a new student would be transferring and moving in with them.

"This isn't fair" Sam said as she made the bed. "This was Katie's bed we should be allowed to keep it the way it is."
"I agree. Now we have to live with someone we've never met in out life." Lily replied.
"Just imagine if she ends up replacing Katie. We can't replace Katie." Cathy said.
"Then we are in agreement, whoever this new girl is we will not let her replace Katie?" Lily questioned her two friends
"Agreed" the both of them replied.

The girls walked to dinner feeling a little better than they felt since Katie's death. Lily sat down next to James and kissed his cheek. Sam sat next to Remus and Cathy sat down next to Sirius. Lily glanced down at the empty seat. Katie's Seat. The seat she would never sit in again. She sighed and put her attention to the teacher's table.

"Now. We have a new student transferring form Beaubaxton Academy. She will be a seventh year. She arrived this morning and we have already had her sorted. She was sorted into Gryffindor. -" The headmaster made his way toward a door and came back with a girl of extreme beauty. She has this dirty blond long sleek hair and baby blue eyes. She smiled a weak smile an gracefully walked into the Great Hall. "This is Crystal Lucile. Please make her feel welcome." He finished.

Crystal walked towards the Gryffindor table and noticed an empty seat next to Lily, Katie's seat.
"Is anyone sitting here?" Crystal asked Lily.
"There was but she was murdered. You might have heard, her name was Katie Stewart." Lily said flashing an upset gleam at her.
"Oh. Im sorry." Crystal said as she sat in Katie's seat.
"Don't be. Its not your fault" James said smiling at her.
"I feel bad. What's your names?" Crystal asked looking at the group.
"Im James Potter. This beautiful girl here is Lily Evans" - he began as he kissed the top of her head. "That is Sirius Black, Cathy Daniels, Remus Lupin, Sam Harper, and Peter Pettigrew." James finished after he pointed to each one of them.
"Im very excited to be here. I've heard so much about this school." She said.
The eight of them continued to talk during dinner until they left to show Crystal her room.

"Ok. So the password to the Common Room is 'Sacrifice', for now anyway" Lily said as she walked past a portrait of the Fat Lady.
"This is the Gryffindor Common Room. Your dormitory is up the stairs to the right." She said.
"We will show you to your dormitory." Sam said.
"See you later James." Crystal said and waved to James. Lily gave him a quick kiss and hurried up the stairs.

"This is your dormitory. Sam and I share a room with you." Cathy said trying to welcome her.
"Where do you sleep Lily?" Crystal asked
"Head Dorm. I share a dormitory with James." Lily said smiling
"Oh. Was this Katie's bed?" Crystal asked as she noticed the three girls staring at the bed.
"Yea." Sam muffled.
"You guys must miss her." Crystal responded.
"Yeah. We knew her since first year." Cathy said.

Meanwhile in the Boys DormÖ
"So what do you think about that girl?" Remus asked.
"Her name is Crystal and she is very pretty" James snapped.
"Whoa. You like Crystal?" Sirius asked. "Let me remind you of a girl named Lily Evans! You're dating her. You have been chasing after her for 6 years." Sirius raved.
"Prongs. You wouldn't dump Lily for Crystal would you?" Remus asked as he fidgeted on his bed.
"I don't know. Lily is always what I wanted but nothing new is happening. Crystal. Shes new, and nice, and pretty. -" James began
"Prongs. If you go after this girl you will blow s
ix years of waiting. Do you want that?" Remus questioned.
"Your right. I love Lily. I just need to forget about Crystal. I should think of her as Katie. She is only replacing Katie." James assured his friends.
"Replacing Katie. Its so hard to forget her." Peter breathed out.
"You liked her didn't you Wormtail?" Sirius asked him
"Yeah. But I was afraid she would say no. I can't forget her." Wormtail sighed.
"It's always going to be hard forgetting Katie." Remus assured him.


"Good morning students. Let's continue with the human transfiguration shall we." Professor Dumbledore told the Gryffindors.
A few minutes passed into the class when Professor Dumbledore said "Good transfiguring Ms. Lucile. Very well done"

James looked around and saw Crystal beaming. He then looked at Lily,who was looking at him looking at Crystal. She looked furious. He smiled at her with his 'sexy smile', which made her smile back.

They walked back from transfiguration towards the Common Room together.
"James. I have to get to the library. I'll meet you back in the Common Room in 15 minutes." Lily said.
"Ok. But it's going to cost you." James said playfully.
"Looking forward to it." she replied and then set off for the library

James entered the Common Room, and noticed Crystal struggling with her charms homework.
"Need some help?" he asked as he put his books down.
"Please" Crystal said, "Hogwarts classes are a lot harder."
"Here. You're moving your hand in the wrong direction. -" He said as he took her placed his hand on hers "And you turn counter clockwise. There you go!" James said as Crystal successfully got her parchment to do a back flip.

The next 5 minutes James and Crystal worked on their homework and essays. They both had a lot in common.
"You are a great helper James." Crystal said smiling.
"Thanks." James said.
"You deserve a reward" she added. She then bent her head down and placed her lips on his. The kiss seemed to last for ages. But to James it didn't feel right.

"JAMES! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" and with that Lily Evans ran out of the Common Room crying. Sam, and Cathy quickly followed her.
"You blew it Prongs" Sirius said as he looked at him in disgust.
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Chapter 14
Workin It Out

"Lily! Lily! WAIT!" Sam and Cathy cried out as Lily bolted down the corridors. She ran into the Head Dorm and collapsed on the couch. Sam and Cathy quickly followed her and sat on either side of Lily.

"I can't believe him" Lily cried.
"We can't believe him either" Cathy replied.
"Want us to go so you two can talk?" Sam asked.
"Sure" Lily cried once more.


"Lily, Lily!" James screamed. He pulled away from Crystal yet she pulled him back down.
"Where are you going handsome?" Crystal asked.
"Why did you kiss me?" James asked.
"Because your cute and I can have any guy I want" she said proudly.
"How so?" James questioned.
"My mums a vella so Im vella. Guys go crazy over me. Thatís probably why you didnít stop the kiss. I am too beautiful" Crystal announced.
"Good to knowÖ. Goodbye!" James said and bolted out of the common room.


James walked back to the Head Dorm passing a furious Cathy and Sam. He ran in to see Lily crying on the couch. 'What have I done' He thought.

"Lily?" he asked carefully.
"Lily. She kissed me. T didn't feel right." He began but was cut off by Lily's ranting,

He was speechless. He couldn't say a word.

"Am I a toy to you. Im interesting for a couple of days and then you get bored. So you go get yourself a new one? Is this your 'master plan'? I refuse to be your toy James Potter." Lily said. Her eyes were all puffy and her makeup was running down her face. She felt dizzy and then knew no more.


The next morning she woke up in her bed. She glanced around the room. James was sitting at her bedside sleeping on a chair. His hands held hers delicately. She smiled for a minute and thought how sweet he was. But then it all came back to her. He kissed Crystal. Her eyes became fury once more.

"James?" she asked. She sat up and nudged his elbow.
"Lily - I didn't - Im - idiot" James muttered. He opened his eyes blinked once or twice and then sat up in his chair.
"Thatís right youíre an idiot. NOW LEAVE!" Lily screamed. She obviously was still mad about last night.

James got up and left the room. He got changed and walked down to breakfast.

"Morning" he said grumpy to his fellow Marauders. None of the Marauders were smiling at him. He glanced up and down the Gryffindor table. Every Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff was looking at him in disgust. The only person smiling besides the Slytherins was Crystal.

"Baby? Why are you down?" Crystal asked James.
"Im not your baby." James defended. The Marauders rolled their eyes as the conversation went on.

Remus couldn't take it any more "James, we need to talk." He said
"Fine" James replied back. He stood up and walked down to the lake following the Marauders.

"So how did it go with Lily?" Remus asked.
"She refuses to talk to me and if she does she is screaming." James snapped. "She won't believe me"
"You need to just tell her everything" Sirius told him.
"Maybe you should just kiss her and hope she takes you back" Peter suggested.
"Oh yeah. That will work" James said sarcastically. "I can't live without her"
"Well then you made a brilliant move kissing Crystal." Sirius said
"I just need to talk to her. I got to go think" James said and then walked back to the Head Dorm


"Lily? Are you okay?" Cathy asked. The three girls had been sitting in the common room all day long.
"Yea. I should have known. James would never change. He got bored with me just like I knew he would. Im such a loser!" Lily cried.
"NO Lily! He's the loser! Every guy who has ever dumped you is a big loser. You are a beautiful, nice, caring person!" Sam told her.
"Obviously Crystal Lucile is a nice person, more caring and prettier than me since my James fell in love with her." Lily complained
"No that girl kissed him! Since when does James Potter refuse a kiss?" Cathy asked
"Never" Lily replied dully.
"Exactly!" Sam exclaimed.
"I know what you are going to say. Let him talk but NO!" Lily said and started walking to the Head Dorm

"What would Katie say?" Sam asked. Lily stopped and said, "She would say to let him talk."
"Katie would have liked it if you and James stayed together" Cathy said
"Why do you think Katie jumped in front of you?" Sam asked. "I think it was so you could be happy. You love James no matter what. She would have wanted you to give him a chance."

Lily turned around and faced her friends. She ran over to them and the girls shared a big hug.
"Maybe" Lily said. "He has to go out of his way to show how much he loves me"

James walked into the common room and Lily passed him without saying a word. He walked over to Cathy and Sam and said, "What did she say?"
"You mean when she wasn't crying. You screwed her up. I never saw her happier" Sam said to him.
"I meant about us being together again?" he asked
"You have to go out of your way" Cathy told him.
"Then thatís what I have to do!" James exclaimed.
"You can't be serious?" Sam asked worried
"Yea! Bye!" James said and ran off to find the Marauders.


Lily sat on the couch in the Head Dorm when James came in.
"Lily please let me talk" he pleaded.
"No" she replied dully. It was getting annoying.
She stood up and walked for the door. She opened it to see Cathy and Sirius standing there.
"Talk to him" Sirius said.
"I guess I have no choice," she said

She walked back to the couch saying, "You have two minutes"

"Lily Im sorry. Crystal kissed me. I didn't want to. It didn't feel right. I only want to kiss you. If you take me back I won't kiss anyone else but you again. And if I do you can slap me and -" she didnít look impressed "I won't hex Snivellus again" he sighed

He looked at Lily and saw her smiling. She then said, "You talk to much" and leaned down and passionately kissed him. The kiss lasted ages when James finally pulling away saying, "That felt so right!"

"Come on. Im taking you to the library with me so Crystal can't bother you!" Lily laughed and picked up her books. She grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the Dorm.

Cathy and Sirius were still standing there but let the happy couple pass.

"Thank goodness! Prongs can sleep tonight!" Sirius laughed. He then led Cathy back to the common room to spread the good news.

Little did they know that Lily really took James back to their secret garden for some high defined snogging!
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Chapter 15
Slughorn's Assignment

The news James and Lily were back together seemed to be the new juicy news. The two of them walked down to breakfast the next morning arms linked.

"Morning" James said cheerfully to his fellow marauders.
"You seem happier Prongs" Remus said.
"Of course I am!" James exclaimed.
"You owe us" Sirius laughed.
"Yeah I know. I can't wait. Valentines Day is on Saturday" James said
"Ah what does Prongs have planned?" Sirius asked suspiciously.
"Taking the relationship to the next level. And I have this great dinner planned!" James told them
"You wouldn't. Lily would kill you" Remus gasped
"Only is she is ready. Oh got to go! Lily and I have to go to potions. Bye!" James said and hurried off to the library with Lily as Crystal came into the Hall.


"Good Morning Class!" Professor Slughorn said. "Today we begin our first weekly assignment. You have 30 seconds to choose a partner, then we will begin discussing the assignment. GO!"

Lily glanced around the room and caught James eye. She waved for him and James got the gist. He picked up his books and sat down next to her.

"Now that we have our partners lets begin the discussion. In honor of Valentines Day, you and your partner are to select a potion from the board and brew up one of the love potions. All of these potions require a complete week of brewing. You and your partner are responsible for the ingredients and the time of their brewing. These potions will be due next Monday. The best potion will be able to choose who takes their potion. So once you find a potion please come to me and then the potion will disappear from the board. Off you go." Professor Slughorn announced.

"All right. Lets take a look" Lily said
"I already found one. The 'True Love' potion. Looks interesting" James said
"I heard of it. It tells you your true love. And it tells you who is truly in love with you. And if you brew it right and get your true love to drink it, you and your true love will have the most romantic day of your life." Lily recited.
"Lets tell Slughorn" James said admiring Lily's beautiful eyes.
"Ill tell him," Lily said.

"Professor. James and I would like to do the True Love potion" Lily said to the professor.
"Its difficult, yes very difficult and the ingredients but Im sure you and Mr. Potter could make it correctly. You are my best student. Yes. Good Luck" Professor Slughorn said and then set off for another students waving for him.


"Look at these ingredients" James complained. Lily and James were in the library researching their potion. It was difficult.
They were reading out of the book 'Love Potions and How to make them'

It readÖ.

The True Love Potion;
It tells you your true love. And it tells you who is truly in love with you. And if you brew it right and get your true love to drink it, you and your true love will have the most romantic day of your life.

3 drops of toe fungus from a fire breathing salamander
5 petals from a freshly bloomed rose
Fresh venom from an acromantula
Several hairs from a niffler
Essence of amortentia
A single strand of hair from a merperson
A single feather of a hippogriff
4 oyster pearls
2 drops of Tear drops from both a man and a woman

Add all ingredients except for the teardrops on the first day
Teardrops are to be added on the last day
For 7 days mix your potion 20 times clockwise and 20 times counterclockwise
Teardrops are to be added at the same time during the last 20 counterclockwise. Give one hour to simmer.
A blue powdered steam should arise from your potion
You potion should b the color of lavender by the end of the last hour of brewing.

"Aren't we lucky, most of the ingredients are in Slughorn's closet." James said.
"But not all" Lily said, "We have to get these tonight. Its due Monday. Can the Marauders help, you guys are good at getting stuff. We chose the most difficult potion"
"Yeah. Let me go get them. Check out the book and Ill meet you back here in 5" James said and quickly dashed down the corridors.

He entered the common room and found Crystal running at him. 'I don't have time for this' he thought.

"Sorry about this.... Petrificus Totalus!" James said. Crystal froze and then fell backwards hitting the floor.
"Moony! Padfoot! Wormtail!" James said as he reached the boy's dorm
"Yeah?" Sirius said
"Can you help me and Lily get some ingredients for our potion?" James asked
"Sure" Remus said.

5 minutes later the four of them entered the library finding Lily waiting for them
"Lets get to work" Lily said. "I copied down the list of ingredients Slughorn doesnít have. Remus, Peter take this list. I highlighted what you should get. James, Sirius and I will get the remainder. We are all to meet back at the head Dorm in two hours. The password is 'Muggles'. I will change it after that night that way you guys cant come in on James and I. You know just in case were having a moment."
"Shesh. Lily, you don't trust us do you? All right let's go" Sirius said.

The group separated and the search began.
"First. The strand of hair from a merperson. I know one so we can get it easily." Lily said.
"You know a merperson?" James asked
"Yes. First year. You two aren't the only people who search the castles" Lily said winking.
"Lily Evans you're such a bad girl" James laughed.
"So where is she?" Sirius asked before the two of them began snogging.
"Outside. Shh" Lily said
"How can we get out? James asked
"Leave it to me" Lily whispered. They reached the door and then Lily performed some wand movements and heard a 'click' and the door swung open.
"Come on" she said
The three of them walked out and walked to the lake.
"Lucy, Lucy, please come out. Its Lily." She said to the lake
"Who is Lucy?" Sirius asked with a puzzled look on his face.

A couple of seconds later a beautiful merperson floated to shore
"Hey Lily" Lucy said
"Hey. It's been a while" Lily replied
"Yea. You developed!" Lucy exclaimed. This made Lily blush "Um Lucy this is my boyfriend James Potter and his friend Sirius Black" she replied
"Ah. James Potter. I have heard a lot about you!" Lucy winked
"Oh you have" he said looking at Lily which made her blush more.
"Lucy. Can you do us a favor?" Lily asked changing the subject
"Sure" Lucy replied
"Can we have a strand of hair. Its for a potion" Lily explained.
"No problem. Here you go" Lucy said and carefully extracted one piece of hair.
"Thanks Lucy. You're the best. Lets go guys" Lily said as she waved goodbye to Lucy.

"Next on out list is the feather from a hippogriff. HAGRID HAS ONE" Lily exclaimed.
"Oh yes, Who could forget lovely torture" Sirius said as he twitched from his bad experience with the hippogriff in third year.
"Hagrid will get one for us" James said. The three of them ran through the pumpkin patch bowing to the hippogriff. Lily quietly knocked on Hagrid's Hut.

"What are you three doing out this late?" Hagrid asked quietly from the shock of three students out at 12 am.
"We need a feather from Brighteyes" James said
"Oh all right. For school?" Hagrid asked
"Yes" Lily responded.
"Ok. Here ya go" Hagrid said as he carefully retrieved the feather. "Hurry up back inside" Hagrid shooed them in the castle. They know had one more stop.

"Wait Hagrid!" Lily said as Hagrid was about to leave.
"What?" he asked
"Do you have fresh venom from an acromantula?" she asked
"Yea. Hold on" Hagrid said and quickly ran into his hut.

3 minutes later he reappeared caring a bottle.
"Here you go. No get inside. If you get caught -" Hagrid began saying but noticed the three of them had disappeared.

"Did you get it?" Sirius asked Remus. They were now standing outside the Head Dorm
"Yea. Here you go Prongs" Remus said giving James the ingredients.
"Thank you. Come on we need to start brewing it." Lily said to James
"Night" James said and quickly ran into the Dorm.

They carefully placed out their cauldron and added their ingredients "Look, Moony even got the ingredients from Slughorn" James said
"Great! Lily exclaimed

James and Lily took times mixing the ingredients in the water. After the 40 turns the two of them feel asleep in their beds.


"Wake up James!" Lily said. The week had flown and finally Valentines Day was upon them.
"Thatís it" Lily said. She gave him a huge kiss but James refused to move.
"Come on. Your not getting anything else until tonight." She said
"All right. Im up" James said
"Good. Let's get some breakfast before Hogsmeade. Im going to get dressed." Lily said. James only just realized she was wearing her funny expression Pjs. Today she was wearing one with a bunny smiling saying 'Life. Get One.'
"Ok. Ill meet you downstairs," he said

Lily went to her room and put on a baby blue top. Underneath was a pink short sleeve. She put on her best denim jeans. She placed the locket from James around her neck. She put on her clean sneakers and out golden hoop earrings on. Finally she put on her Denim jacket. She met James downstairs who appeared to be breathless by her appearance.

"Come on drool face" Lily laughed. They made their way to breakfast and sat down with their friends.
"You look nice Lily" Sam said. "Special plans for the night?"
"Maybe" Lily said innocently.
"Lily" Cathy said
"Ok .Ok James is taking me to a nice dinner" Lily mumbled.
"You sure he has nothing else planned" Sam said with that mischecvious look on her face.
"Sam! Cathy! You can't be serious. What will happen will" Lily said looking at her friends
"Hmm Hmm. He has more plans than just dinner," Cathy said laughing. Lily hit her friend's arm looking over to James thinking if they were right.

"This is your last chance to not do it" Remus said.
"Its time" James said to him
"Let Prongs have some fun. He deserves it" Sirius said coming to James aid.
"You should talk. How many times? 15?" Remus said
"Ha ha. No. 5"Sirius said
"If Prongs wants to then we can't stop him" Peter said finally jumping into he conversation.
"Fine. Fine. Im being over ruled" Remus said admitting defeat.
"Bye Guys" James said

"Hey Lily. Ready to go?" he asked her.
"Oh yea. Ok. Bye guys" Lily said waving to her friends.

"Ok. What is James really planning" Cathy asked as she moved next to Sirius.
"Taking the relationship to the next level" Sirius mumbled
The girls gasped.
"We were right!" Cathy exclaimed.
"How did you figure that out?" Remus asked
"Lily and James appearances. Trust me Lily has never looked better. Honestly she has never looked so sexy." Sam laughed
"And she refuses to believe us" Cathy said.
"Well. Lets not waste this day. Lets go" Sirius said
"You coming Wormtail?" Remus asked
"Cant" Wormtail said and then quickly ran down the corridors
"Ok. There is something going on with him or he is about to wet himself" Sirius laughed. Everyone started laughing and headed for the lovely village of Hogsmeade.


"Hey. Want to stop in Honeydukes?" James asked her
"Sure. I could use something sweet." Lily said smiling.
"There is nothing sweeter than me." James said
"Ha ha. You have such a way with words" Lily laughed.

They entered the sweet shop and looked around

"Hey isn't that Alice with Frank Longbottom?" Lily asked
"Yea. I heard they have been dating for three months" James said
"They look happy together" Lily sighed
"What your not happy?" James asked
"No of course. Its nice that Alice found someone great for her. Im happy for her" Lily assured him.

After purchasing their sweets they headed for the three Broomsticks.
"What would you like?' James asked
"A butterbeer is fine," Lily said
"All right. Be right back love" James winked and walked to the counter.

He returned with the butterbeers and began discussing their potion
"So the tear drops can be added tomorrow" Lily reminded him.
"We are using our own tear drops right?" James asked
"Of cousrse silly. But I have no idea how Im gonna make myself cry" Lily said
"Maybe you can think of Katie." James mumbled
"What?" she asked
"Katie" he said
"Oh yea." Lily said. She looked at her butterbeer and James noticed tears forming in her eyes
"Donít cry wait for tomorrow." James said.

They left the store and met up with Sirius in Zonko's. James and Lily headed for their dinner a while later. She was speechless.

"This is beautiful" Lily breathed
"Come on lets eat" James said
They stepped inside the restaurant and sat down.
"This is absolutely magnificent." Lily said
"I know." James said looking proud of himself.

The next hour and a half, James and Lily had a wonderful dinner and talked about many things including; Music, muggles, family.

"Come on. Lets get back" James said
"All right" she said.
They walked quietly back to the Head Dorm and sat down by the couch.
"You know I love you more than anyone right?" James asked
"Of course" Lily said
"Just reminding you" he said and then began to kiss her.

Lily felt the passion in the kiss and began to lift his shirt up. He let her but didnít break the kiss. He wrapped his hands around her and quietly tried to slip off her coat. The clothes continued to come off until the both of them were quietly in James bed kissing the night away.
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Chapter 16: Part 1
Everyones Trick

James woke up the next morning to find Lily sleeping peacefully next to him. His arms were around her waist, and his chin was resting on her shoulder. Lily's arms were gracefully wrapped around James' neck. He glanced around the room and noticed the red curtains was shining with sunlight. He then noticed a buzzing sound and a mirror lighting up. He reached for it and quietly spoke to it, "Hello?"

"Prongs you awake?" Sirius asked. "You missed breakfast. So did Lily. You two okay?"
"Yeah were fine...great actually" James answered.
"Things went well I presume?" Sirius questioned
"Shhh. You'll wake Lily" James said as he glanced over to Lily's sleeping body.
"Yes. Its official" Sirius announced.
"Who are you talking too?" James asked
"Umm, Moony, Wormtail, Cathy, Sam, and you" Sirius replied
"Who's that? What are you doing in a mirror Sirius?" Lily asked. She pulled the covers up to her chin and began to examine the mirror.
"Morning Lily" Cathy said. Lily couldnít see her head but knew Cathy was somewhere near Sirius.
"What is he doing in a mirror?" Lily asked again
"This is a one of a kind mirror. I have one, Sirius has the other. Sirius and I charmed them our selves. This way we can talk in separate detentions. Wicked or what?" James asked Lily
"Totally wicked. Now Sirius says goodbye to your little friend. We have to go...bye bye" Lily said taunting Sirius like he was 5. She began looking for an 'off button' but noticed James taped the mirror with his wand. Sirius and the others slowly went out of focus and disappeared.

"Do I get any warning?" Lily asked as she hit James in the arm playfully.
"Sorry" James laughed. "We missed breakfast" James muttered.
"Then lets get some lunch" Lily said and then got up to get dressed.
"Good idea." James said

The two walked down to lunch and met up with everyone in the Great Hall.
"Well hello sleepy heads." Sirius laughed
"Morning Padfoot" Lily said and kept walking to her friends.

She walked over to Cathy, Sam and to their dismayÖCrystal.
"Do you know how lucky you are?" Cathy asked Lily as she sat down
"How lucky?" Lily asked as she reached for a ham & cheese sandwich.
"Lucky. You slept with James Potter for crying out loud." Sam whispered. Crystal's ears perked up as she heard this news.
"You slept with James?" Crystal asked.
"Once" Lily said in a shy tone.
"Now you have to go Quidditch matches. He'll say you're his lucky charm or something." Sam said
"I know" Lily replied after she took a sip of her pumpkin juice. And after that James came over.
"Hey Lily. Want to come to Quidditch practice?" James asked
"Um. Sure" Lily smiled.
"I'll come too. For Sirius" Cathy said
"Yeah and I follow them" Sam said as she stood up.
"And I'll come for anyone." Crystal said smiling sweetly.
"Yeah thatís great" James added dully.
"Come on Lily. You can have a ride on my Comet 180." James said excitedly
"James you know I'm scared of flying" Lily said as she remembered her horrible first flying lesson.

"My name is Madam Zeizil and I will be your flying instructor. Now step up to the left side of a broomstick. Hurry now" the woman, said.
A boy with jet-black hair and hazel eyes stepped up to a broomstick. Another boy with black hair stepped to a broomstick looking petrified.

"Hey. We met on the train?" the boy with jet-black hair said to the other boy.
"Yeah. Sirius." The boy said
"JamesÖ" the boy began saying as he noticed a young girl with fiery red hair step next to him.
"What's your name?" James asked the girl
"Lily. Lily Evans" the girl smiled.
"I'm Sirius. And those broom cupboards are looking very cozy" Sirius winked. Lily rolled her eyes and looked back at James who was also rolling his eyes.

"Now everyone. Place your right hand over a broom and say 'UP!'" Madam Zeizil said.
"UP!" James said and his broom flew into his hands. It happened to Sirius and Lily as well.

"Now Mount your brooms and hover for a few seconds. The best will have a race." The woman said and then blew her whistle.
James, Lily, and Sirius lifted into the air and gazed over the grounds of their new home.

"Its beautiful" Lily breathed
"Yeah, you are." James said.
"Thanks" Lily smiled back.

The two of them noticed a boy with greasy black hair flying towards a tree. Then he collided and fell off the broom and hit the ground.
"He's okay" Madam Zeizil said as she inspected the boy

"Now can we please have Mr. Potter, Ms. Evans, Mr. Black, Mr. Malfoy, and Mr. Rosier please line up for the race." She said as she drew a white line in the field with her wand. "You are too fly around the field and touch back down. Who ever wins gets 5 points for their house. Get ready, go!" the instructor said and the five of them were off.

Lily was in the lead as they turned the first corner but then noticed James catching up. She accelerated about noticed she began to fall. She glanced around to see Malfoy jinxing her broom. He broom snapped and she fell 50 feet. Then the world stopped spinning as Madam Zeizil caught her.

"Dear. Are you all right. Nothing seems broken. Mr. Malfoy detention and I will be speaking to Professor Slughorn!" the instructor said to the boy with blonde hair who was talking to some girls as if he was a hero.

"Are you okay?" James asked as he jumped off his broom.
"Yea. Im a little shaken." Lily said
"Im sure you'll be fine. On the bright side that kid Sirius got Gryffindor 5 points" James laughed
"Yeah" Lily said as she saw Sirius showing off his mad skills for some pretty first years.

End FlashbackÖ

After practice James led Lily onto the Quidditch field.
"Just hold on." James said as he let go of his broomstick, which Lily was now on top of.
"There you go. You're still a natural!" James exclaimed as Lily rose gracefully off the ground.
"Thanks." Lily said as she raised into the sky.

She flew around the pitch a couple of times and remembered the joyful feeling of the wind in her hair. She landed to James watching her turns as if he was just hit by 20 bludgers.

"Come on" Lily said as she got off the broom. "We have to add the tears."
"Oh yea. Slughorn grades our projects tomorrow." James said as he remembered tomorrow was Monday. The two of them hurried off to the Head Dorm to finish their potion.


"Ready?" Lily asked
"Lets do it" James said.
And then they thought of Katie. Her happy smile and how she talked about Hogwarts as her favorite home even though it led to her death. 20 tears fell from James & Lily's eyes and then they both took turns carefully mixing the potion one last time.
"Thatís it" Lily exclaimed as she mixed the potion for the last time."
"And now we wait" James said.
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Part 2;

"Morning students. Now please bring me your potion. Then please take notes from the board on our next section. At the end of class I will give the winning potion back to its owner." Professor Slughorn announced and then began to accept the potions being handed to him.

Lily handed their potion to the potion master and returned to her seat. She took out her potion notebook, quill, and her ink and began to write down the notes from the board.

James glanced around the classroom and noticed Lily copying her notes.' Goodness shes beautiful when she is using her brain. It must be pink and full of Lily's for her beauty' James thought as he began to daydream. He gained back his mind and noticed Crystal looking at him and then looking at Lily between glances. She wore a sneaky grin as she watched Slughorn grade the projects.

"Class. I will now return your grades. Mr. Potter & Miss Evans had the best potion, not creativity but on how well it was brewed. They will have their potion returned. The rest of you, when I call your name either say 'yes' or 'no'. If you say 'yes' I will announce your grade, on N.E.W.T. standards. And well 'no' is no." Professor Slughorn said and walked to Lily's desk and placed her potion on her desk.

"Sirius Black" the professor said
"Yea" Sirius answered
"Exceeds Exceptions. Same for Miss Daniels as well."
"Crystal Lucile"
"Poor. Not your best work"
Lily watched as Crystal slumped into her chair.
"Who was her partner?" Lily asked Cathy
"Peter" Cathy said as she pointed to Peter.
"Remus Lupin" Professor Slughorn said
"Exceeds Exceptions. As well as Miss Harper"
"Lucius Malfoy"
"Acceptable. Remember not to mix up your salamander teeth with unicorn horns"

And so it went on. Everyone received his or her grade and class ended.
"So what are we going to do with this?" James asked Lily as he pointed to their winning potion
"Its good for a prank" Lily said
"What? You hate pranks" James replied in shock
"No I hate pranks when they are unnecessary. But now that I think about it, Malfoy deserves something for snapping my broom in first year" Lily said with a smile
"And now we have a target we are in business" James smiled
"Donít you ever wonder what such a ugly thing could be in love with?" Lily asked as she walked back to the Head Dorm
"Uh. Yea" James said in a matter-of-fact tone.
"Well then. Sirius could pretend to talk to his brother - Regulus - and he could slip a little into Malfoy's glass. Regulus is always hanging around Malfoy, you know? Perfect or what?" Lily asked
"Perfect" James said. He knew Lily and James were perfect pranksters

Flashback (first year)Ö
"Come On Lily" James laughed as they continued down the corridors.
"All right. You think there would be a map of this place" Lily said sarcastically.
"This is it" James said and then walked into a classroom
"The Potions Room" Lily breathed
"Lets go" James said and began to scan the shelves.

Minutes passed and there search seemed to be harder than they thought.
Finally Lily noticed a small bottle of a clear liquid.

"Found It" Lily said as she grasped the bottle.
"Great. Come On" James said as he began to leave the classroom.

James entered the Boys Dorm and glanced around the room. He walked up to a boy's bedside. He took the boy's water bottle and began to pour the potion into the bottle. The boy, Peter Pettigrew, seemed like he needed water every morning he woke up. So it made him a perfect target. James closed the bottle and fell asleep.

He awoke the next morning and saw Peter drinking his water. James grinned widely and knew that now he could only wait. He met up with Lily in the Great hall and winked at her. Peter began to eat his breakfast when he started to cluck.

Everyone started to laugh as the clucks grew in sound. James smiled at Lily who smiled back and then returned to her oatmeal.

End FlashbackÖ

"Padfoot. I have a prank for you" James said
"Okay. Im awake" Sirius said who had apparently been snoozing off on his homework.
"Well. Lily made this one" James began and noticed how his friends face fell.
"No" Sirius said
"Padfoot?" James asked
"Lily Evans cant come up with a prank" Sirius said
"Its good. I need you to sneak this into Malfoy's drink tomorrow morning" James began as he gave Sirius the potion
"Then. We will find out what something so ugly could find beautiful" James laughed. Sirius feel on the floor laughing at the idea.
"That bloody brilliant. Im guessing I have to pretend to be talking to my brother?" Sirius asked
"Yea" James said
"Lovely" Sirius said as he realized he had to talk to his brother.

The next morning Sirius walked over to the Slytherin table.
"Morning Regulus" Sirius said to his brother
"What do you want?" Regulus asked.
"I was wondering if mum sent any letters lately. You know she hates me so much." Sirius said. He quietly began to unscrew the cork of the potion
"Yes. She didnít ask about you at all." Regulus replied shortly. Luckily, the mail began to fly into the room.

Malfoy looked up scanning for his families Eagle. Sirius took this advantage. He dropped the potion into Malfoy's drink and quickly hid the bottle and walked away.

Sirius sat down and winked at James, who winked at Lily, who just smiled. Malfoy looked down and took a sip of his juice. A couple of minutes passed and nothing happened. But then suddenly a shout was heard around the room "I HAVE THE UTTER MOST PASSION FOR NARCISSA BLACK!"

Malfoy turned red only realizing now what he said and hid his face. Narcissa Black looked towards the shout and noticed a red faced Lucius Malfoy. Everyone started laughing but Sirius looked like he was going to throw up.

"He has a thing for my cousin" Sirius muttered
"I thought you hated your family" James said
"Yea. I do. But if they end up together that means Ill be related to such filth. I might die" Sirius said
The group started laughing as Sirius began to darkly mutter some words under his breath.

Crystal looked around and saw James laughing his head off. She stood up and marched over to him.
"I need to ask you something. Lily you can come too" she said.

James looked at likely and shrugged her shoulders. The three of them walked outside and down the corridors. Then Crystal stopped walking and turned around. She smacked his face so hard he fell over.
"What was that for?" James screamed in pain.
"You laughed at Lucius. He's a nice person and never did anything!" Crystal bellowed.

Lily couldn't believe Crystal smacked James. But then she felt Crystal smacking her!
"And you laughed!" Crystal cried.

Back in the Great Hall, Sirius heard James yell and bolted out the door. Cathy followed him and so did Peter, Remus, and Sam. They ran until they found Lily smacking Crystal in the face.

"Donít you ever smack us again!" Lily screamed.

"What happened?" Sirius asked
Crystal smacking his face answered his question. Cathy looked at Crystal in disbelief but smacked Crystal's face for slapping Sirius. Crystal slapped Cathy for slapping her and it went on from there.

The rest of the Great Hall noticed the large slaps and left for the corridors. They found the slapping match and froze. Professor Dumbledore walked to the front of the crowd as Crystal started bellowing, "YOU FILTHY TRAITORS! LAUGHING AT THE ONLY GOOD WIZARDS LEFT! YOU MUDBLOODS, MUGGLE LOVERS, AND HALF BLOODS! WHY DON'T YOU ALL GO -"
"Miss Lucile. I am going to ask you to stop yelling now. I have never seen such behavior from you. I thought the transfer would have meant more to you. But it seems you have a different faith. You are to be placed under the consideration of the Sorting Hat tonight at dinner. You should be ashamed" Professor Dumbledore said calmly.

The rest of the day went calmly as Crystal stayed far away from everyone. James had to help Lily clean her cheeks, which were now dark red from the powerful slaps.

"No one in the History of Hogwarts has been resorted. I checked the Library" Lily told James.
"Then she must have changed her views" James replied
"It doesnít make sense. She was a Gryffindor. Why would someone change?" Cathy asked
"No idea. But personally Im fine with it if she isn't here anymore" Sirius said bitterly. This had been the first experience he was smacked by a girl.
"I mean. Who would want to smack me?" Sirius said. Everyone turned and stared at him. "What? Who would?"
"Im not even going to answer that." Lily laughed. The girls started laughing hysterically at Sirius facial expressions.

That evening everyone sat at their tables as Professor Dumbledore reached for the sorting Hat.
"Crystal Lucile" he said. Crystal made her way to the stool and sat down. He plavced the hat on her head and the prosees began again

'Hmm. You were a Gryffindor. But I see Jealously oh and a love for purebloods. And a desire to kill half bloods. I see evil and great power within you. I was wrong. You're not a Gryffindor but a SLYTHERIN' The sorting hat announced the last word.

Every Slytherins face dropped as Crystal stood up and made her way to her new home. She had a slim smile as if she knew where she belonged. In Slytherin.
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Chapter 17:
Weird Relationships + Quidditch

There was a party in the Head Dorm that night to celebrate Crystal's switch from Gryffindor to Slytherin. James and Sirius had snuck down to the kitchens and brought up treats and butterbeer. They danced until Midnight when Sirius, Remus, Peter, Cathy, and Sam headed back to the Common Room.

"At least we don't have to deal with Crystal anymore" James sighed as he sat down on the couch. Lily threw out the last paper cup saying, "We still have to deal with her. Classes, meals."
"Yeah. But we donít have to see her hideous face all the time" James laughed.
"Yeah. It will be nice." Lily said as she finally relaxed herself on the couch.
"And. To tell you the truth, when she was in our house. I was afraid you would leave me for her." Lily admitted.
"Now Lily. Why would I do that? She's so ugly Snivellus would have a crush on her" James laughed
"I know. I was worried." Lily said. She started to kiss him and as he tried to deepen it she pulled away and said into his ear 'Night'


"Hello. My friends. Welcome back. I have heard we have a new Slytherin." Voldemort said in a cool voice.
"Yes My Lord. Her name is Crystal Lucile. She was switched to Slytherin after she slapped four students and yelled at them about them being 'half bloods and muggle lovers'." Snape bowed
"Bring her in" Voldemort said
Malfoy and Narcissa left to get Crystal.

They returned minutes later with Crystal smiling broadly in her Slytherin robes.
"Hi" she said
"Well hello. I heard a lot about you Miss Lucile. Or should I say Miss. Black?" Voldemort replied
"So you figured it out did you." She smirked
"Wait. You're a Black? I thought you looked familiar!" Narcissa exclaimed
"Don't speak out of turn!" Voldemort snapped
"Im sorry My Lord." Narcissa muffled.
"Yes. She is a Black. She is the half sister you never met. Of course you remember when your mother left your family when you were nine? Well, she got married to another man. And Crystal Lucile/Black was born. BUt her mother perferred the name Bellatrix so she called her that when they were alone." Voldemort smirked. "Now, I ask you. Would you like to join me and my 'friends' in our journey to rule the wizarding community?"
"It would be an honor to serve you My Lord." Crystal bowed.
"I like this girl. She shows respect. Now give me your left arm" he commanded.

She gave Voldemort her arm.
"Do you promise to obey me?" he asked
"Yes. My Lord. I will" she replied.
"Do you promise to always keep the secrets I award you with?" he asked again
"Yes. My Lord. I will." She replied.
"Do you promise to always search for me if I am to disappear?" he asked once more.
"Yes. My Lord. I will." She said. Then a red tattoo appeared on her arm. It looked like a skull with a snake appearing from its mouth.

"Welcome to the Death Eaters Bellatrix." Voldemort said proudly.

"Now Friends. We have failed to have Mr. Potter & Miss Evans join us. So we move on to Mr. Frank Longbottom & Miss. Alice Hough. I give this mission to Bellatrix and Severus. Do not upset me. Oh and Mr. Malfoy would you please let Mr. Pettigrew in. He is our double agent" Voldemort said.

Voldemort went through the same process with Peter.
"A warning. The old fool Dumbledore is beginning to notice our activities. The last time we tried to bring Potter and Evans to the right side, I murdered a friend of Evans. Oh well. She was a Gryffindor. But not all Gryffindors are bad. We found a traitor. He is a double agent, our double agent. We are to meet here again next month. Now go. And Bellatrix, Snape do not disappoint me" Voldemort said as he disappeared out of the common room.

"Well. We have a new member. A very cute member" Severus said as he looked at Crystal. The other Death Eaters had either gone to bed or were working on their assignments.
"Well. You aren't that bad yourself" Bellatrix said smirking.
"Why thank you. May I add you are extremely clever for slapping Potter, Evans, Black, and Daniels." Snape flirted
"Why thank you. I couldn't let someone make fun of Slytherins. Slytherin is the best house after all." Bellatrix said
"Thatís right" Snape said and then bent down and began to kiss Bellatrix.

Bellatrix kissed Snape back. They continued to kiss until Bellatrix pulled apart saying "You are so bad Severus" and began to kiss him again. Snape began to kiss her neck. They kissed until Snape said he had to go to bed.


The next morning, Severus woke up and dressed carefully. He walked down to the common room and saw Crystal waiting for him.
"Good morning" he said kissing her cheek
"Morning handsome" Bellatrix said as she took his hand.

They walked down to the Great Hall hand in hand. They sat down at the Slytherin table and began to talk about class.

From the Gryffindor table, James noticed Snape holding hands with Crystal.
"I think I'm going to be sick" James said
"Why?" Sirius asked.
"Because Crystal and Snivellus are holding hands which probably means they kissed. Eh" James said darkly.
"Now I'm going to be sick" Sirius said as he turned green.
"Stop joking" Cathy said to Sirius who was turning greener by the second.
"Now I'm serious. I'm gonna be sick. Bye!" Sirius exclaimed and ran into the boy's bathroom and threw up.
"It takes something really sick to get Sirius to puke." James told Cathy who looked worried.
"Its just nasty." Lily said. She shook herself after trying to imagine Snape kissing someone.
"Come on. Lets go make sure Sirius is okay. We have the Quidditch match on Saturday." James said and motioned everyone out of the Great Hall.


"Morning students." Professor Dumbledore said.
"Morning" the chorused back in unison.
"Today we continue animal transfiguration. You are to change the owl I have given you to a mouse. The spell is 'Resfirameiserui'. Good Luck." Professor Dumbledore said and then began to circle the room.
"Oh and it might help if you tap your owl with your wand' Dumbledore said. Then everyone noticed his eyes twinkled.

Lily caught on and began to work. She tapped her owl gently with her wand and said nice and clear 'Resfirameiserui'. Slowly her owl's head shrunk and changed shape. Her owl's body shrank and grew a tail. And in a matter of seconds Lily's owl was a rat.

"Ah. Excellent work, Miss Evans. 20 points for Gryffindor for your successful first attempt. It seems like you have been paying attention." Professor Dumbledore praised Lily. James got jealous and tried the spell but ended up turning his owl into a two-headed snake.
"Careful Mr. Potter. Miss Evans would you please help Mr. Potter?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

Lily rushed over to where James was sitting.
"When will I finally be smarter than you?" he asked her.
"You are smarter than me." Lily said as she fixed his 2-headed snake. James looked at her with a 'yeah right' stare.
"You areÖ In other classes" Lily admitted.
"If you say so." James said
"Good luck with the rest of class." Lily smiled and returned to her desk.

The rest of class everyone tried to transfigure his or her owls to rats. Only Lily was successful and only Lily wasnít given homework.

"So is Sirius feeling better?" Lily asked as she walked down the corridors back to the Head Dorm with James. The girls watched Lily talk to James in disgust. They wished they were the girl that James Potter had the undying love for.
"Padfoot. He's getting better. But I still get the chills. Snivellus - Crystal? Its sickening." James said as he shook himself.
"I agree. But you relax. You have Quidditch this Saturday." Lily reminded him.
"Thanks for the reminder." James winked. "You're coming to watch, right?" James pleaded. He gave her his big puppy dog eyes, which he knew Lily couldnít resist.
"Yes. Im coming." Lily said.
"Now I'm not worried one-bit." James said
"Im worried. What if you fall?" Lily asked worriedly
"Im not." James assured her.
"James. You know I can be right about things." Lily said.
"Ill try not to. That good?" he asked
"Yes." Lily said.


On the morning of the Quidditch Match, James woke up and peered outside the window. It was raining but softly. He got up, dressed and headed for the common room.

Meanwhile, Lily had just woken up. Her hair feel loosely around her shoulders as she sat up straight. She got out of bed and picked out her red sweater. She put on a pair of jeans with jewels going down the side. She put on her sneakers and quickly brushed her hair.

She went downstairs and saw James waiting for her by the fire.
"Morning" Lily yawned.
"Morning. Sleep well?" he asked
"Yeah you?" Lily asked.
"Fine. Let's get something to eat." James said and led Lily to the Great Hall.

James was given many claps on the back when he sat down for breakfast. Thirty minutes before the game, James stood up and motioned the team to the changing rooms. He gave Lily a quick peck on the cheek and hurried off with his team.

In the changing room James stood in his Gryffindor Quidditch Robes.
"Now team. This is my last year. We have done well these past years. Let's end this year with a bang. Let's go out there and
win. Now everyone be careful. Itís a drizzle nothing we can't handle." James announced.

Lily sat in the stands next to Cathy and Remus. They tried boosting her confidence but gave up. The stands were full of students when they finally heard the commentary begin "Hello, I'm Selina Policar, your commentary for today's match Gryffindor verses Slytherin!" the girl announced.

"Now here we go. For Gryffindor we have, KEIFER! RILEY! HOUGH! MILLER! CORNELL! BLACK AND POTTER!" Selina announced. The Gryffindors burst into cheers. "And for Slytherin we have ROSIER! MALFOY! BLACK! CRABBE! GOYLE! LESTRANGE! AND LAWSON!"

"The teams look determined. Madam Zeizil makes her way onto the field to begin the match." Selina announced.

"Potter, Lawson, shake hands." Madam Zeizil said. They barely touched each other's hands still keeping their determined faces on. "Now a safe and clean match." Madam Zeizil announced and looked at them all.

Madam Zeizil opened the box of Quidditch balls and reached for the Quaffle.

"Madam Zeizil releases the Quaffle and the game begins! And Alisha Miller catches the Quaffle and quickly passes it to Ricky Hough. Hough throws it 5 feet to Susan Riley. Riley passes it back to Miller after a quick duck from Malfoy. And Miller throws it to Hough who is at the hoops. Hough catches and throws it and Rosier misses! 10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!" Selina announced.

The game was remarkable to Lily. The speed everyone was flying, Lily had to watch one player at a time.

"Malfoy has the Quaffle throws it to Black, but loses it from an interception by Riley. Goyle hits a bludger at Riley, which just misses her from another interception by Cornell. Hough has the QuaffleÖhe ducks..he shoots and scores! Another 10 points to Gryffindor. Slytherin back in position of the quaffle. Goyle bolts up the field and shoots and scores. 10 points to Slytherin. That leaves the score 20 to 10. Riley grabs the quaffle and throws it to Miller. She catches it and throws it to Hough who quickly passes it back to Riley. Riley passes to Miller who shoots and scores! 30-10 Gryffindor." Selina commentated.

The match continued for another 15 minutes when all of a sudden Selina noticed that James started to bolt after some gold.
"Potter has seen the Snitch! Potter has seen the snitch! " Selina exclaimed. Lawson quickly followed James. James chased the little gold ball around the pitch. Lawson was catching up,
but James had just outstretched his arm. But then a bludger hit James broom and he began to fall. He grasped the Snitch and feel off his broom.

Lily screamed and hid her eyes behind her hands. James feel and hit the ground. Sirius and the rest of the team flew down and rushed over to him. Lily got her bravery back and ran down to the pitch, to James.

He was covered in dirt and rain. He was smiling for some reason though. Lily took his hands and felt something in his right hand. She opened it carefully, and pulled out the golden snitch. She stood up showing it to the crowd. Gryffindors cheered as Selina came on again booming 'Potter caught the Snitch! Gryffindor wins!"

James was carried to the Hospital Wing. He was allowed 4 visitors only. Lily, Remus, Sirius, and Peter stayed by his side. Lily held his hand as he slept but Sirius and Peter were discussing the match. Remus was reading a book.

James woke up later and Lily kissed his head. He smiled at her and sad "Did I mention you are always right? You said I would fall off my broom and I did. We won right?" James asked as he switched his glance to Sirius

"Yeah we won. Lily found the snitch in your hand and showed it off to the crowd." Sirius said.
"Thank goodness." James said in relief.
"Lily? What's wrong?" James asked. He noticed she looked paler and more tired.
"I'm just not myself. We'll talk later." Lily said quitely.
"No. We'll go. We have to practice transfiguration anyway. See you later Prongs!" Sirius waved
"See ya Prongs" Peter smiled
"Bye Prongs, Lily" Remus said.

"What's up?' James asked.
"Well. Um. I don't know how to say this but I'm late" Lily said
"Late? What do you mean? For class?" James asked confused.
"No. Not that 'late'. I'm late James. Late." Lily said as she expressed the word late.
"Oh. Late. How late?" James asked concerned.
"3 weeks." Lily replied looking down at the floor.
"Oh boy" James muttered.
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Chapter 18:
Worries & Relief

"Im sorry. But I was afraid to tell you. But there is still hope. Ok?" Lily asked worriedly. Her green eyes focused on James' hazel eyes. His heart melted as he could see her concern in her eyes. She cared so much even though this would hurt her more.
"Lily. It's ok. We'll get through it." James said to comfort her. But inside he truly did not know what would happen.
"Donít tell anyone please." Lily pleaded. Her eyes were full of sorrow by now.
"Of course I wont." James reassured her.

James was discharged later that day. James and Lily were quiet, as they both were in their train of thought about Lily possibly being pregnant. The day passed with ease. Night fell and Lily headed to the Head Dorm. She took a shower. She changed into her Pjs and headed for a good night's rest.

Lily woke the next morning and got dressed. She went to the Bathroom and put on her eyeliner and tiny bit of blush. She brushed her hair and felt better than she had felt in the past 3 weeks.

Lily hurried down to the Great Hall and found James eating breakfast with Sirius, Remus, and Peter. Lily walked to the Gryffindor table and sat down. She was smiling brightly and kissed James' head.
"Good Morning. Why are you so happy?" James asked worried.
"BecauseÖ" Lily said
"Because why!?" James asked getting excited.
"Im not pregnant" Lily whispered.
"What?" James asked. He couldnít hear her at all.
"Im not pregnant" she said clearly this time. She squealed as James hugged her tight.

Sirius who had apparently been drinking his pumpkin juice, spit his juice out in shock. Remus swallowed his toast hard at the news and Peter hit his head on the table for some reason.

"YourÖnotÖwhat?" Sirius asked shocked as he breathed deeply.
"Im not pregnant." Lily said again. This time Cathy and Sam had heard and looked at Lily.
"Thanks for telling me Prongs." Sirius mocked James.
"She didnít want me to tell you." James admitted embarrassed.
"Im very glad you're not pregnant. That would have caused many problems with your NEWTS" Remus said to Lily.
"I know" she replied
"I can't believe you" Cathy muttered angrily and started walking out of the Hall.
"Cathy? Cathy!" Lily said as she chased her friend.

Lily hurried after Cathy who was pacing down the corridors muttering angrily.
"Cathy? What's wrong?" Lily asked
"You. Thatís what is wrong. Six years we have told each other everything. And the biggest secret you had you couldn't tell me? Why Lily? Do you not trust me anymore?" Cathy asked
"Im sorry. I should have told you. But I was worried. What would you think of me?" Lily asked
"I would think you needed help. Advice maybe. Lily I want you to trust me. This was something big to hide." Cathy said upset.
"I didnít even tell James for three weeks." Lily told Cathy.
"Sorry." Cathy mumbled.
"Its ok. I would tell you everything, you knoiw that" Lily said
"Thanks for the reminder." Cathy laughed. The girls shared a hug until they heard Sirius saying "Aww. Girl Power in action."

The girls headed back to the Great Hall to finish their breakfast. The rest of the day swept past. By the time everyone was eating lunch the day had been pretty dull. But then an owl appeared.

The owl dropped in front of Crystal and she carefully took the letter. She screamed as she read the letter and began to cry. Everyone looked over at Crystal and everyone shared the same though, a Slytherin crying?

Crystal gave the letter to Narcissa who had become her best friend. Narcissa hugged Crystal affectionately.

The letter read:

Dear Miss Lucile,
I am sorry to report that your parents were killed last night. They were walking home from dinner and were shot in a gang fight. Im so sorry for your loss. We found in your house that your true name is Bellatrix Black and you are to be referred to as such for future times. You are to live with Miss Narcissa Black for she is your closet relative at the time. Enclosed is your parents' will.

My deepest Regards,
John Morton
Minister of Magic

The news of Crystal's parents' death was all over the school for the next couple of weeks. Sirius' reaction to finding out Crystal was his cousin was interesting too.

"Hey. Narcissa. Why are you hugging Crystal and crying? You have no heart." Sirius laughed
"Her name is Bellatrix or Bella and for your information her parents have been killed and she is coming to live with me." Narcissa snapped.
"Why would she come live with you?" Sirius asked
"Because. I'm her relative. Shes my half sister dumbo." She replied again.
"Then that would make her my cousin right?" Sirius asked
"Yes Sirius. Good boy. Let me fetch you your doggy treat." Narcissa smirked
"What ever you know you better keep shut." Sirius whispered.
"What if I donít want to keep it shut?" Narcissa grinned
"We are blood related aren't we? Do me a favor for once. And I'll do you one." Sirius said
"And what us that?" she asked.
"By the end of the year, you won't ever have to see me again. Im done with he Blacks" Sirius replied
"You have a deal." Narcissa said.
"Wait a second. Crystal is Bellatrix or Bella and she's related to me?" he asked again
"You are an idiot. Yes" Bella replied. Then his mind went blank.

He woke up hours later in the Hospital Wing.
"Hey mate. Glad your alive. We thought Crystal got you good." James smirked,.
"What?" Sirius asked.
"Crystal knocked you out with a punch. She got a two weeks of detention for it." Cathy smiled at him.
"Who's Crystal?" he asked again.
"Are you ok? Madam Churchill!" Cathy exclaimed "No. Im fine. It's just. Crystal isn't Crystal. I mean she is Crystal but her real name is Bellatrix Black or Bella and she is my cousin and she is going to live with Narcissa because her parents were killed." Sirius started babbling,

Lily put her hand over his mouth "Thank you for shutting up for a momentÖDid you just say Crystal is really a girl named Bella, and is your cousin?" Lily asked confused.
"Basically in short." Sirius responded.
"Sorry for kissing your cousin Padfoot" James laughed,.
"Yeah. Yeh. And she knocked me out too." Sirius exclaimed. "When I get out of here I'm going to spend hours in the library looking for a horrible hex to put on my dear cousin Bella." Sirius muttered darkly. He was about to get up when Madam Churchill, the school healer came in.

"Mr. Black I'm going to have to ask you to laid down again. I'll discharge you when I feel like it." She said.
"Yeah yeah" he muttered.

End Flashback..

Easter Holidays were approaching. James parents were still in Romania taking care of his grandparents so Lily's family invited him back for the Holidays.

James began to wonder what it would be like at the Evans home again. Lily's mom didnít approve of her dating, so would they have to put their kisses on hold? Plus what would it be like with Brian and seeing Lily's muggle friends again. He was looking forward to seeing Steven again. They had become tight over the summer.

They day of the Hogwarts Express, James did last minute packing as usual. He met Lily down in the Great Hall and he took a carriage with her to the train station.

"What are we going to do about us dating?" James thought out loud.
"I guess will just have to stop for now or at least till I can explain to my mom that I'm old enough to kiss a guy." Lily said.

"Oh. My friend Kayla - remember her? - She went to a recording studio a few weeks ago and she might be getting signed a contract." Lily exclaimed.
"Thatís great. I'm really excited for her" James said. He really was happy for Kayla.
"Everyone says they can't wait to see you again" Lily smirked.
"Just remember I'm yours for always." James said and then kissed Lily passionately.


James and Lily headed onto the Hogwarts Express minutes later and were reunited with their friends. Everyone squished together to fit in one compartment. That is Lily sitting on James' lap, Cathy sitting on Sirius' lap and Sam sitting next to Remus. Peter sat next to James and Remus sat next to Sirius.

They discussed their Easter plans and watched the beautiful castle of Hogwarts leave their eyesight. None of them would know though that when they returned they would bring a newfound witch with them.
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Chapter 19:
The Reunion, Party and Tragedy

The evening back at the Evans was very peaceful. Lily's mum let her invite her friends over. They spent the evening eating pizza, dancing, and talking about what was new.

Lily told her friend about Katie's death and showed pictures to them. They were sad for Lily when Lily showed the picture of Katie in the locket. They had a moment of silence to remember her. But then Kayla had to outburst her news.

"What are you so excited about?" Lily asked as she recognized Kayla's face.
"Not much" she smiled.
"Come on. Tell us." James said. He felt welcomed by Lily's friends. 'Sirius would like her' James thought.
"Ok. So before I can get the record deal. The producers want to see me in action. So I'm performing with a DJ at a block party in two days!" Kayla exclaimed.
"Thatís bloody brilliant Kayla!" Lily exclaimed. She hugged her friend. Lily knew how much her friend wanted to be a singer. She remembered when she came home 4th year.

"Lily. I cant do this" Kayla told her.
"Yes you can. Rebecca, Rae, Angie, and I will be out there with you" Lily assured her. It was the 'You Got Talent' annual celebration.

Kayla and Rae were known for their vocals. Lily and Angie for their dancing and Rebecca for her DJ skills. They had entered the contest to hope that they would become big stars. Lily though was doing this for her friends. 'Im a Gryffindor.' Lily told herself. 'Be Brave'

"Ready?" Lily asked Kayla. She was the first to sing.
"More than Ill ever be." Kayla said.

They walked on stage and waved to the crowd. Rebecca started the music and waited for everyone to be in position. The music started and Kayla lowly began to start singing:

'If I could escape
I would, but first of all let me say
I must apologize for acting, stinking, treating you this way
Cause I've been acting like sour milk fell on the floor
It's your fault you didn't shut the refrigerator
Maybe that's the reason I've been acting so cold

If I could escape
And re-create a place as my own world
And I could be your favorite girl
Forever, perfectly together
Tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet? '

The beat picked up and everyone began to do their part. Rae began doing her backups and Lily and Angie began to do simple steps. Becka added extra instruments from her DJ stand and increased the speed.

The song ended and the crowd were applauding and screaming. Lily would never forget the happy look on Kayla's face. Her face was full of pure joy. Lily knew that the stage is where Kayla belonged.

They walked off stage and got a drink of water. Then a man in a gray suit approached Kayla.

"Hello. My name is Mr. Shevins." The man said. He looked like he was in his late 30's. He had a thin moustache and brown hair. His eyes were blue and he looked like a person who thought of music as a passion.

"Hi. Im Kayla. Kayla Fuges' Kayla said. She looked very nervous as she shook the man's hand.
"You were very good out there. You looked comfortable on the stage. You are very talented." He said
"Thank You" she said gratefully.
"I represent 'What's Hot' records. And I am looking for the next big thing. I think you have potential to go to the top. If you are ever interested in a contract call me" he said. He handed her a business card that read:

Steven Shevins
What's Hot Records
Business: 9-638-2914
Fax: 9-638-4716-3925

Kayla ran to her friends and gave them the news. They won the contest hands down and given a $20 gift certificate to 'Franks Music'.

End Flashback..

Who would have thought that three years later, Kayla would be one step away from making million's? It boggled Lily's mind.
"Lily?" Lily!" James said He waved his hand in front of hers. She still stared out into space so he gave her a passionate kiss, which broke her trance.

"So you two are together?" Rachel laughed
"Yeah" James said.
"Thanks for that" Lily said as she kissed his cheek.
"Eh. Get a room" Becka said as she made a gross fact.
"You heard her. Want to go to my room Lily?" James asked looking at Lily.

Becka, Rachel, Angie, and Kayla's jaws dropped. Why would he say that? They thought. They knew where that ended last time. Brian got a broken nose.
"Oh James. You know what happened last time." Lily laughed.
Her friend's mouths dropped another 10 feet.
"What?" Kayla shrieked.
"Oops" Lily muttered.
"Lily Evans." Becka said. Lily knew that tone. It was the I-cant-believe-you tone.
"Can we skip the speech please" Lily pleaded.

James laughed as he found it amusing on how Lily acted with her muggle friends.
"What so funny?" Lily asked James.
"Nothing" he replied with a grin.
"Oh and I forgot to tell you the best part!" Kayla exclaimed getting the spotlight back on her.
"What?!?" Rae, Angie and Becka exclaimed.
"The Block Party is on Michael's Block! We are all invited to the party!" she said.
"Yes!" the girls cheered. Lily loved Block Parties. The food, activities, dancing, water balloon fights, everything about them.

The girls had to leave in another half an hour so everyone decided to watch 'The Outsiders'. The story of a boy named Ponyboy stereotyped as a 'Greaser', whose best friend, Johnny, commits a murder when Ponyboy is almost drowned to death by the 'Socs'. They fled to an abandoned church and hide for days. Eventually they are resupplied with food from another 'Greaser'. They return with the materials to find the Church on fire and discover three children are stuck inside. They run into the church and save the children. Johnny's back is broken. Ponyboy is unharmed and waits patiently for Johnny to get better. Yet after a fight Ponyboy rushes to the hospital just in time to say goodbye to Johnny.

James was shocked on how meaningful muggle movies could be. It was sad and had happiness. James looked at Lily who had tears rolling down her cheeks. All the girls were girls were crying.
"Gets us all the time" Lily admitted. The girls nodded in agreement.

Once the girls left James finally could ask the questions he wanted.
"What is a block party?" James asked first.
Lily took a sip of her coke and replied "It is a party outdoors that consist of the entire road. There is usually a DJ to play music and to dance. There is a lot of food. -" Lily began.

James face looked happier by the second. Especially when she mentioned food.
"The there is a lot of activities. Arts and Crafts, Water Balloons, stuff like that. Its tons of fun. They close off the entire road for the day and it is a whole day party" Lily finished.
"Sounds like fun!" James exclaimed
"Its sure is. And I'll want a dance from you and I'm saving a water balloon for you too" Lily smiled flirty.
"Bring It" James laughed.

They headed to bed later both with ideas of how the party would go. Lily woke up the next morning and found James sitting at her bedside.
"Morning" he said as he kissed the top of her head.
"Morning." Lily said.
"Kayla called." He told her. She propped herself up and asked "Why? What's up?"
"She said, that she wants you to be at her practice rehearsal. Its at 11" he answered
"Where?" she asked as she rolled out of bed and slipped on her slippers.
"Her house" James shrugged.
"I guess we'll have to go then." Lily sighed.

Lily got up and got dressed. James left the room and went to make her some eggs. Lily walked downstairs to smell delicious bacon and eggs cooking.
"You cook?" she asked surprised.
"Problem?" he asked back.
"Of course not. Thanks." Lily said and kissed James. They continued to kiss until Lily saw her mom approaching. She quickly pulled away and set up plates.
"James you made breakfast. You are such a ladies man." Lily's mom said. James blushed and Lily giggled.

At 11, James and Lily headed for Kayla house. The rehearsal went fine and she sounded great for the performance tomorrow. Everyone went bowling that night, including Michael, and with help from Lily's explanation of 'Bowling' everyone had a great time.

Michael won the games and James came in second. The girls ranked lower but still had fun because most of the time they were talking.

"Don't you just wish you could read their mind sometimes?" Michael asked.
"You have a crush on someone?" James asked as he noticed Michael staring at Rebecca.
"Maybe" he responded.
"I'm sure Rebecca likes you too." James answered.
"How did you -?" he asked
"I'm pretty smart" James explained.

The next morning was hectic for Lily. She did not know what to do! She wanted to look very sexy for James but on the other hand she didnít want to look too sexy because Brian lived
on Michael's block. Lily was going to see a lot of him.

In the end she decided to wear a blue strapless shirt and dark denim jeans. She put on her black Converse sneakers and tied her hair into a tight ponytail. She went to the kitchen and found James reading a book on Muggle dances. 'How Cute' she thought 'He still is trying to impress me.'

"If you donít know how to do some dances I can teach you." Lily said making her presence known.
"It seems like a lot of these dances are instructional or are repetitive." James answered back
"Yeah. We make things simple" Lily laughed. "You will be fine" Lily said.
"If you say so." James told her.
"I'm always right, ain't I?" she asked
"Yes. You are always right." James answered back.

They ate breakfast. Petunia had gone to Vernon's for vacation to meet his family to Lily's relief. Her mom had left for work, which left them alone. Nothing happened. James and Lily started walking for Michael's block around 11:15.

The walk was peaceful as Lily reminded James to control his temper. She also reminded him not to remove his wand whenever. He agreed and before they knew it they had approached 'Giglio Avenue.'

They walked up to a blue house and Lily knocked carefully. Michael answered the door pleased to see Lily and James.
"Great. You guys are here. Kayla is helping me set up." He said
"We'll help too." Lily added.

They entered the clean house. It was elegant but not fancy. They followed Michael to the basement where his parents and Kayla were removing tables.
"Lily. How nice to see you again." Mrs. Johnson smiled.
"Hi." Lily smiled.
"Who is this charming, strong fellow?" Mrs. Johnson asked as James helped Mr. Johnson lift a table.
"This is my boyfriend James Potter" Lily said.
"Very nice. Nice to meet you James" she said.
"Nice to meet you too." James responded.

The next 5 minutes everyone traveled from the basement to the font lawn.
They spent another 15 minutes setting up the food and then the last 15 minutes for Kayla's sound system for her show.

By noon everyone had arrived. The DJ started playing his mixes and everyone was having a great time.
"Water balloon toss at the end of the block" Michael announced.
Everyone began to run down the hill to where a family was handing out water balloons.
"Partner Lily?" James asked.
"Course. Keep me away from Brian" Lily whispered.
"Hey Rebecca?" Michael asked nervously.
"Watch this" James whispered in Lily's ear.
"Want to be partners?" he asked
"Sure" Rebecca said. She smiled brightly. The two of them took a balloon and headed down the line.
"My two friends are falling for each other. That is so touching." Lily whispered with happiness.

The woman explained the rules and blew a whistle: The game had begun.
James carefully threw his balloon to Lily who gracefully caught it.
Lily passed it back and James caught it again. They moved back a step and began the same process.

On the sixth toss there was a huge POP! And water splashed all over Rebecca. Michael laughed and so did Rebecca. Rebecca moved to reach for a towel but slipped on the water puddle and feel into Michael's arms. Lily and James stopped tossing the balloons to watch the moment. Rebecca smiled, so did Michael. Michael leaned in and kissed Rebecca. Rebecca kissed him back, which added sparks in his heart.

James and Lily continued they're tossing until they won the contest. The both won a neon necklace, which made James look very interested.
"This is soo fascinating. How does it work?" James whispered
"Let me help you" Lily said as she took the rod. She snapped it and turned it into a circle. She connected the two points and gave it to James. She repeated the same process with her own and placed it around her neck. James copied her.
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They block party continued like that. But then Lily noticed Brian coming towards her.
"Brian is coming! Hide me!" she whispered to James. Lily stood behind him as Brian came closer.
"Well. Hello Lily. Potter" he said
"Hello Brian." James said politely.
"Lily are you still dating this loser?" Brian asked
"He's not a loser and yes." Lily answered stepping out from behind James.
"Now please leave me alone" Lily said.
"Maybe I donít want to?" Brian asked as he stepped closer to Lily.
"Oh. Look. Kayla is about to start performing lets go James!" Lily exclaimed. She grabbed James' hand and hurried toward the other end of the block where Kayla was checking her sound.

"Great Lily. Youíre here." Kayla said. "I'm starting off with just a dance and I need one of my famous dancers to help everyone." Kayla smiled
Lily groaned" I'm not doing that dance again. Last time five guys slapped my butt. Most of them in their 30's remember? "
"Not that dance. The other dance." Kayla winked.
"Oh." Lily said and nodded.

Kayla started the music and Lily began to dance. James watched in amazement on how talented Lily was. She slowly turned and jumped at the exact moments they were supposed too. Lily's dancing attracted others to the dance floor including Rae, Angie, Becka, and Michael.
"Come on James" Lily said. "I want a dance out of you." She smiled
She pulled James to the dance floor and James knew he wasn't getting out of this.

He began to copy Lily's steps butt then realized that these were one of the dances that the song tells you what to do. James caught on and had tons of fun dancing with Lily. The song ended and Kayla began to sing.

'Hey! Hey! You! You!
I donít like your girlfriend!
No way! No way!
I think you need a new one
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your girlfriend

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I know that you like me
No way! No way!
No itís not a secret
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I want to be your girlfriend'

Kayla finished singing to many rounds or applause. Kayla waved and headed for water.
"You are some dancer" James said admiring Lily's red face from dancing so much
"You too" she said.
"I cant believe I never knew all of this about you before" James said shocked
"Well. All you wanted was me to kiss you before." Lily replied
"I love you" James whispered in her ear. He put his arms around her waist.
"I love you too" Lily replied and kissed him softly.

Next everyone made their way to Michael's house and played a game of basketball. The teams were James, Lily, Angie, and Rae. Michael, Rebecca, Kayla, and Brian. They played for half an hour when Mr. and Mrs. Johnson brought out the barbecue and started to cook.

Everyone ate at the tables. James really was having a great time. He couldnít help but watch how much life Lily had in her. He talked to Michael a lot too and he congratulated him on kissing Rebecca.

The activities continued and everyone danced a little more. It was 11:30 when Jame, Lily and everyone started to leave. James, Lily, Rebecca, Kayla, Angie, and Rae walked down several blocks. Then Michael came up behind them
"Lily. You forgot your purse" he said
"Thank you soo much" she said
"That was soo thoughtful Mike." Rebecca said sweetly and kissed his cheek. Everyone silently laughed as Michael turned red. Then Brian showed up from the other direction looking worried.

"He stole Lily from you?" Brian's older brother asked
"Yes" Brian told him. His older brother would fix this he knew it.
"I'll get them" his brother said and went to the kitchen. He cameback with a gun.

"What are you going to do?" Brian asked worriedly.
"I'm gonna shoot that boy." His brother replied
"No. Can't we do this another way?" he questioned. He got scared. He knew Lily would never forgive him.
"No. There isn't." his brother replied.

Brian ran out of his house and hurried to Lily and her friends. His brother was walking behind him. The gun in his coat pocket hidden from everyone. Brian finally reached them. He breathed deep breaths.

'"What's wrong Brian" Lily asked looking concerned.
"You guys need to hurry and leave" he panted scared
"Why? What's wrong?" Lily asked
"You need to go!" he screamed

Then all of a sudden, like a flash before their eyes they heard a gunshot and slamming brakes. They turned around to see a man holding a gun shooting at a car and the car was out of control. The driver was dead. The car swerved left and right. It was heading right towards them!

Everyone began to run as fast as they could. Lily heard a collision, a BANG!, and one last gun shot. And then everything went black.
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Chapter 20:
Revealing the Truth

Everyone had passed out. James heard cries of women from across the street. He heard the ambulances and cops. He looked at Lily. She was lying on the ground. The car had hit her. Blood poured down her mouth to her chin. Her nose was broken. He looked at her leg and saw a bullet hole. She had been shot too. James watched her breathing patterns. There were none. She looked dead. If she was dead he would never forgive himself. He continued to listen to the screams and slowly fell asleep. He slowly looked at Michael and saw him and Rebecca in each other's arms. They looked horrible.

And slowly everyone was lifted onto a stretcher. Four ambulances covered the late night road. They pulled up to 'Lauren's Medical Hospital'. They took them into the hospital and into four separate rooms. James had passed out long before this though. But he squinted his eyes for a few moment and watched doctors cover 3 bodies with white sheets. He knew what that meant. Three more people were dead.

The night passed and everyone's parents were sitting nervously in the Hospital Lounge. As the night went on the doctors had done everything they could

Lily woke the next morning in a comfortable bed. She looked around and noticed she was in a Hospital. She saw James sleeping peacefully in the bed next to her. He was covered in bruises and cuts. His face was all bloody and scratched. She looked at herself and saw all the bandages. She was shot and lost a lot of blood. She looked at her wrist and saw it wrapped in tight bandages. She broke her wrist. 'Great! How am I supposed to participate in school with a broken wrist?' she thought.

She sat up and looked for everyone else. It was only them in the room. Time passed and Lily slowly began to get bored. Then it hit her, Her wand. She looked on the table and searched for her wand. It wasnít there.

Lily began to panic. Her wand was the most important thing to school if someone found it, it would be huge trouble. She tried to stand up but her foot was in severe pain. She laid down again.

Lily found the remote to the hospital and pressed the button to call for a nurse. The parents sitting in the room all jumped when they heard the buzzer sound at the front desk.
"Its room 112" the nurse said. Many parents sulked but Mrs. Evans looked hopeful.

The nurse hurried to Room 112. She walked in and saw Lily. She smiled, "Glad you are ok."
"Yea. Will James be ok too?" Lily asked worriedly.
"He'll be fine," she said
"And the others?" Lily asked
The nurse stayed silent and looked at the floor.
"Excuse me?" Lily asked
"I'm sorry Miss Evans. But not everyone made it. And one patient is in critical condition" she replied sadly
"Who?" Lily asked scared.
"Your friends Michael, and Rebecca died almost at impact. We lost Brian in the middle of the night. His heart just gave out. I'm sorry miss. Your friend Angela has been put into a coma. The doctors think she might recover easier that way." She said
"Can I see my mom now?" Lily asked. Her eyes were tearing, she couldnít believe she lost three more friends.
"Yes. I'll get her" the nurse said and left the room.

The nurse returned minutes later with Lily's mom. Mrs. Evans face was full of tears.
"Mom" Lily croaked. Her mom ran to her side and kissed her forehead.
"Thank you god." Her mom muttered. "Oh Lily. I was so afraid that I lost you. Everything I never let you do. Everything I wanted to tell you and it was almost taken away from me. I have James' and your wands. Couldnít let anyone know about that, now could we." Mrs. Evans cried.

Mrs. Evans gave Lily her wand. She hid it in drawer nearing her bed.
"What about James' wand?" Likely asked
"It's fine. Right here." She said and removed another wand. Lily hid it again.
Lily was crying now. She was soo close to death twice now and she got lucky. There was no Katie to jump in front of her. There will be no Becka, Michael, and Brian to save her.

"Oh mom" she cried.
"I feel so bad for the Johnson's, Delleny's, the Hanrahan's and the Hollifeur's." her mom cried.

James began to wake to the sounds of tears. He opened his eyes and looked at Lily. Her mom was holding her close and they both were crying. He knew what this meant. One of her friends died.

"Lily?" James asked concerned.
Lily's head spun to look at James.
"James." She smiled. She didnít know what she would do if she lost him.
"What happened?" he asked
"Oh James. Becka, Brian, and Michael were killed! And Angie is in a coma!" she cried out.
"Michael too?" James asked like he couldnít believe it.
"Yes." Lily muffled
"Im sorry Lily" he said.

"Mom." Lily said. She looked her mom in the eye.
"I was afraid I was going to die last night. And If I did I would have never been able to tell you about my love life." Lily began. James' head perked up knowing what was coming next.
"I love James Potter. I love James. He is soo kind and sweet to me. He protects me and makes me happy. And I know that you really donít want me to date anyone but James is someone you would love for me to date. I donít want to date behind your back and I donít want to break up with him either." Lily said.

Lily looked at James who was smiling. She smiled back at him. Mrs. Evans looked at how happy James and Lily were, smiling at each other.
"I'm sorry Lily. James is a nice boy and I'm glad you chose someone nice and caring to date. I have to face the fact that you are 17 now. You need to make some decisions on your own." Mrs. Evans said and smiled.

"Thanks mom" Lily grinned.
"Thanks Mrs. Evans" James replied also.
"Now on the bright side. You are the first two to gain conscious. But everyone else is going to be all right. They have arrested the man who shot the gun at the driver. You might be a little shocked at who it was." She said
"Who?" Lily asked
"Brian's older brother, Arthur." Her mom said
"The one who just got out of prison?" Lily asked
"Well. He's back there now. Life sentence so far." Her mom replied.
"Wait? He's been to Prison before?" James asked
"Yea. Got out 2 months ago." Lily's mom replied.
"He must have found it cozy since he's going back." James said.

James and Lily had to stay in bed all day. Eventually Mrs. Evans came in to tell them when Rae and Kayla gained conciousness. Days passed and when everyone was finally allowed to walk around, everyone met in Lily and James' room to spend time together.

"Brian you saved a lot of us by warning us. Thank you. Rest in Peace. Michael, you made James feel welcome, thank you. Rest in Peace. Becka, I knew you since we were 5 and we met everyone else along the way. We will all miss you. Rest in Peace. Michael and Becka you two can finally be together" Lily said. Lily, Rae, Kayla, and James sat in chairs in a circle. They all were holding hands.
"Who would like to speak next?" Lily asked.

Kayla rose her hand. She was about to speak when tears began to roll down her cheeks. Then the mirror behind her cracked.

"What was that?" Lily asked alarmed. Everyone let go of each other's hands and went to inspect the glass. Lily looked at it. It just cracked at the exact moment Kayla began to cry.
"James?" Lily asked uncertainly.
"Lily?" he asked back.
"You didnít do anything did you?" she asked
"No. You?" he asked
"Nope. Which meansÖ" Lily said but trailed off.
"Kayla. I think youíre a witch" James said and Lily nodded.
"I can't. No" Kayla said and backed away
"I have never seen such a late bloomer" Lily said to James.
"I know." He responded.
"Prove it. Prove I'm a witch." Kayla said. And then right on cue an owl appeared flying toward the hospital. It was carrying a letter, a tan letter.
"Oh My Gosh!" Lily squealed.
"Your letter. Your letter is coming." James told Kayla

Minutes later the nurse walked into their room carrying the letter.
"This if for Miss Kayla Fuges." She said.

Kayla took the letter.
It was a tan envelope with green ink writing on it. It read:

Kayla Fuges
Lauren's Medical Hospital
Room 112
The chair near the window
London, England

"Thatís a Hogwarts letter. Got every location on mine. 'Sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV' was what mine was addressed too." James said pointing at her letter.
"Check for the symbol" Lily squealed.

Kayla turned the letter over. At the sealing point there was a small symbol.
"Thatís it!" Lily exclaimed. "Read the letter," she said.

Kayla opened her letter and quietly read:

Dear Miss Kayla Fuges,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Miss Evans will teach you the six years of learning you missed since you have only just gotten your powers. Miss Evans and Mr. Potter will accompany you to Diagon Alley for your School Supplies. Please send your response with the Owl sent.

Albus Dumbledore
Deputy Head Master

"I'm a witch" Kayla muttered
"Oh yes. I can't wait to show you the castle, grounds, and THE LIBRARY!" Lily exclaimed.
"What if I donít want to go?" Katie asked
"What? Why wouldnít you?" Lily asked confused.
"The record deal. My family" Kayla started
"They would understand. You are gifted. There is a mad man running around killing people every day. We need to stop him" Lily explained
"Your right. Magic is cool. When can we go to this 'Diagon Alley'?" Kayla asked
"Well first. You should send your reply. Then tell your mom." James advised.
"Yeah" Kayla responded.

Kayla left to send the Owl with her response. She talked to her mom as she wrote the letter. Her mom was very excited but was afraid to let her go to Diagon Alley alone. Mrs. Evans reassured her than Lily and James were going to restock on materials. Mrs. Fuges was at first shocked that Lily was a witch but eventually allowed Kayla to go.

Everyone was released from the hospital in another week. Most of their scars were gone but many remained. Most were going to be there for a while. They were mentioned in the paper too. Next thing on their agenda was the funeral.

Rebecca's family had decided to do a cremation because of how damaged her body had become. She was shot twice: in the arm and leg. Then was hit by the car. Michael's parents decided to do a burial. Brian parents also decided on cremation.

The day of Michael's wake Lily dressed in a black dress. She wore her hair down. 'I'm going to too many funerals' she thought. Mrs. Evans drove James and Lily to the funeral. There they paid their last respects.

The following day they went to the actual funeral. As Michael was lifted down into the ground James wished he could have changed time. The tombstone read:
Michael Johnson
Loving Son
Caring Friend
He will be missed
Love Mum, Dad, and Beloved Friends

The next day Lily and James went to Brian's funeral. She dressed the same. Lily was extremely tried after attending two funerals. James carried Lily up to her room. She was sound asleep. The next day, James and Lily were taking Kayla to Diagon Alley. He placed her on her bed and went to his room.

He got his two-way mirror and said 'Sirius'.
"Hey Prongs. What happened to you?" Sirius asked. James still had many cuts on his face and arms from the accident.
"Oh nothing. Lily and me got in the middle of a shooting and car accident. We're fine." James said.
"What? Did anyone die? Is Lily ok? I was wondering why you haven't called me in a week." Sirius said.
"Lily and I are fine. But three of her muggle friends were killed." James sighed sadly.
"Tell Lily that I'm sorry" Sirius said.
"I will. Can you go to Diagon Alley tomorrow? Were taking Lily's friend." James said
"You can't bring a muggle into Diagon Alley!" Sirius exclaimed
"I know. Her friend isn't a muggle. She is a 'late bloomer'." James said.
"Oh. Cool. What time?" Sirius asked
"12. Three Broomsticks" James replied.
"See you there. Got to go. See you Prongs" Sirius said
"Bye Padfoot" James replied.

He put the mirror away and went to sleep.


James woke up the next morning and found Lily looking at his possessions.
"Looking for a souvenir?" James laughed.
Lily's head spun around and walked to his bed. She sat on it and began to kiss James. They hadn't had a proper snogging in a while. James tongue entered Lily's mouth. The kiss continued until they heard a knock on the door. Lily tried to separate but it was too late. Her mom walked in and said " I'm guessing you two would like another minute?"

Lily pulled James off her and looked at her mom embarrassed. "Donít worry you two lovebirds. You still have time to get ready." Mrs. Evans winked and closed the door.

"We should get ready now." Lily laughed.
"We should." James responded
"And we will." Lily added
"We will?" James questioned.
"Do we have to?"
"No. I'm going to get dressed."

Lily left the room to get dressed. She put on a little makeup and put her wizard money into her purse. She walked down stairs to see James eating some cereal. She took a bowl and filled it up.

"So who were you talking to last night?" Lily asked.
"How do you -?" James began to ask but saw Lily smile.
"Sirius" he said
"What's going on with him?" Lily asked
"Nothing. I'm meeting him today. If you donít mind." James added carefully.
"No it's fine. You need time with your boy." Lily flirted and hit his arm playfully.

An hour later, James, Lily, and Kayla were walking down the streets of London. The sights amazed Kayla. She had never truly seen London before. The continued walking until James and Lily stopped in front of an old shop.
"Kayla. This way" Lily hushed.
"Tell me what that sign says." Lily told Kayla
"The Leaky Cauldron" Kayla replied.
"Good. That was the last test." James said.

The three of them walked inside. Kayla's jaw dropped. Inside was a cute little bar. Everyone was using Magic and talked about werewolves and Boggarts.

"Ah. Miss Evans & Mr. Potter. It's nice to see you again." The bar man said
"Good Day Bob." James waved
"You two dating yet. Thatís what I heard. I said 'Thank god. I knew it would happen one day'." Bob continued
Kayla looked at James and Lily strangely.
"We have to go. New witch. Late bloomer" Lily said and hurried to the other room.

"What's the point of going in here?" Kayla asked confused.
James took out his wand and taped several bricks. Then right before Kayla's eyes the bricks moved and became an alley.
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"Welcome to Diagon Alley." James said
The three of them walked into the alleyway. Kayla looked at the Shop names as in 'Olivanders Makers of Fine Wands', The Three Broomsticks', 'Honeydukes', and 'Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions'.
"This is amazing" Kayla said
"Come on. Before we can get you your stuff you need to convert your money." James said.

They walked to the Wizard Bank and converted their extra money to wizarding money. Kayla was amazed at the money.
"Its gold, sliver, and bronze for goodness sake!" Kayla exclaimed
"I suggest you put it away" Lily advised.
"We need to get you your robes." James said.
"I hope you are sorted into Gryffindor." Lily said happily.
"Me too" James added.

They walked to 'Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions'. Inside Kayla got her robes. She got them packed up and had Lily help her pay for them.
"This is confusing" Kayla complained
"You'll get used to it" Lily laughed.

They walked to Mr. Olivanders. It was time for Kayla to get her wand. They walked into the shop and Kayla looked at all of the boxes.
"Hello. Are you getting a wand?" the man asked
"Yes." Kayla replied
"Ah and Miss Evans and Mr. Potter are here too" Mr. Ollivander waved to them.
"Well. This is simple. I give you a wand. You flick it. We look at the result." He said
"Lets start with this." He said and gave her a wand.
She flicked the wand and instantly the glass behind her shattered. Lucky for James and Lily they were used to this reaction, they ducked before the glass hit them.
"Nope" Mr. Ollivander said.
"This?" he said and handed her another wand.
Kayla flicked the wand again but instead James flew into the air! She quickly put the wand down releasing James.
"Thanks" he muttered.
"No problem." Kayla replied winking.

They went through numerous wands. Finally Kayla found her wand. 10 inches, Vine, Hippogriff feather. Kayla was so excited. They went and got her books as Lily and James restocked on school stuff.

Finally James left to see Sirius at the Three Broomsticks. Lily and Kayla headed for the teashop. The rest of the day was pretty dull. Kayla had all of her supplies and was eager to learn. Lily explained that no magic could be done in front of muggles so Kayla decided to read her spell books.

James and Lily helped Kayla pack her things in her trunk and headed to the local Ice Cream Shop for a shake.
"This is absolutely fascinating." James said as he took a sip of the drink.
"Donít drink to much or you'll get -"Lily began but saw James face screw up together "Brain Freeze" Lily ended.

Lily began to laugh as James changed his facial expressions.
"Thanks for the warning" James laughed.

They walked home hand in hand. Lily opened the door and saw her mom staring at a piece of paper.
"Hey mom what's that?" she asked pointing to the letter and papers.
"These. Oh These well um. Dear these are from your father" Her mom replied worried. And with that Lily's face fell.
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PostSubject: Re: Last Chance At love   Sun Mar 25, 2007 4:33 pm

Chapter 21:
Leaving For America

"These are plane tickets from your father. He wants you and James to spend the last week with him." Her mom laughed hysterically. "The fool"
"He cant be serious." Lily replied.
"He wants to see you. What it's been 16 years" her mom added
"But he lives in America! That is totally different." Lily exclaimed
"It would be good for you to see him" her mom said. "And you'll have James."
"I'll go but I won't be happy" Lily grumbled and went to pack her things.

It took her most of the day to pack because, she had to pack everything. And in her room - magic was useless. She couldnít find anything. But eventually she let her wand find her suitcase and packing bags.

Dinner that night was quiet and peaceful. Everyone said something once in a while. James and Lily couldn't help smiling as they were playing a game of
'footsies' under the table with their feet.

James gave Lily a kiss after dinner and hurried to send Sirius a letter. Lily blushed as James kissed her in front of her mom.
"He's a nice boy," her mom said.
"I know" Lily answered
"Someone like him you donít get rid of" Mrs. Evans responded
"He is so nice to me." Lily said dreamily
"Yeah. And after you take everyone else advice for six years, you figure it out. You could have has so many years together" her mom said
"We'll have more. More memories." Lily said
"I hope so. He is someone I could see you getting old with" her mom replied
"Are you serious?" Lily choked
"Yes." Mrs. Evans said and returned to cleaning the dishes.

The next morning, Lily's mom kept giving Lily tips about her dad.
"Now remember. He doesnít know about you being a witch. Money is different there. Your
dad is a music director, and works long nights. He lives in this New York City." She continued to list all the facts of Mr. Evans but Lily wasnít paying attention anymore.
"I'm going to NYC!" she exclaimed
"Itís the same as London." Her mom said
"But it's NYC!" Lily exclaimed.
"We need to go" her mom said

Lily ran to get James who was finishing off his packing. They hurried downstairs and out of the house. The ride to the airport was quick and enjoyable. James and Lily talked about how they were excited about the new term approaching and visiting the new land.

They walked into the busy airport. Mrs. Evan helped James and Lily check their luggage and get their tickets and passports. They walked together all the way to the Security lines.
"Lily. You have been on a plane before. Help James" Her mom said as she hugged her daughter.
"Yes mum. We will be fine." Lily said
"Honestly Mrs. Evans. Itís a week. How much trouble could we cause." James said innocently
"I've talked to your mother. I'm worried about how much trouble you could cause." Mrs. Evans smirked.
"Ok. You dad will pick you up at the other end. Call me as soon as you walk in the door." Her mom ordered
"Yes mom. We have to go" Lily replied back.
"Good Luck" Mrs. Evans said and let go of Lily.

She watched James and Lily head for the security line and waved to Lily once more and headed back home.
"Ok. Put your watch in there and any metal." Lily said pointing to black bins.
"Nothing is gonna happen. They just want to make sure we have no weapons," Lily added. She took off her bracelet and locket and placed it in the bin. She put her watch and purse in there as well.

Lily looked at the man standing at this big metal door. He gave her a thumb up and she walked through it. Nothing happened. Lily waited for the bin to appear at the other end and began to put her jewelry back on. James walked brought the metal door and continued to put his watch back on.

"Ok. Now that we are through security we can go get something to eat." Lily told James as they walked into a big room.
"What. It's an airport not a food court." James said
"Your right. It's both. Come on" Lily said and offered James her hand. He took it and walked with Lily into the central area.

"We can grab a quick bite and eat at a table or at the gate." Lily said.
"Get yourself something. I'm just gonna get a drink." James replied
"You sure?" she asked

They walked and Lily bought a small bagel with butter and a orange juice. James bought milk and they sat at a small table.
"This is cute" James said.
"I know. Airports are so nice." Lily replied
"What time is our flight?" he asked
"It's in another half an hour. Your not worried are you?" Lily asked
"A little." He admitted.
"Me too. I haven't seen him since I was nine." Lily said
"It will be fine. I'll be there." James replied smirking.
"Thank goodness." Lily replied

They continued to have their breakfast. After they quickly took a bathroom break and headed for the gate.
"We are gate 15." James said as he looked at his ticket.
"This way" Lily said as she pointed to a sign, which read 'Gates 10 -20'.

They continued to walk and eventually found their gate. They sat down and took out books to read. Lily got muggle textbooks for their grade so they could hide their spell books.
"Good idea." James said as he noticed how great her planned worked
"No problem. We have home work to do." Lily replied.

They worked for a couple of minutes but then heard a flight attendant say
'We will begin boarding for all passengers at gate 15'. James and Lily put their books away and picked up their knapsacks. They walked to the counter and handed the woman their tickets. She stamped them and then replied 'next'.

Lily showed James the entrance to the plane. He was amazed. It looked like a never-ending tunnel.
"Come on" she laughed looking at James amazement. They walked down the tunnel until they came to the gap between the tunnel and the plane.

"Good afternoon" the woman flight attendant said. "Watch your step"
Lily carefully walked on to the plane and gave the woman their tickets. "Row 21 seats A & B" she said.
"Thanks" Lily said taking the tickets back.

They walked down the aisles until they arrived at row 21.
"Want the window seat?" James asked
"No thanks. I've seen the skies before. You take it" Lily smiled 'He is always so caring' Lily thought.

They sat down and placed their knapsacks under the seats. The rest of the passengers boarded the plane and soon they were ready for take off. Lily showed James on how to put on the special seat belts and in five minutes James was complaining about his ears popping.
"I can't hear out of them," James said
"Chew this." Lily said as she handed James a piece of gum
"Why? What is this?" he asked
"It helps. It is a piece of gum. It is a thing muggles chew when they are bored. Have I been wrong before?" she asked
"No" he answered and began to chew the gum.

Sooner or later James was staring out the window at the clear sky and clouds below him.
"It's beautiful isn't it?" Lily asked
"Yes it is" James answered
"What do you want to eat?" Lily asked
"They give food here?" he asked
"Yes" she replied
"Probably just like some chips." James said.

And true to her word, a food cart made its way don the aisles. Lily got a cookie and coke while James got potato chips and a Sprite. The flight continued to be enjoyable.

When they people besides them fell asleep Lily and James quietly took out their parchment, books, ink and quills.
"Be quiet." Lily whispered
They quietly finished off their potions, defense against the dark arts, transfiguration and Charms essay. Hour passed and James and Lily got a refill on their drinks. Eventually James started staring out the window again and saw they were descending.
"Lily." He said shaking her gently.
"Yeah" she said.
"I think we are arriving," he said

Then the sound of a flight attendant rang out "Good afternoon and thank you for flying. We will begin our decent so please put your carts in their first position and fasten your seat belts. Thank you."

The plane began to descend and finally they all felt the 'Jump' from the plane hitting the runway. James and Lily grabbed their knapsacks and walked off the plane. They went through another tunnel and walked into JFK international airport.

It was some site. It was twice as large as the one in London and it was very pretty. Lily looked at the people outside the gate and searched for her father. She remembered very little on what her dad looked like so she was putting her mind to the test.

Then a man in his 40s walked up to Lily and hugged her. He had red hair and blue eyes. It seemed odd that a random man was hugging Lily. Finally James said 'Um. Excuse me. Who are you?" in his British accent.
"Oh. I'm sorry. Lily. Do you remember me? It's dad." The man said
"Dad?" Lily whispered
"Oh. You have become such a beautiful young lady. Your hair is soo long and well lets just say puberty kicked in." the man laughed

James laughed at the mans language and how he refered to things.
"If you are my dad. Tell me the first word I ever said" Lily said
"It was 'magical'" Mr. Evans replied
"Yup its you all right" Lily responded.
"Ah. And this must be James." Mr. Evans said as he shook James' hand.
"Well. Lets get going" Mr. Evans said and led them to the Baggage Claim.

After fifteen minutes, James and Lily both had gotten their bags and were heading for Mr. Evans car.
"Well, this is it." Mr. Evans said as they approached a red SUV.
James helped Mr. Evans put their bags in the trunk and they set off for the city.

"I'm so happy I got to see you again Lily. And it's nice to meet you too James." Mr. Evans said as they drove out of the airport.
"It's been a while" Lily smiled. She truly did miss her dad.
"So. How's school. I'm guessing that is how you two met." He said
James and Lily looked at each other. School
"Um yea. School is good. Very fascinating. Right James?" Lily asked.
"Yea. And we did meet at school. It's like a home away from home" James replied.
"Good. Doing well?" Mr. Evans asked
"Oh yes. Very well." Lily said
"Good. Now Lily, I know you used to like that play. Umm. What was it?" Mr. Evans said. He looked like he was trying to scan his memory
"Do you mean. 'Rent' the play I read in fourth grade by Jonathan Larson." Lily suggested
"Thatís it!" Mr. Evans exclaimed. "Good news and bad news. What would you like first?" he asked
"You choose James" Lily smiled
"Ok. Bad. Get it over with" James said
"Ok. Larson is dead. Died a while back. But the good news is, it became a Broadway Musical. Also I work on the show managing the times, and amounts of tickets so I can easily get some free tickets." Mr. Evans said

Lily's eyes widened "You can! Seriously? Oh Thank you" she exclaimed.
"I knew you would like that." Mr. Evans said.
"I still have the lyrics memorized." She said
"Wow Lily. You studied something more than school work" James laughed
"Oh be quiet" she replied. "Like you haven't memorized something besides work"
"And that is?" he asked
"My schedule" she laughed.
"That is true," James admitted laughing.

They continued to talk all the way until they reached the city.
"Welcome to NYC" Mr. Evans said as he saw Lily look out the window.

The sight was breathtaking. There were so many skyscrapers and buildings. The roads were full of cars or people crossing the roads. They streets were filled with busy shops. They passed large Churches and companies. Eventually Mr. Evans parked outside an apartment building.

They grabbed their stuff and walked up stairs. They entered a large suite. It had three bedrooms, a kitchen, which was combined with the dining room, and living room.
"James be free to take a room. Lily your room..Well you'll be able to figure out which one it is. I decorated it." Mr. Evans winked.

Lily left to look for her mystery room. Moments later she found it. It had red wallpaper on the walls and pictures of her friends were hanged on the wall. Lily looked at the pictures and saw her with everyone including Becka, Michael, and Brian.

Tears began to roll down her eyes. James put his stuff down on the bed in the room next to Lily's. He heard her weeping and went to her. He hugged her as he saw the picture. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. Lily stopped crying and looked at James. She gave him a kiss and felt better.

After everyone unpacked, they walked to Applebee's and had a peaceful dinner. Lily was getting along great with her dad, so was James.

The next day Mr. Evans, James, and Lily walked around New York City. Lily went into about 15 stores a block to try on something and most of the time she bought it.
"Trying to out buy an actress there" Mr. Evans laughed.
"Oh please. This is necessary" Lily said
James raised an eyebrow and said "For?"
"Donít you want me to look nice for the Graduation Ball?" Lily asked
"Of course" James said quickly.
"Im trying to find the perfect dress." She replied
"Don't you need Cathy, or Sam with you. Isn't one of your girl rules or something?" James asked
"No" she replied
"Ok. But you need my approval" James winked
"Sure" Lily replied laughing.

Part 2 to come
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Part 2:

They continued down the streets and admired the shops. They were passing 'Macys' and Lily noticed a gorgeous light blue, lavender dress.
"James. What do you think of that?" Lily asked pointing to the dress.
"Will you be wearing it?" he asked
"I like it." Lily replied
"I think it would make you hotter than you already are" James winked.
"Dad. I want to try this on." Lily said pointing to the dress.
"Its beautiful. Let's go inside" Mr. Evans advised

They walked into a four-story store. It was covered in items. From toys, to clothes, to cookware, to accessories the store had everything. Lily walked into the Woman's dresses and looked for the dress in her size. Moments later she found it.

She walked into a dressing room and reappeared moments later in a light blue-lavender dress. It was strapless and went down to Lily's knees. James who was gazing at Lily remembered that Mr. Evans was behind him and carefully said, "That looks great"
"You look lovely Lily," her dad added.
"Thanks. I'm going to get this one." Lily said.

She went back into the dressing room and got changed again. She came out carrying the dress and went to the cash register. She paid for the dress and they continued walking the streets again. By 3 o' clock, the three of them were back in their suite resting.

Mr. Evans had off from work until Thursday, and James and Lily had school in a week. They sat in Lily's room finishing off there assignments.
"Ah. This is soo easy, we did this two years ago" Lily said as she read one of her review questions.
'Give the five signs to identify a werewolf' it read. They scribbled down the answer and moved on.

At 6, they had finished their homework completely. Out of relief, Mr. Evans took them to see the movie 'Grease'. They returned home afterwards and headed to bed.

The next couple of days passed like this. They were fun, enjoyable, and full of excitement. What Lily really couldnít wait for though, was Friday when her dad, her, and James were going to see RENT on Broadway. Her dad told her she could meet the actors and actresses backstage too. And the days passed and Friday approached. Lily went over her lyrics and showed James the play so he could be familiar with it.

Thatís a big book" James said looking at the play
"Thatís the play" Lily said
"Itís the play?" he asked in disbelief
"Yes" she answered
"Look. You should be familiar with it so your not lost tomorrow" Lily advised him.
"Ok. I'll do it for you" James said and kissed her. She deepened the kiss but broke apart when she said she had to go to bed.

James looked over the play before he feel asleep imagining Lily in the beautiful dress Lily bought.
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Last Chance At love
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