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 Last Chance At love

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PostSubject: Re: Last Chance At love   Tue Mar 27, 2007 7:06 pm

Chapter 22:

Friday morning Lily got up and took a shower. She put on a black T-shirt and blue jeans. She put her hair in a ponytail and rushed to James' room. She ran into his room and jumped on his bed. James woke up with a start and looked around and saw Lily laughing at his confused expression.

"Morning" Lily laughed
"Morning" James yawned
"You need to wake up"Lily exclaimed
"Why?" he asked
"We are seeing RENT tonight!" Lily screamed out of excitement.
"Did someone give you coffee or some fire whiskey?" James asked.
"No. Why?" she asked looking confused
"You are way too awake and hyper for the morning," James said.
"You know. When I'm hyper, I kiss people" Lily said
"Did I forget to tell you, that I love it when you are hyper?" James asked innocently
"No you didn’t tell me" Lily said and then leaned in and began to kiss him.

She put her arms around his neck and he put his hands on her waist. James gently glided his tongue into her mouth and she continued to kiss him. They kept snogging until, they heard Mr. Evans walking towards the room.

Lily quickly broke apart and smiled sweetly at James. He returned the smile with a little wink that made her start laughing.
"Morning James, Lily. How did you two sleep?" Mr. Evans asked
"Great. This place is really nice, Mr. Evans. Thanks for letting me come with Lily." James said
"Oh poppycock. It's no problem. Lily needs a man, and don’t call me Mr. Evans call me Matt. I have everyone at work call me Matt" Mr. Evans said
"Sure thing Mr…I mean Matt" James said.
"Well. I'm excited for the play tonight!" Lily said excitedly.
"I bet you are" Mr. Evans said.
"She gave me the play to read last night" James laughed
"Lily…Good going. It's always good to drive your boyfriend nuts" Matt said.

Lilys jaw dropped in astonishment that her dad knew about her and James.
She looked at James and he had a similar face.
"I can walk without making a sound" Matt winked
Lily turned red and smiled. But then she had an idea.
"Oh My Gosh! I just had the brillaintest[most brilliant] she exclaimed.

She then got up and ran for the phone. Matt and James looked at each other and shrugged. Lily dialed 1 - 688 - 357- 4356. Her mom answered the phone thankfully.

"Hey mom. Can you send a note to Kayla with Kenny?" she asked
"Sure" her mom said getting a pen and pencil.
"What's the message?" her mom asked
"Send her demo CD with Kenny and tell him to find Lily. I'm doing a good thing" Lily said.
"That’s it?" her mom asked
"Yes" Lily answered
"Ok." Her mom said. "So how is everything?" she asked
"It's good" Lily replied.
"I'm glad. Your dad behaving?" her mom asked
"Yes. But I should hurry I left him and James alone" Lily said
"Ok. Be good. Tell James I said hi." Her mom said
"All right, Bye" Lily said and hung up the phone.

She ran back into the room to see Matt and James making paper airplanes.
"These are the best for pranks" James exclaimed
"Make sure your wings are straight though." Matt warned
"Of course or the flight wont be straight" James said
"What are you guys doing?" Lily asked in astonishment.
"I'm showing James how to make a proper paper airplane" Matt answered
"This is soo odd. My dad and boyfriend making paper airplanes" Lily laughed.

Lily watched in amazement as they soared their planes around the room. Later they played charades. Lily volunteered to go first and put up three fingers.
"3 words" Matt muttered.
Lily pointed to her eye and then made a heart out of her hands.
"I love." Matt muttered again
Lily then pointed to James and smiled.
"I love you too Lily" James said.
"Well. He figured it out. Get going." Matt said

James thought of the perfect thing to act out. He sat on the floor and pretended to be writing his work. He put his head really close to the table so it looked like the paper and his nose was touching.

Lily figured it out and started laughing uncontrollably.
"It's Snape" she laughed
"Yeah" James laughed back
"You are so cruel," Lily said hitting his arm.

At 4 o clock, James, Lily, and Matt headed down the streets for Broadway. Matt had to be there early to check all of the performers equipment and sound. They walked past many theaters down the road. Suddenly a tan owl flew into the sky and landed on Lilys shoulder.

"Kenny!" Lily exclaimed petting her owl. Kenny opened his mouth and Lily took the CD Kenny was holding. "Thanks" Lily said and then Kenny flew off again.

Lily was now behind everyone from stopping for Kenny. She noticed James' black hair and began to walk towards him. She was passing another alley when she heard a voice 'Join us'. It sounded so familiar.

The she heard a girls voice say 'No' and then 'Crucio!'

Lily's heart began to beat faster. Wizards in Broadway. It seemed so unlikely. She screamed not caring who heard her 'James. Hurry!' and ran down the alley. She screamed 'Expelliarmus!'

James heard Lily's scream and looked at Matt. "Come on." James said and began back down the street.

While James and Matt continued past the crowds, Lily was in the alley surrounded by two death eaters.

"What are you doing here Evans?" one spat. Lily finally recognized the voice.
"Well Bellatrix. I'm on holiday" she replied smirking
"Lovely. Let me end it!" Bellatrix exclaimed and was about to shot a curse when James bolted down the alley and screamed 'Impedimenta!'

Bellatrix fell to the ground and the other Death Eater screamed 'Crucio!' James fell on the floor and screamed in pain. Lily noticed what was happening and shouted 'Petrificus Totalus!'

Lily lifted the mask off the second death eater and gasped when she saw Severus Snape under the mask. She moved to the two people on the floor hiding behind a box.

"Are you okay?" she asked
"Yea." The girl said
"Alice! Frank!" Lily exclaimed
"Yeah hi." Frank said
"What did they want with you?" she asked
"To join them stinking Death Eaters" Frank responded,.
"Thanks for turning up." Frank said
"No problem" James responded this time.
"What were you guys doing here anyway?" James asked
"I'm taking Alice to meet my grandparents. They are in the hospital." Frank said.
"Oh. I'm sorry" Lily replied
"It's ok" Frank said and then all of a sudden Mr. Evans came into the alley looking shocked.

"You’re a witch? My daughter." Mr. Evans said
"Dad. I got powers at 11, you left already." Lily started to explain.
"And I can do magic too, obviously." James added
"What about school?" Mr. Evans asked
"I was switched to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That’s where I learned to fight like that. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner." Lily said and hung her head in shame.
"Oh dear. I'm proud of you." Mr. Evans said

James turned around and noticed that Bellatrix and Snape were gone.
"Lily?" he asked
"Yea" she said
"I think they are coming back..with more." James said
"They're gone." Lily gasped.
"Dad. You need to hide. If they find you. They'll kill uou [you]. Hide" Lily told him.
"I can't leave you" Mr. Evans said.
"I'll be fine please go hide" Lily begged.
"Alright" he said and hurried behind the alley.

Moments passed and then twenty death eaters appeared out of thin air. And leading them was Lord Voldemort.

"Miss Evans and Mr. Potter. How nice to see you again. Oh and Mr. Longbottom and his girlfriend are here too. Splendid." He said
"Leave us alone" Lily said.
"Ah. Bravery. It means nothing to power." Voldemort spat back.
"Now I heard you gave Bella and Severus a hard time. Well, I'll have to teach you a lesson won't I?" Voldemort asked. "AVADA -" he began but then Dumbledore appeared
"Expelliarmus!' he shouted.
Lord Voldemort's wand flew out of his but then flew back into his palm.
"Dumbledore!" he growled
"Leave them alone Tom. Or I will be forced to hurt you" he said.
"Make me" Voldemort sneered.
"Stupefy." Dumbledore said. Voldemort was stunned and fell to the floor.

Bellatrix hurried to her master and muttered 'Ennervate'. Lord Voldemort stood up again and called "I will defeat you one day Dumbledore. You wait. And the four of you. You have chosen the wrong side. I will give you one last warning before I teach you right" and with that he disappeared.

"Professor" Lily said after everyone was gone.
"Hello Miss Evans and I think your father is right outside, is he not?" Dumbledore said
"Yes." She replied
"Please get him, he must have a lot of question" Professor Dumbledore said.

Lily left to get her father who was relieved to see his daughter alive.
"Hello. I'm Professor Dumbledore. The Charms teacher at Hogwarts" Dumbledore said shaking Mr. Evans hand.
"Hello. Who were those people?" he asked
"I'm afraid. That the wizarding world is at war right now."
"And how is my Lily a witch?"
"Her mothers bloodline. Something you might not have known" Dumbledore said with his eyes twinkling.
"That would explain a lot" Mr. Evans muttered.
"I promise you. Lily is not in any harm. She performed that fight very well, she is [one]ne of our brightest students. If you have any more questions please ask Lily and she will ask me, and she will send you an Owl. But for now I must met up with the Minister. He will be wanting to know about what has just happened" Dumbledore said.

"Good day" he said
"Bye professor. See you at school Lily said waving.
"Well. That was interesting. But now we must hurry for we will be late if we waste another second." Mr. Evans said.

James and Lily said goodbye to Frank and Alice and hurried down the street to the theater. Mr. Evans showed the guards his pass and they hurried back stage.

"Matt. Oh thank goodness we are saved." One man said
"Wait. This is my daughter Lily and her boyfriend James" Mr. Evans said introducing them.
"Hello. I'm Antonique Smith. I play Mimi" a woman said to Lily.
"Hello. I'm Lily." Lily said feeling stupid.
"Matt. We can't let people into the theater. The backdrop keeps falling." Another man said
"I'll fix it." Lily said.
"I doubt a 17 year old can fix a stage in five minutes" the man replied
"Trust me. She can" Matt said winking at his daughter.
"Everyone stay off stage. No listening on the doors" Lily warned

She walked onto the stage and looked at the backdrop
'Easy' she thought. 'Reparo' she said nonverbally while pointing her wand at the backdrop. She knew someone would put his or her ears to the door.

Lily returned five minutes later and said 'Take a look'
The entire cast walked on stage and looked amazed at how great the stage looked.
"How can we repay you?" one man asked. She figured he played Mark.
"My friend is ultra close to getting a record deal. Can you guys just listen to her demo and tell me what you think after. Then hopefully we can convince her recording company to give her the deal" Lily explained
"Deal" the man said.

Lily, James and Matt were now sitting in front row seat in the theatre. Lily talked happily on how she actually convinced the cast to listen to Kayla's CD.
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Number of posts : 289
Localisation : New York (no not the city)
Registration date : 2007-03-23

PostSubject: Re: Last Chance At love   Tue Mar 27, 2007 7:07 pm

Minutes later the lights darkened and the curtains opened and the show began.

'Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Moments so dear
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
How Do You Measure - Measure A Year?
In Daylights - In Sunsets
In Midnights - In Cups Of Coffee
In Inches - In Miles
In Laughter - In Strife

In - Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
How Do You Measure
A Year In The Life?

How About Love?
How About Love?
How About Love?
Measure In Love

Seasons of Love.
Seasons of Love.' The cast sang.

The show continued telling the story of individuals who are poor, living with disease, or not accepted in their community. By the time 'La Vie Boheme' was being sung everyone was singing the happy lyrics.

'To days of inspiration,
Playing hookey, making something
Out of nothing, the need
To express,
To communicate,
To going against the grain,
Going insane,
Going mad

To loving tension, no pension
To more than one dimension,
To starving for attention,
Hating convention, hating pretension,
Not to mention of course,
Hating dear old mom and dad

To riding your bike
Midday past the three piece suits
To fruits, to no absolutes
To Absolute, to choice
To the Village Voice
To any passing fad

To being an us for once,
Instead of a them

La Vie Boheme
La Vie Boheme'

An hour later the curtains fell again and they had an intermission. James and Lily headed back stage again to talk to the actors on the superb job.
"That was brilliant," James said.
"Thanks. We try" on of the actors laughed.
"Do you think you can check out the CD now?" Lily asked
"Sure" the said.

They listened to the CD and everyone was listening intently. After the second song, one of the actresses stopped it.
"She is really good. Are you her manager or something?" the girl asked
"No. Shes one of my best friends and I want her to succeed." Lily said.
"Well. It is fantastic" an actress said and everyone nodded their heads.

"Great. I'm going to call her now!" Lily exclaimed
She went to the phone back stage and carefully dialed Kayla's number. The phone rang and rang. But then finally Kayla answered the phone.

"Hello?" she asked
"Hi" Lily replied
"Oh. Did you get the CD?" Kayla asked
"Yeah. And the cast of Rent loves it" Lily exclaimed
"They do. Oh my goodness" Kayla gasped
"They are going to talk to Mr. Shevins. It seems your getting a record deal!" Lily said excited
"But school?" Kayla asked
"Oh. You will come to the train with James and I" Lily explained
"Ok. When will you be back?" Kayla asked
"Saturday" Lily said. "Oh, Have to go " Lily said and hung up the phone.

James and Lily returned to their seats and the second half began. The play continued and the curtains fell again when the cast sang for the last time 'No Day but Today'.

The three of them walked home discussing the play.
"It was brilliant," James said
"Thanks dad so much" Lily said hugging here dad.
"Thank you Matt" James said.
"May I speak with you James?" Matt asked as they entered the suite.
"Sure" he said and followed Matt into the kitchen.

"You two are leaving tomorrow. And there is a slim chance I will ever see Lily again. I was lucky to see her for this week. But I was also blessed to meet you. A man who cares about my little girl. Protect her. And if I don't see you two again. Still love her. Help her deal with her losses." Matt said seriously
James looked at Matt and smiled "I intend on protecting her Matt"
"Thank you. Now off to bed" Matt said, and waved him to his room.

The next day the three of them spent all day together. They went to some of the big company stores and biggest Entertainment studios. James and Lily showed Matt their schoolbooks and some of the fun things they learned. For instance James made his pancake tap dance. Matt found it highly amusing.

On Saturday, Matt drove James and Lily to the airport. He helped them check their bags and walked them to the Security point. He hugged Lily and whispered in her ear "James is a good boy. I love you Lily."
He hugged James and felt like James was his own son.

"Good luck you two" Matt smiled and waved.
"Bye dad" Lily said cheerfully.
"Bye Matt." James said as well.
And then the two of them walked into the airport waiting for their flight home and Mr. Evans muttered to himself 'Goodbye family'.
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Last Chance At love
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