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 The Battle and The Aftermath

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PostSubject: The Battle and The Aftermath   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:37 am

This my other fan fic!

The Battle and The Aftermath

Chapter 1
The plan and the Bargian

Harry, Ron and Hermione emerged from platform 9 3/4 to see their parents waiting for them. After the Order had a good talk to the dursleys on how he will become of age this summer, Harry said goodbye to his friends and gave a suspicious nod to Ron and Hermione. The 3 of them knew the plan all to well, how after 3 weeks, Ron and Hermione would apparte to Harry's House and do research for the Horcruxes. The only problem was convincing their parents.

Mrs. Weasley would probally not approve Ron going to live with muggles. But Harry, Ron and Hermione were way ahead of her. They explained how it was a gift for harry coming of age. Mrs. Weasley eventually gave in and so in 3 weeks time Ron and Hermione would be visiting Harry at the Dursleys.

3 weeks semmed to have gone quite fast to Harry. He spent every evening reading his spell books andlooking up the horcruxes. Before long it was the night that Ron and Hermione would appear outside his doorstep.

It was 6:00pm when harry was preparing dinner when he heard 2 large CRACKS. Harry hurried to the door but was too late for when he opened the door Vernon Dursley had pinned him against the wall. "What the bloody hell wee you doing" asked Vernon. "Its my friends they are here to help me" Harry said out of breath. "Who said they could come?" Vernon yelled.

Harry ignored and ran to the door he threw it open and there stood: Ron and Hermione. "Im so glad you guys are okay" Harry said with relief. "Yay were okay", said Ron. All of a sudden a large scream came out when Vernon yelled "I DONT CARE HOW YOU ARE, JUST GET OUT!!!". Then all of a sudden harry flicked his wand out and into Mr. Dursleys face, so did Ron and Hermione. "Listen"said harry. "I thank you for taking care of me for feeding me and that stuff, but I will be of age in a couple of weeks. Then Im probally going to get myself blown up like my parents. Its my destiny. They are here to help me prevent that. All I ask is you let them stay for 3 weeks, then we will be out of here. You will never see us because we have alot of reserach to do, thats not for the muggle eye. This is all I ask you. Just to let them stay and eat, and then you wont even know we are here." Harry sighed out a breath of relief. "Thats all you want is it?" Vernon said nervously. "That is all we want" said Harry.Then after 5 minutes of silence Mr. Dursley said, "Fine, but no magic done in the house" They all agreed.

After that, Harry helped Ron and Hermione unpack upstaris, got some extra beds up and then they began their research. Harry could not believe his plan worked. Ron and Hermione are here to help him. After a long nights work, they all slept soundly. Harry slept the best he did in a long time.

Chapter 2
Aunt Petunias Encounter and a little discovery of a friends past

After Ron and Hermiones first night at the Dursley, Uncle Vernon must have spread the word because when they came down that morning to have breakfast Dudley seemed to be amused. Harry was working on their eggs and bacon while in conversation with Rona nd Hermione. "You dont have to make us such a nice breakfast, I mean cereal is fine." complained Hermoine. " Shes right mate, this isnt expected" said Ron. "Oh please it is nothing, and im quite an expert now. I mean i have been doing this breakfast ever since I can remeber touching a stove. I make this for the Dursleys all the time, trust me, I would rather make it for you two." Harry explained. "So.." Hermione began, "What books have you looked through, I mean I think we should aparte to a wizard library for more reserach." "Oh.. i forgot to remind you guys Im never allowed to discuss the 'm' word" said Harry. "What?", Ron asked, "You cant even say magic?" "Yup" harry said.

Then Dudley Dursley walked into the kitchen looking horrified. "Mum, Dad there are maniacs in the house talking to harry" Dudley screamed. "Dudley, DUDLEY!. they are with me, they are my best friends. Remeber the term you used years go what was it? Oh yes 'Who would want to be friends with you?' Well they are. Dudley this is ron (pointing at ron) and hermione. They are going to be living with us for a couple of weeks! Then we can say Goodbye forever!", Harry exclaimed. "Oh so this is Dudley?", Ron exclaimed, "You are so right harr. Dudley looks exactly the way you described him". "You know they rules harry, you have to make breakfast for everyone.", dudley said with fright. Then worst to worst, Harrys Aunt and Uncle walks in the kitchen. Aunt Petunia screamed, "Phone the police Vernon, Phone the police!". "Petunia, darling, these are harrys freaky friends I told you about" Uncle Vernon exclaimed. "Oh yes, yes never mind" said Petunia, she seemed o be calming down. "Boy, you have to make dinner tonight, there is a plump chicken in the frezzer, it needs to be done by 6. Dont forget the 2 sides as well" Petunia said with pleasure. "Um.. Aunt Petuni, my friends and I were ggoing to go to a library, you know our kind of library, to do reserach. But I promise that when we get back to have the dinner done.", Harry said out of breath. "Yeah Mrs. Dursley, we will help harry too. It will get done much more quicker with the 3 of us working.", Hermoine said in a clam voice. "And who are you?, Aunt Petunia said with interest. "Oh sorry mam, Im Hermione Granger", Hermione said with pleasure. "Granger, Granger, Ive heard that name before, oh wait.... yes that was the name of my sisiters friend"Petunia said a little worried. "Hold on.. You are saying my mother was friends with a girl whos last name ended in 'Granger'?," Harry said beaming. "Oh yes, its all we heard about during the ummer... she going to teach me this spel..and this was completly boring" Petunia said.

"Harry we have to go now"Ron said out of the corner of his mouth. "Aunt Petunia, We have to go, well be back by 5" Harry said. "How are you goign to get there?" Petunia asked. "By using appariation, we are gonna disappeaar then show up some where else", harry said. "Very well",Petunia sighed. "Lets go", harry said. The he grabbed hermiones armand he hermione and ron all disapparted.
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PostSubject: Re: The Battle and The Aftermath   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:37 am

Chapter 3
Research and Discoveries

Harry then all of a sudden got that queasy feeling again, as he, Ron and Hermione were traveling to a wizard's library. This library was also in Diagon Alley. It was called, "Serno Larmo" it means Wizard Library in goblin. Once Harry, Ron and Hermione appeared, all of them entered the library with determination. Harry knew he was going to find what he needed, he just new it! As the three of them walked on there were the gasps as people peered at Harry's forehead, which was getting quite annoying to him. They walk all the way into the back section. They met this sign when they reached it "For Wizards and Witches with good purposes only! Please state your name and purpose for entry." Harry stared at them wondering what if they weren't allowed in. Then Harry went up to a small box and said, "Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger to do research on horcruxes to defeat Lord Voldemort." Then a little crack was heard and the door opened and the sign disappeared. Harry, Ron and Hermione entered slowly, it indeed was a place for dark research. Everything was dark so they all muttered "Lumos" and then they walked on for another 5 minutes when Hermione shouted out, "I found something! I found something!" "Good bring it back to this table", Harry replied. They all walked to a small table when Hermione said like she was stupid, "Why donít we just brighten the whole room up? Lumos Maxima!" (While pointing her wand at the ceiling). The room then filled up with light. "Thanks Hermione", Harry and Ron exclaimed.

Hermione was now looking through "The Dark Arts and How to Destroy Them", Harry was looking through "Horcruxes, where witches and wizards usually place them." Ron was looking through, "Some of the Darkest Wizards Quickest Tricks". After 15 minutes of searching and reading Harry finally found Ron found something useful. "Look at this guys", Ron said with a pleasant grim on his face. Ron read aloud, "Horcruxes are usually found in the wizard or witches greatest possessions or "trophies". Those wizards choose to put their soul in their greatest memories. He-Who-Must-Not-B-Named had a total of 6 horcruxes reflecting his early life. Some known as Hufflepuff's Goblet, His Diary, and Gaunts Ring were his trophies. When he committed a crime, he considered what he received from his bidding was a trophy. One of his easiest tricks was putting two horcruxes in the same location. He told our staff ourselves that he put two horcruxes in the same location, knowing that if someone found one there, there would not be another. He said that he placed one horcrux with his Diary. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named also said he has different ways to preserve his soul. In memories or using possession on people, he indeed was a great wizard!" The all of a sudden it hit Harry, "The cup, the locket, the snake, something of Gryffindors or Ravenclaws. Maybe it wasn't Nagini; maybe it was one of the snakes in the Chamber of Secrets! We have to go!" Harry said. "Hermione, check that book you were reading" Harry ordered. "I believe I know where a horcrux is! It's in the Chamber." "Harry; Let's stay a while longer, We can't get into the Chamber until school starts. We are gonna have to go back to Hogwarts." Hermione explained with deep consideration. "You know she's right. We can't go bursting into the school, saying we are going into the Chamber of Secrets to destroy piece of Lord Voldemort's soul or anything." Ron said. "You guys are right, ok, well go back to Hogwarts for the horcrux." said Harry. "But we have to go its 5 minutes to 3. Remember we have to make dinner." Harry replied. "Oh yea", Ron said. "I forgot we had to go back there", Hermione said. "So, Harry is your Aunt and Uncle always this mean to you?" Hermione asked with curiosity. "This mean, oh no, this is them being generous", Harry laughed. "Oh well then I see why you ran away 4 years ago", Ron exclaimed with a grin. Their conversation seemed to take them all the way to the main entrance of the library. Then something so extraordinary happened, a little girl maybe a year younger than Harry came up to Harry looking terrified. She said, "I have to give this to my wizard cousin, Harry Potter."

"What do you mean by cousin?" asked Harry. "Are you Harry Potter?" the girl asked. "Yes", Harry said. "Oh, I finally meet you at last!" she exclaimed!
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PostSubject: Re: The Battle and The Aftermath   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:38 am

Chapter 4
The Other Relative

Harry's heart was now beating fast. "How could this be?", Harry was thinking. "All my wizard relatives are dead. This must be a joke, yes itís a clever joke. But what do I say?", Harry thought. Then someone thankfully spoke, yet, It wasnít what he wanted to be spoken. The librarian, who looked like she just woke up from a good nap said, "Your Harry Potter?". "Um.. Yes", Harry replied. "This can not be, Harry Potter, in my library. The boy who has lived so many times, The boy who saw He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name's rebirth. The Boy, this boy, the famous little boy?" The librarian was exclaiming like she did not care if she dies tomorrow. Then Harry gave a great shock of adulthood, "I am no longer a little boy, I might as well be dead in a couple of days." The Librarian was shocked.

He then turned to his "cousin" and spoke, "Look nice joke on your part, but you are a little off April." "No sir, no, I mean it Im your cousin. Professor Dumbledore was going to introduce us. But he is dead sir. So I took matters into my own hand." she spoke. "Look, If you are my cousin name myÖ uncles name. Only one of my relatives could tell me that." Harry exclaimed. "Your uncles name is Vernon Dursley, he currently has a wife named Petunia and a son named Dudley. They live at 4 Privet Drive, Little Winging, Surrey." She spoke. "Oh my gosh, Harry, she named everything." Hermione spoke. "Please sir, hear me out. Hear my story, the story no one except Dumbledore knows." She said with caution. "Look, lets just listen. This might be important." Ron finally spoke. "Fine, But not here and not at the Dursleys either. The Three Broomsticks, I could use a butter beer." Harry said.

So Ron, Hermione, Harry and the girl set off for the Three Broomsticks. They all remained silent for two reasons. One, no one really knew what to say at this point. And two, the smell of the delicious butter beer was approaching. Once inside and they all had a nice sip or two of the warming drink, harry spoke. "Ok, now well listen if you tell us everything." She simply nodded her head. The she began, "Well, First of all, my name is Katrina, and I've been looking for you for over a year now. Well you all know by now what happened that night. What you donít know was that when Harry was rescued, I was left behind. From what I was told, I was staying with you and my aunt and uncle that night. It took a couple of hours for an auror found me in my cradle. I was completely unharmed and completely untouched. That auror took me to an orphanage, I grew up there where I had many test done on me. I had my DNA tested and found a blood relative to you. And I found out that my parents had died in a dragon accident while on vacation. So I grew up in the orphanage till I received two letters for me. They were both sent from two different schools: Hogwarts and Beaubaxtons. They both asked me to join their school of magic. I was frightened, oh yes, frightened indeed. For I grew up in a muggle orphanage. I showed the letters to my aid and she well was shocked and fainted after reading the first sentence I decided to attend Beaubaxtons for it was closer. So I attended the school and I graduated two years early. For people said I had the mind of ten aurors at once. The day of my graduation an old man approached me and told me of how I had a relative who lived close by. I was indeed determined to help you with anything. I was told to stay in The Leaky Cauldron, which I obeyed. Until I cracked and went to the library to do some research on my so-called 'famous' cousin. And well I met you. So here we are!" she finished. The three of them were shocked. Harry couldn't believed it, he found his last remaining relative!

After a nice chat with Katrina, the four of them decided to have Katrina stay at the Leaky Cauldron for a while. They said they would transfer her to Hogwarts, that way they all could be in reach of each other. So after walking Katrina back to the Leaky Cauldron, the trio disapparted to the Dursleys only finding them with a huge task. A task no one would ever imagine. And an absolute shock that made Harry faint.
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PostSubject: Re: The Battle and The Aftermath   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:38 am

Chapter 5
SURPRISE!, and a Final GOODBYE!!!

After, what seemed like an hour of traveling, the three of them arrived back at the Dursleys. They walked in to find a Mrs. Dursley crying. They could not tell whether it was a happy cry or sad. All harry was thinking if he was in trouble or not. After standing there for what seemed for like hours, Mrs. Dursley spoke. "You - you - you donít have to make dinner tonight." She sobbed. Dudley isn't home, so we are ordering. "Um, well, where is he?" Harry asked cautiously. "He's - he's on a date. The lucky boy." Mrs. Dursley cried happily. "But, you wouldn't know what it is like for a date or to be in love with someone." she said. "Trust me, he has been in love and well, he still is." Surprisingly, both Ron and Hermione said at the same time. "You, you in love?" she asked darkly. "Yea, I went on a date kissed 2 different girls and well I wish I could be with her but I donít want her hurt." He said. "Harry, you really love her donít you? She misses you terribly, she's always crying. And she asks if you're ok. She even asks if you are with someone else." Ron said with compassion. "You did tell her I do want to be with her right and that Im not seeing anyone else right?" Harry asked. "Of Course, mate" Ron said. "How do you know the girl this-this-this person likes?" Aunt petunia asked. "She's my sister" Ron said with a dumb look on his face. Harry, Ron and Hermione went back upstairs to do some studying. They all were going over the day's events, it was a big day. Hermione was thinking about how happy she was that harry found another relative. She was also quite happy that she spent a whole day at a library. Ron couldnít help on thinking about food. He was so hungry. Harry was thinking about finding out his new relative, all the research, and well hearing Ron talk about Ginny. So Ginny missed him, he knew that he missed her terribly. Oh, how he wished he could talk to her, but, he knew that he couldn't be involved with her. He truly loved her. After 30 mins of recap, Aunt Petunia sent them a pizza, soda, cups, napkins and plates. They hate happily together, talking about the day's events.

For the next 3 days they stayed inside all day. They were researching like crazy, for the only just realized that they were expected to leave the Dursleys forever in 3 days. They sent letters to Mrs. Weasley letting her know that they are all right and that they would be returning to the Burrow in 3 days. Harry was trying to send a letter secretly to Ginny, explaining how much he truly wanted to be with her. But he had no time, so he was looking forward to seeing her again.

On Harry's last night at the Dursleys forever, no one was home, and Harry was perfectly fine with this. This was how he would've wanted to spend his last night in this house. Hermione who was now of age, made a dinner for them. It was quiet so harry started a conversation, "You guys know, this is one of the two places Voldemort cant hurt me. Here and Godric's Hollow, because my moms sacrifice. As long I am in a house where my mom's blood dwells, Im safe." "At least you have a safe place, I see now why Dumbledore sent you here, to protect you." Hermione said. "Yeah, thatís why he sent me here, and he knew that I was going to have ten dark and difficult years. I am so looking forward to saying goodbye." Harry said with satisfaction. Ron yet remained quite, he was way to busy eating. They all went up to bed, knowing that tomorrow will be a day to remember.

The three of them woke at 8 o' clock. They all packed their trunks. It took longer for Harry because he was taking everything with him, for this was not his home any longer. After 30 minutes of packing and a quick check that he had everything, they went down for breakfast. Yet for some reason, Harry was felling kinda sad. It just sunk in that he was leaving his home, where he lived for 16 years. He now had nowhere to go. When they reached downstairs, Mr. & Mrs. Dursley, and Dudley were in the kitchen with breakfast made already. Harry was really shocked. No one spoke which was quite fine with him. They all ate together and no one said anything. Once Hermione, Ron and him finished eating, Ron spoke, "Thank you for breakfast, well be getting our trunks. We are all packed and we will be gone in a couple of minutes." With that said, the 3 of them went upstairs and grabbed their belongings. Then they came downstairs and found a crying Mrs. Dursley. Harry felt like crying himself, he hated them, oh yes, he did, but they took him in and saved them. They fed him and brought him up like a son and now he was saying goodbye forever. "Well, thank you guys, for everything. For taking me in, for feeding me, providing shelter. And for letting me return year after year." Harry said with deep heart and thought. He felt a tear trickle down his cheek and then he hugged his aunt and uncle. And the hugged back. He swore he heard his aunt say to him, "Good Luck and take care of yourself." He then looked at Dudley, he simply said "Bye, Dudley" He then turned to Aunt Petunia and said, "Can I ask you one more question? "Sure" she said. "Are you a squib?" he asked. "No, I do have powers but I was afraid of turning into a freak." She said.

He then gave Ron and Hermione a nod and they came right up next to him. "Thank you for everything." Hermione said. "Well I guess this is Goodbye, forever," Harry said. All right guys its time to go, "Goodbye" Harry said and with that Ron, Hermione and him disappeared into the sunlight. He was heading to the burrow, he was free from the Dursleys forever!
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PostSubject: Re: The Battle and The Aftermath   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:38 am

Chapter 6
Mending Broken Hearts

The first thing harry noticed was that he stopped crying. Then after getting over the shock that he had no home now, he saw Ginny running outside. She was beautiful, in Harry's opinion, and she was running straight toward them. He could barely hear her speaking a she ran. He made out this, "Are..okay..You..look..missedÖguys..SoÖmuch" She gave her brother a big hug and then Hermione and then he looked at Harry. An awkward silence filled the air. Then Harry gave her a soft kiss on her cheek. Then she spoke, "Mum will be pleased, she's inside making lunch. Tonks and Moody are here to. We all missed you guys. Did they give you any trouble?" "No", harry said. "As soon as I explained to them that I was leaving forever they were more than welcome to let them stay." "Hey Gin, did you know harry can cook actual food?" Ron asked. "You can make food?" she asked curiously at Harry. "Yeah, if pancakes count as food. I'll make some for everyone tomorrow!" he said. "You don't have to, you know" Hermione spoke. "Yea, I do. I need to thank all of you for helping me stay alive." Harry said with a grin.
They entered the house, and automatically saw Ron's switch on the clock go from "Outside" to "Home". Then right on cue, Mrs. Weasley came in with a huge smile. "Oh, thank goodness. Thank goodness you guys are okay. Oh, Ron" She gave Ron a huge hug. "Hermione, Harry." She gave them a hug as well. "Oh, well you guys showed up right on time. Lunch is almost ready. Harry, you can room with Ron again. Hermione, you can room with Ginny." Harry and Ron headed for Ron's room, which was exactly the same. The posters, books, mess, everything was there. But, Harry noticed that a small action figure of Victor Krum was under his bed. The figure looked dead. After they both unpacked, they met Hermione and Ginny downstairs for lunch. It was a pleasant meal, the 3 of them told everyone their adventures. Then everyone else told the 3 of them on what was happening at the Burrow. Fleur and Bill were getting married in 2 weeks. Voldemort still hasn't reappeared yet. And people were finally convinced that he was up and running. After lunch, Harry and Ron played a great game of Exploding Snap. Hermione was reading a book, as usual. Ginny seemed to have disappeared after lunch though. Harry was trying to decide if it was best to go speak to Ginny. He knew he would of felt better.
After harry lost tremendously, he tried to find Ginny. She was not in here room, or in the fields, the kitchen, or the living room. Harry would have just had to try again tomorrow.
The sun filled Ron's room with sunlight as Harry awoke. He sat up, put on his glasses and headed downstairs. He decided to start on the pancakes he said he was going to make. He got his batter, eggs and milk and after 15 minutes, a large pile of fresh, hot pancakes were sitting in the middle of a table. He then placed twelve plate's, twelve cups and some napkins out on the table. He put out some fresh apple, orange, and pumpkin juice. After all that he went outside for a walk in the yard. He found Ginny out there as well. He finally ha a chance to talk to her. His stomach went into knots all over again. "Hey Gin." He said. "Oh hey, what are you up so early for?" she said. "I said I was gonna make breakfast, everything is ready." He said. "Wow, thanks, mom will be shocked. It was a really nice thing for you to do harry. Look, harry, I still can't get why we can not be together? I mean, people get together because they care about each other. I care about you." She said with her voice growing louder. "I care about you to gin, I donít want you to get hurt." He said with comfort. "Harry, I Love You!" she said. "Isn't that enough?" Then all of a suddenÖ. Ginny kissed Harry. Harry wanted to push away, but could not. He really loved her. For 5 minutes they were just snogging. Then they looked deep into each other's eyes.
They both entered the kitchen of find a very confused Mrs. Weasley. "Who made this?" she asked. "I did" harry said. "Its for you guy." "Thank you sweetheart" she said.
They all ate a delicious breakfast thanks to harry was feeling so much happier to be back with Ginny. He truly did love her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Battle and The Aftermath   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:39 am

Chapter 7
A Beautiful Day, A Beautiful Wedding

Harry was the happiest he had ever been! He had his true love back, his best friends by his side, and a family that cared about him. The next 2 weeks were full of preparation for Bill and Fleur's weeding. From flowers to invitations to food, it was exhausting. And also they had to do it all without magic! He had no time to spend with Ginny, until they were going to make a trip to Diagon Alley. They had to purchase school supplies, dresses and dress robes. Harry was looking forward to be spending an afternoon with Ginny. On Monday morning Harry and Ron woke to a horrifying screaming. They got dressed as fast as they could, ran downstairs to see Mrs. Weasley crying happily. Apparently, Ginny was showing her mum a dress from "Madam Malkins", and her mum was so impressed with her decision. They ate breakfast while Mrs. Weasley was describing their plan. "Ron" she said. "You and Hermione will go to Flourish and Blotts and get your school books. You can then go around and grab your other necessary materials. Then you will meet Harry and Ginny at Madam Malkins Robes for all Occasions." "Harry, you and Ginny will go to Gringotts with Ron and Hermione, then you two can go straight to Madam Malkins." "Me and your father, are going to the Leaky Cauldron. We are meeting Mad-Eye and Tonks there. They say they have some important news." "We are all to meet at the Leaky Cauldron at 5, you understand me?" They all nodded their heads in agreement. So after breakfast, they all put on their school cloaks and met Mr. & Mrs. Weasley in the living room. They were going to travel by Fluo Powder. So one after another they stepped into the fire and shouted clearly, "DIAGON ALLEY!" After Harry caught up with Ron, Ginny and Hermione, they set off for Gringotts. The four of them fit a cart and they all set off for their vaults. First Hermione's vault then Ron and Ginny's vault. Then last of all, Harry's vault. Sirius indeed had left him a good amount of gold. On the way back Ron was whispering something Harry couldn't understand. Finally he understood and jumped into the conversation. "So what are you going to do with Ginny? I mean it would be hell for me but it must be paradise for you. I mean you're not going to do anything, right?" he said. "Im just going to do the shopping we need to do. Don't worry, I'll meet you and Hermione at the Leaky Cauldron at 5." Harry said. Ron and Hermione set off for their school books, while Ginny and Harry set off the other way down the road. First Ginny went in and tried on several dresses. She first tried a gentle blue, then a ravishing gold, and finally a beautiful, hard-hitting red dress. Harry thought she looked absolutely beautiful and pretty in all. Harry then tried on some dress robes that Ginny thought made him handsome. They finished an hour early. So they headed for their school supplies. The needed 3 new books and a new stock of potion ingredients. They then went into the Three Broomsticks for a butterbeer. There Harry and Ginny had a nice chat talking about the Horcruxes and Harry's plan on destroying Voldemort. It eventually turned into a large kiss. Harry and Ginny met up with everyone else in the Leaky Cauldron at 5. They ate there and headed back for the Burrow at 6.
The wedding day finally came. The house looked beautiful. The food was all cooked, and the pastries in heart formation. Hermione and Ginny went upstairs automatically. They were supposedly getting ready which Harry and Ron doubted. The two of them helped Mrs. Weasley with the punch and setting out the chairs. When Harry and Ron were both upstairs, they started changing into their dress robes. Ron apparently got new ones, with no lace to Harry's relief. Harry was indeed wondering the difference between the wedding ceremonies. "So what is the real difference?" he asked. "Well, you first have to perform a spell that forms a knot between their wands forming a love arrow. Then when they kiss, a heart evaporates out of their wands.' Ron explained. At three thirty, Harry and Ron set down for the back yard where they met the guests, including Fleur's mother. Once outside, they caught up with Ginny and Hermione. Hermione had her hair nice and sleek again, and Ron was amazed. He was blushing when he met Hermione's eye. Ginny and Harry just stared at each other, the both of them thought the other looked amazing. When the ceremony began Harry took a seat next to Ron and Ginny. The ceremony went on for an hour. When Harry finally heard, "You may know ignite your flames and wands." Fleur and Bill had said the charm, which formed a beautiful heart out of their wands. They then kissed and were officially married. After words, there was ballroom dancing. Harry and Ginny danced for a couple of minutes. They both were horrible dancers so they gave up and wet inside for a snack. The both of them were shocked at this sight. There was Ron and Hermione snogging, or at least it looked like that, while eating a cannelloni. It was amazing on how tightly packed it looked they were. Harry was sure he missed something so he said, "Ginny you are seeing what I'm seeing right?" "Yea, I didn't even know," she said." Harry and Ginny left them alone and set upstairs were themselves, gave each other a nice kiss. They set back downstairs 30 minutes later, to find Bill and Fleur cutting the cake. The party ended at 11:30 pm. When Harry got upstairs to go to bed he found Ron in a state he never saw him in. "You saw didn't you?" he asked. "Hermione and you snogging, yes. And I'm so happy for you guys. I thought I was going to have to smudge you to together!" Harry laughed. It was a beautiful wedding for Bill and Fleur and a beautiful day for Ron and Hermione.
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PostSubject: Re: The Battle and The Aftermath   Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:39 am

Chapter 8
Easing the Pain

The clean - up for the wedding was horrible. There was food everywhere, and flowers across the house. It took 3 full days with only 2 breaks, lunch and rest. After the last beautiful rose was disposed of, everyone decided to play a good game of Quidditch! Harry and Ron against Ginny and Hermione. They played for a half an hour. They were just trying to get a tennis ball across to each other, so it wasnít a real game. Yet, It was what the doctor ordered. After their game, Harry had a tough decision to make. He was going to Godrics Hollow tomorrow. He wanted to visit his parent grave, his room, and put the memory and pain to rest. He was only trying to decide I he was going to face it alone. He and the others went in for dinner where he was talking to Mrs. Weasley. "So, you guys have any plans for tomorrow?" "Yeah, Mrs. Weasley I do." Harry spoke "I'm going to visit Godrics Hollow. I'm going to visit my house, my room, and my parents' grave. Itís the only memories I have left. I want to see what's left" "Oh Harry dear" Mrs. Weasley spoke softly. "And I want Ron, Ginny and Hermione to come with me. I - I can't face it alone." Harry said trembling. "Well be with ya mate." Ron said. "Yeah Harry, will be there." Said Ginny. "It's going to be ok Harry." Hermione said with a comfort in her voice. A comfort that made Harry realize it was going to be all right. And with that decided Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione headed for bed. No one knew what could be in store for them. Harry gave Ginny a nice passionate kiss and slept soundly.
The four of them woke to a shinning sun accompanied by a scorching heat. They dressed quickly and went down for breakfast. Harry had sent a letter to Katrina telling her to meet them at Godrics Hollow at 9 am. They ate in silence all pondering their own thoughts. Ron was wondering what it would be like to visit his best friend's house. Would it be destroyed, would it be full of memories? Hermione could not help but be worried for harry. He was returning to the house he never knew. He was returning to the home where his own parents were murdered. Ginny was just telling herself that everything would be all right, she was going to be with Harry. The one was most nervous and anxious was Harry. He wanted to see his past and his home. The home he never knew and the parents he never had. At nine, the four of them grasped each other's arms and thought of Godrics Hollow. They all turned and opened their eyes to what looked like a dead field.
Harry's scar automatically burst with pain. Memories started to fly through his head again. "Lily, take harry and Go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!" His father screamed. "Not Harry! Not Harry! Please, I'll do anything!" His mother screamed. "Stand aside, stand aside girl!" Voldemort said. Then a high pitched scream filled his ears and saw the green light once more. He woke up to be on the grass in the middle of the valley. Katrina was already there. So was Ron, Hermione and Ginny. They were all around him looking terrified. "Are you okay Harry? You were standing right next to me, then you collapsed on the floor. You were moaning and groaning. It looked horrible." Ginny spoke in a shiver. "I just heard my parents murder again. That's all, I'm fine." Harry said. Truth was that if he were only outside the perimeter, what would happen inside?
The five of them then walked toward a gate for what looked like a red burnt house. When they reached the gates, everyone stopped. There it was. A house or what it was at least of it. A red, three stories tall, burnt house that was just sitting there. Harry could not believe what he was looking at. Harry was looking at the house, his house, and the house he nearly died in 16 years ago. "Lets get on with it," Harry spoke. He opened the gate and walked into his garden followed by his friends. The garden was not big or small. It was covered in dead, black roots. Dead flowers were spread across the garden. Yet, something caught Ginny's eyes. She walked over to the side of the garden and picked up a reddish - golden lock. She brought it to Harry and Harry recognized it at first sight. He was looking at the lock that Voldemort broke open. Harry just stared at it. Ginny must have realized he was worried. She then said, "Want to go back Harry?" "No, I'm good" he said. She then gave him a sweet kiss. Then together they turned the knob to Harry's door. They walked in and gasped The others followed and also gasped. All of their jaws dropped at the sight of the house.
When you looked into Godrics Hollow, you first notice the reddish-black bricks and the decaying cement. This house was full of mold. The house was almost destroyed. It looked like a re-creation of the Gryffindor common room. There were red drapes and a red sofa. There was a fireplace that was full of wood. Unfortunately, the fireplace was destroyed. There was a small table in the middle of the room with a lion imprinted on it. This living room clearly had been empty for years. In the corner of the room was a gold lamp. Though, the sofa was all torn and slashed up. The table was cracked in a million places. The lamp was completely destroyed, and the fireplace had lost its shine. This room looked like a survivor of war. Everyone was so quiet. They were either in shock or disbelief. "How could someone destroy something that was so beautiful." Katrina spoke in a hushed voice. She was entirely in shock. "I have no idea," Harry said. "Can we fix it?" he said. Harry moved toward the sofa and spoke, "Reparo". A red-violet couch immediately replaced the sofa. It was now shimmering in the light. Then everyone started muttering, "Reparo", 5 minutes later the whole room was transformed. The red drapes were shining against paned window glass. The gold lamp had new candles and was standing tall. The fireplace got its sweet shine back. It was full of logs and shone a blue flame. The table was back in full shape with a proud, "Roar", emerging from the lion in the middle. Ron, Hermione and Katrina placed a television for Harry's delight. If everything else went well, he would live here after the war.
After the room was re-born, they searched the room for any sign of Harry's past. They found nothing, nothing at all. The 5 of them moved along. They entered the dining room, a kitchen and a room of memories. The dining room had a red table with matching chairs and candles. The kitchen has a refrigerator, microwave, oven and cabinets. After 15 minutes, two more rooms were completely restored to their natural beauty.
They then entered a room full of memories. The room was full of trophies. It spoke so much about Harry's past. "Wow, look at this! When they say, 'Like father, like son' they mean it." Ron exclaimed. "What are you talking about?" Harry said with curiosity. "Look, a trophy for the 'Quidditch Captain of the Year', 'Quidditch Cup', 'House Cup' and Special Services to the School'. Then there was a trophy that looked familiar. Very familiar. Actually, he had one just like it. There was 'the Tri-Wizard Cup'. "My dad, he won - won, the Tri-Wizard Tournament." Harry said. There was a huge grin on his face. He was so pleased.
Then there was his mother's side. It was full of "Outstanding" OWLs and NEWTs, She too had an award for potion making. It was inscribed, "To Lily James, for her potion making of the Mandrake Juice, for those who were petrified." "Slughorn doesn't lie does he?" Harry said with a smirk. Everyone started laughing. She had her "Prefects" and "Head Girl" badge hung up on the wall. Then there were rows of the remains of old family pictures. With everyone pronouncing, "Reparo" this room was also revised.
Their time was running out. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione were expected at the Burrow in half a hour. Katrina was to begin practicing her charms. She had been made the assistant to Professor Filtwick. She was to be at Hogwarts tomorrow morning. So the 5 of them split up and went around the house to repair it. Ron took the bathrooms, Hermione took the library (obvious reasons), and Katrina took the guest bedroom. Harry took Ginny's hand and led her to the stairs. The two of them entered his bedroom. It was a horrible sight.
The ceiling was destroyed. Chairs were turned and a small cradle was in the corner. It looked rather "blown up". A small mirror was broken in half and then reappeared thanks to Ginny. "I don't want us to get jinxed" she said. Harry could only smile at her beautiful face. They quickly fixed the room. "I appreciate this, Ginny." He said. "Appreciate what?" she asked. "You coming with me. I-I love you Gin" he said. "Me too" she said. Then Harry couldn't help himself. He leaned in and kissed her passionately. They broke apart minutes later and headed to the garden. The others were already there. It was dead silent.
There in the distance were 2 graves. Harry started moving forward. He was ready for this. Ginny started to follow him but Ron stopped her. "Ginny, he has to do this one alone." "Your right" she sighed.
Harry looked at the graves. He just stared. He started wondering about everything and everyone in his life. He managed a, "Goodbye". He turned away to face the ones he had left. He was determined to protect them. He started walking back. I'm going to win the war, for Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Katrina. For Cedric, Dumbledore, Sirius, and his parents. I am going to win. I will win. I will win for those I love. He thought in his head. And as he watched Katrina apparte back to "the Leaky Cauldron", he made a decision. He grabbed Hermione's arm and apparted toward the Burrow.
He had to ask Ron's parents tonight, he thought. As soon as everyone went to bed, he would finally ask them.
He hoped that they understood though. Or it would be very awkward.
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Chapter 9: Part 1
Return To Hogwarts

Once they returned to the Burrow, Mrs. Weasley had dinner cooking. Afterwards, Mrs. Weasley sent the 4 of them packing. Harry had already packed so set off to see Ginny. She had been quiet all through dinner. He headed up the stairs and knocked on her door. There was no answer. He knocked once more, ]a little more loudly too. He waited then said, "Ginny?" "Come In" was the only response. It was so small he could have hardly heard it.

There was Ginny. She was on her bed and her trunk was empty. Harry walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulders. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I'm sorry for being so emotional but being there, it just makes me think. What if you do, you know d-" she was cut off. "You know, I'm not. Even Dumbledore agreed that I was getting more powerful. All I have to do is finish destroying his pieces and then perform that curse, and then everything is back to normal." He said.

"Your life was never normal." Ginny laughed. "Your right, no normal family, definitely not normal friend, oh and no normal girlfriend." Harry laughed. "Hey!" she cried and hit him in the arm. "What do you mean by, 'Not normal girlfriend'?" "I mean, that you are not normal because you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I thought there could never be a girl as pretty as you. I mean Cho was nice, but when I fell for you, you were a spark of fireworks. Oh and youíre the sweetest girl, may I add stubbornest, I've ever met. Thatís what I mean. Now, are you going to take back that hit now?" He finished with a huge grin on his face.

She was beaming. She never heard nicer things from anyone. Especially from Harry.

**Ginnys Thoughts**-
Oh, he is so sweet. He always knows what to say. No wonder why I love him. Oh, I wish I could just get in his arms now! Oh shut he stopped talking
**End Ginnys Thoughts**

"Oh, I take that back. I'm sorry. I'm glad to hear you like me better than Cho." She laughed. She then leaned in and gave Harry a quick kiss, but that wasn't enough for Harry. He leaned back in and deepened it. It was sweet in Ginnys position. She felt like a thousand fireworks were going up while she kissed him. Harry had the exact same thoughts. There then was the sound of two pairs of footsteps coming down the hallway.

Harry tried to break the kiss, while Ginny was urging the kiss to go longer. He tried to fight it but gave up. Two seconds later, Ron and Hermione entered the room. Their expressions changed immediately. Ron went from happy to furious. Obviously, he wasnít ready to accept the fact of his sister and best mate dating. Hermione went from happy to ecstatic.

Harry wasnít looking their way so when Ginny broke them apart, he guessed she had a good reason. He turned around just to see Ron storm off. "Ron, Ron, RON!" harry ran off chasing him.

As soon as Harry came in the room, Ron started screaming at him. "How could you. I mean I get youíre a couple but come on! That much! You too were liked - I donít know - glued to each other! What's going to happen back at school?" he finished.

"Fine! How about I break up with her so you can deal with the both of us moping around. Oh, and so We can do things in private? Is that what you want? HUH!?!?" Harry screamed. Harry then stormed out of the room and headed downstairs for the kitchen. He wasn't going to take it from Ron this time, He loves her. Thatís all that mattered. Ron could snuff it for all he cared.
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Chapter 9: Part 2
Return to Hogwarts

That night Harry and Ron talked things over and ended up giving each other slaps on the back and called it even.
The next morning Harry, Ron, and Ginny boarded the Hogwarts Express. Hermione headed off for her Head Girl duties,so the others looked for a compartment. As they walked down the aisles, people started peering out of their compartments to get a glimpse of Harry. It was actually quite normal for all of them now.

After picking up a compartment, the food trolley arrived. Ron got a Licorice Wand, Harry got Bertie Botts, and Ginny got Pumpkin Pasties. Later on Hermione joined them and Harry started a conversation.
"There will probably be less kids this year." Harry said.
"Yeah, just imagine if we had the whole dormitory to ourselves." Ron added.
"We might even have the common room to ourselves" Ginny joined in with her eyes twinkling.
"We could study more!" Hermione exclaimed and everyone groaned.

Then all of a sudden Harry's scar burst open. CRACK. The compartment swung open and there stood Tom Riddle. He glanced around the room and saw Harry.
"Harry, how long it's been" he said. "And look your friends are here too. Going to watch you die I guess."
"Hi Tom. Im not the one who is going to die. You are" Harry replied.
"Im going to kill you Harry Potter. How are you going to stop that?" Voldemort snapped.
"Easily." Harry said. He then screamed "DA quick".

Every student on this section of the train came running out to see Lord Voldemort and Harry about to duel.
"Nicely done. But I can still kill you Harry. Prepare to meet your filthy dear mudblood mother Harry." "Why you - EXPELLERAMUS!" harry screamed just as Voldemort started yelling, "AVADA KED - ".

Yet Harry was to quick and Voldemort's wand flew out of his hand and then right back to him.
"Time to go Harry. But don't worry you will die and I will live." And then Voldemort vanished on the spot.

"Harry. He's gone, no use now." Hermione told him.
"Come on Harry we should go tell the Order." Ron said.
"Let's go" Ginny told Harry grabbing his hand and leading him away.

Then an owl flew into the train. No one could recognize it though. It landed on Harry fingers and frantically started pecking Harry's fingers.
"Ok, ok!" He took the letter and read the return address.
"Oh my goodness. It's from Sirius!" Harry exclaimed.
"No way." Ginny breathed.
"Read it." Ron and Hermione both said.
Harry then started to read the letter:

Dear Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny,
Well I guess saying I missed you covers it. Im not dead or not yet. The veil has been getting thinner for a month now. Im doing some guessing but I think the veil will be thin enough to scramble out of on Halloween. It would be good to have help on the other side so I can get out. I also heard I was cleared as an innocent person. About time I say. I'm going to personally kill Pettigrew. I still can't believe I was friends with him. I'll let a dementor get my dear cousin Bellatrix I hope I see you guys soon.


"HES ALIVE, YES!" Harry exclaimed. Tears of happiness were flowing down Hermione and Ginny's eyes.
"Lets go tell Lupin." Ron said.

They ran to Lupin and showed him the letter. Lupin was over whelmed with happiness.
"Ill alert the Order" Lupin told them. "I am not sure if you should come on Halloween. We don't want you expecting something."

The four of them headed back to their compartment just in time to change into their robes.
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Chapter 10
One down

"Harry how do we destroy this thing?" Hermione questioned as she examined Hufflepuff's Goblet.
"Ive got to touch it. And focus on love." Harry said.
"What if something happens to you Harry?" Ron asked concerned.
"Nothing will happen. If anything apparte back to Hogwarts." Harry said.

They had been in an old house for 2 days carefully searching for the cup and finally they found it. They had left the school weeks before. People started to question their disappearance and aurors were on the hunt for them. Time was running out.

"Here I go." Harry said. Then he touched the cup with both hands and focused on everyone who ever cared about him. Everything light up as Harry was lifted into the air. He fell with a large crash and then the room turned back into darkness. A small cracked line appeared on the cup as Harry fell unconscious.

"HARRY!" Hermione and Ron cried as they ran to his side.
"We have got to get him back to the school. Madam Pomfrey can fix him up." Ron said.
"Help me lift him." Hermione told him.

Ron and Hermione carefully lifted Harry up and walked to the entrance of the house.
"Ready to go?" Hermione asked.
"Yeah." Ron said.
"One - two - three." Hermione said and the both of them disappeared.

The three of them reappeared at the front gates of the school.
"Lets go." Hermione breathed as she pushed open the gate.
"Hurry, everyone is eating dinner." Ron whispered as he pointed to the light coming from the Great Hall.

The two of them heaved Harry up the steps and careful walked past the noisy Great Hall.
"Wait" Hermione said. "Madam Pomfrey is in there. I'll go get her."
"All right. I'll be here with Harry." Ron told her.

Hermione walked into the Great Hall and silence fell in the room.
"Madam Pomfrey." She said. "We need you to look at Harry. He's hurt bad."
"Miss Granger. What in the world - "Professor McGonagall began as she examined Hermione's appearance. She had cuts and bruises all over. Her clothes were ripped and filthy. "Are you three all right? Your mission is complete, I suppose."
"Yes professor. One down, two to go." Hermione said proudly.
"Well, Poppy please follow Miss Granger to Mr. Potter." Professor McGonagall said and then began to eat once more. Whispers began to fill the room about 'the mission' that the trio had been out doing.

"Hermione. HERMIONE!" Ginny screamed. She ran up to her friend with a worried look on her face. "What happened? How bad is Harry. Can I please see him?" Ginny asked.
"Ginny relax. I think he will be fine. Come with me." Hermione assured her.

She led Ginny to the Hospital Wing where Madam Pomfrey was feeding Harry some health potions. Harry began to stir and then opened his eyes.

"Hey. Where am I?" Harry questioned.
"Your back at school." Ron said.
"Im sorry Ginny." Harry said. He smiled weekly noticing how beautiful Ginny could be when she is angry. He then leaned in and started to kiss Ginny.

"Im feeling much better Madam Pomfrey. When can I leave?" Harry asked two days later. Everyday he had many visitors including Ginny all asking about where he went.
"You may leave but please no more fights or whatever you were doing." She said. Harry bolted out the door back to the Common Room. It was a week until Halloween.
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Chapter 11:
Sirius Returns

The night of Halloween approached. The Order was to be stationed around the school. McGonagall had decided to let Harry, Ron, and Hermione go with Remus and Tonks to find Sirius.

Dinner continued like usual. Yet Harry, Ron, and Hermione were nervous to the bone. The plates disappeared and Professor McGonagall stood up, "Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, Ms. Granger. Please come here"

The trio walked to the Head table. Everyone's eyes followed him or her so the Headmistress began to whisper.'" Are you all positive you want to go? We can not guarantee anything. But if he does return, let him know I have a question for him." She smiled

"Yes professor" Harry said.

"Well. Remus and Tonks will be here shortly. Ah, here they are." Professor McGonagall said as she waved to Lupin and Tonks who were holding hands.

The two of them walked up to the table.
"Wotcher Harry, Ron, Hermione" Tonks said happily.
"Hi Tonks" Harry said.
"Want to get going? By the time we talk to everyone." Lupin said
"Yeah all right." Harry exclaimed and the five of them left the Great Hall.

Lupin, Tonks, Harry, Ron and Hermione walked to the gates in silence. They all stopped at the gates as Lupin took out a piece of paper. He performed some difficult wand movements and heard a click.

"Now. You can all apparate right?" Lupin asked the three of them
"Yeah. " Hermione answered.
"Good. Now everyone concentrate on the Ministry. GO!" Lupin said as he disapparted.

There were four more cracks and everyone was gone.

They appeared outside the Ministry of Magic doors. Lupin opened the door and they walked in cautiously. They walked to the front desk to sign in.

"What are we going to say?" Harry asked nervously.
"Leave him to meÖGood Evening." Lupin said cheerfully to the man behind the desk.
"What is your purpose here tonight?" he asked gruffly.
The man looked like he was in his early 40s. He had blond hair and brown eyes.
"I would like to speak with the Minister please." Lupin asked politely.
"He is busy today." The man said dully.
"Tell him Harry Potter would like to speak to him" Harry said.

The man looked up and saw Harry. His eyes moved to Harry's scar.
"Yea. Itís a scar already. Can we please talk to the Minister!" Harry snapped. It grew extremely annoying with people staring at his forehead.

"Yes sir. One moment." The man said and quickly scribbled down a note and sent it to the Minister.
"Your response will be here in a few moments" the man said "Next!" the man and waved the five of them to the side.

They sat there for five minutes. Harry looked at the posters of the Death Eaters that were still on the loose. He began to think..'What am I to tell Sirius once we find it' [do you mean him?]
..'What will everyone think..'What if he doesnít make it?'

"The Minister has agreed to see you five" the men said looking at Harry.
"His office is on the fifth floor. Have a good day" the man finished

Thy entered the elevator and once again everyone looked at Harry and wondered what Hogwarts students were doing in the Ministry of Magic.

They entered an oval office and looked around. There were portraits of famous witches and wizards. It looked welcoming.

"Ah. Harry how nice to see you. You aren't perhaps accepting my offer?" the Minister asked as he looked Harry in the eye.
"No. But I ask a favor. I need to go back into the Department of Mysteries..all of us." Harry said
"Why do you need to go there?" he asked suspiciously.
"I just need to or we need too. You know what forget it!" Harry said and started marching out of the office.

He ran down to the Department and everyone followed. He was running out of time. He passed a clock, which read '10:45'. He threw open the door and scrambled inside.

"Harry! Wait" Lupin breathed as he hurried inside. "Im not 15 anymore." Lupin laughed.
"Sorry. I cant stand him, he still wants me to be his poster boy." Harry said.

"Lets hurry." Hermione advised.
Harry walked and opened the same door which led to the veil in 5th year and said 'Ready?" without turning around.
"Ready" everyone repeated

He opened the door and everyone hurried in.

"Sirius?" Harry called.
"Hurry! Almost thereÖ" they heard Sirius' voice off in the distant.
"He's almost through!" Ron cheered.

Everyone picked up the pace and hurried down the halls. Sirius voice grew as they got closer to the veil. Harry quickly stopped running to look at the veil. The veil had had indeed thinned and Harry noticed a hand poking out of the veil.

"Sirius. We are gonna get you out!" Harry screamed into the veil. Sirius didn't reply. "He's dying. Come on" harry exclaimed.

Everyone grabbed hold of the hand and tugged. Another hand poked out of the veil. Remus and Tonks went to that hand. After a couple of moments of tugging Harry recognized some black hair.

They continued to tug. More and more of Sirius appeared. Finally Sirius' legs came through he veil. Everyone let go of him. Harry looked at him.

"HarryÖ? He asked softly.
"Hi Sirius" Harry said.
"Thank you" he said. Hermione got the food pack they brought him and gave it to Sirius. Sirius had some cuts, which were quickly fixed by Tonks.
After a couple of minutes Sirius looked a lot better and could talk better.

"Thanks for finding me" Sirius said. He looked at everyone.
"Thanks for warning us" Ron laughed.
"So what's new" Sirius asked. Everyone looked at each other. No one wanted to give Sirius the bad news.
"Well what is it?" he asked
"Its Dumbledore Padfoot. He.. he.. he's well, dead." Remus said looking at the ground.
"What?" Sirius asked in complete shock.
"Snape killed him last year" Harry explained. "I saw it"
"But on a happier note. Voldemort is more powerful," Tonks said.
"How is that happier news?" Sirius asked confused.
"Because. We are doing everything to stop him" Hermione exclaimed
"We should head back. Professor McGonagall wanted to talk to you." Harry said.

They walked out of the Department of Mysteries with Sirius. Everyone gasped at the sight of the false convicted murderer. Reporters began to scribble down information, names, and dates. The six of them quickly exited and apparated to the Hogwarts gates.

"You ready to walk into Hogwarts a free man?" Harry asked Sirius.
"I have been ready," Sirius said proudly.

They entered the castle to find it quiet. Everyone was in bed and the only sounds they heard were Mrs. Norris chasing a rat. The rat looked oddly familiar.
"Hey do we know that rat?" Sirius asked
"I think we do." Remus replied
"Payback" Ron said as he punched his hand getting ready to tumble the thing.
"You guys get him. I'll be back." Harry said and quickly bolted down to the Common Room.

He entered to find Ginny reading a book.
"Hey Guess what?" he said in her ear.
"What?" she asked
"Sirius Black is in the castle" Harry smiled.
"It worked" Ginny exclaimed and kissed Harry.
"Come on. Lets go see him. He is chasing a rat right now" Harry said sternly
"As a person or dog?" she laughed.
"Person. He's chasing a little piece of vermin" Harry answered
"The lets go" Ginny said and took Harry's hand.

The two of them found everyone outside McGonagall's office. Sirius was holding onto a pale rat that looked terribly afraid. Sirius looked at Ginny then at Harry. He looked down and saw them holding hands. He laughed and said "When did you two happen?"
"Last year" Harry said
"Thank goodness. When Ginny was in your house Harry she would always stared at you with twinkles in her eyes" Sirius laughed. This happened to turn Ginnys cheek red.

"Come in" Minerva McGonagall said as Remus knocked on the door.
They walked in and saw her standing up. She looked like she had important business to discuss.
"Sirius. Im glad you are ok. Now Since I am Headmistress. I am looking for a Transfiguration teacher. I ask you. So you are close to the Order and protected. Would you like to be the new Transfiguration professor?" she asked sternly.

"I accept" Sirius said and shook her hand.
"We will make the announcement about you teaching tomorrow at Breakfast. Professor Black" she smiled
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The Battle and The Aftermath
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